How can I pay for a massage

Support for your health by assuming the costs of medically prescribed massages and physiotherapy

Whether massages or physiotherapy (physiotherapy): Medicines prescribed by a contract doctor are part of your Barmer's services.

Your attending doctor may prescribe remedies if they are medically necessary to cure a disease, to prevent it from getting worse or to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. If your doctor thinks that a supply of remedies is necessary from a medical point of view, he / she can prescribe the measures you need. In doing so, he / she must take the Therapeutic Products Directive into account. These contain information on the type, quantity and special features of the remedies that can be prescribed.

Your Barmer benefits for massages & physiotherapy

  • The barmer pays for massages and physiotherapy, which your doctor prescribes as remedies. The remedies guideline regulates which remedy can be prescribed for which clinical picture, as well as the amount to be treated.
  • The prescription is the responsibility of the doctor for therapy. Barmer cannot influence the prescribing practice.
  • The co-payment is regulated by law: People of full age insured make a legal co-payment in the amount of 10 percent of the therapeutic costs plus an additional 10 euros per prescription, but not more than the actual costs.

Make use of our services massages & physiotherapy

  • In principle, a statutory health insurance prescription is required. A private medical prescription is not sufficient.
  • The vdek has concluded contracts with the physiotherapy associations. For your treatment you have the free choice between the approved therapists.