Masturbation reduces stress and anxiety

Many do it, hardly anyone talks about it: we're talking about masturbation! Masturbation is still a taboo and shameful topic that very few want to speak freely about. Studies such as the survey by the online sex shop Amorelie show that masturbation is part of everyday life: around 20 percent of all women surveyed satisfy themselves daily or several times a week. For men, this proportion was higher at 36 percent. But solo sex is not only fun, it is also very good for your health. Here are seven good reasons to masturbate regularly:

1. Discover your own sexual preferences

To learn about your own sexual needs, masturbation is an excellent way. You can use masturbation to find out what you like. This is an enrichment for the communal love life with a partner. Also, masturbation is a great way to try out new and different sexual preferences.

2. Reach orgasm with masturbation

Studies also indicated that women in particular have more orgasms when they are self-satisfied than when making love with a partner, because their own solo sex is free of expectations or pressure to perform. The women surveyed stated that they tend to concentrate on clitoral stimulation when they masturbate - unlike when having intercourse, where the focus is usually more on vaginal stimulation.

3. Masturbation makes you happy

The reward center in the brain is activated when masturbating and forms the neurotransmitter dopamine. The happiness hormone serotonin is also released during orgasm. Accordingly, masturbation makes you feel elated and reduces stress and anxiety.

4. Masturbation relieves period pain

Masturbation has a pain relieving effect on menstrual cramps such as abdominal cramps. The endorphins released during masturbation inhibit the sensation of pain and relax the uterus.

5. Masturbation strengthens the pelvic floor

Muscle contractions occur during masturbation. This contraction is very beneficial for the pelvic floor, which it exercises. Strong pelvic floor muscles prevent urinary and fecal incontinence, support the organs in the lower abdomen and bring about more intense orgasms.

6. Masturbation increases sex hormones

Women produce more estrogen when they are masturbating. An increased concentration of sex hormones reduces the risk of a heart attack, ensures beautiful skin, strengthens the bones and stimulates blood circulation.

7. Masturbation protects your vagina

The mucous membranes of your vagina in particular benefit from regular solo sex, as they become moist thanks to sexual arousal. This moisture is important as it protects your reproductive system from diseases such as urinary tract infections. In addition, a vagina that is too dry can make it itchy and painful during intercourse.

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