What are the best landing pages

Landing page optimization and best practices

The easier you make it for the user to find the shopping cart, the more likely he is to make a purchase. The user experience on your landing page also influences the ad rank, the quality score and the total cost. If people often leave your landing page without buying anything, it can mean that your ads will show less or no longer at all. Here's how optimizing your landing page can affect your overall budget:

Lower bounce rate: The better your landing page is tailored to a specific target group, the less often users will click away again immediately. Your ad text should therefore be tailored precisely to the respective product and its target group. If you direct your prospects to a more generic page with little reference to the ad text, you'll end up paying more for clicks and getting fewer conversions.

Improved ad position: Google recognizes when users find your landing page more relevant than other pages. The longer people stay on your landing page after clicking on your ad, the sooner your ad will get a higher position and thus generate more traffic.

Higher Quality Score: The relevance of your landing page plays a big role in Google Ads' calculation of the Quality Score. The more relevant the landing page is in relation to your chosen keywords, the higher your Quality Score - and the better your Quality Score, the higher your ad position in the ranking, which ultimately means you pay less money per click.

Increased number of links: The more relevant and interesting the content of your landing page, the more likely it is to be shared by users. When people share your page, you get more traffic without paying for clicks.