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A bang in the DCEU: Henry Cavill is no longer Superman! (Update)

Update from 09/14/2018: The gossip sheet TMZ turns on and turns all the fuss overHenry Cavill as completely unnecessary. There is no conflict with Warner bros. and no real discussion about the role because at this point it is not a new one Superman-Film in sight (i.e. actively in progress). Everything was fictitious, claims the site. It is a problem that Cavill felt underpaid, but when the next Superman-Project get the green light and the respective director considers him the perfect cast, he could very well remain Superman.


Update from 09/13/2018: What is Henry Cavill trying to tell us? Is he even trying to say anything? On Instagram he posted a very mysterious video of himself in response to the current Superman situation. "Today was exciting," writes Cavill underneath. Meanwhile, in the article by Deadline an interesting passage that says Warner bros. thought about rebooting for a while - and even aboutMichael B. Jordan to make the new Superman.

We still have to submit what Dany Garcia, Cavill's manager, has to say. Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet, she tweeted yesterday. Warner bros. be in developing the DC-Universe was and will continue to be her partner. Too bad that Garcia announced it Warner bros.-Statement (see below) was so vague and meaningless ... We can't really make any sense of all this.


So then the last glimmer of hope goes out Man of Steel 2! The Hollywood Reporter hotly reports that the ways of Henry Cavill, who was in Man of SteelBatman v Superman - Dawn of Justice andJustice League Superman was, and Warner bros./DC Films separate. Although neither side has confirmed it yet, Cavill is supposed to hang up the red cape, as well as about Deadline and Variety to confirm. A Warner bros.- Spokesman said: While no decisions regarding upcoming Superman-Films were made, they always had a great respect for and a great relationship with Cavill, and that remains unchanged. Not exactly illuminating, this statement.

Although had Warner bros. tried to im Cavill for a cameo DC-Superhero Movie Shazam! to commit, but contract talks have fallen apart and the door is now closing for potential more Superman appearances. That the Shazam!-Plan is not due to scheduling conflicts with his role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout have been lying. As the new leading actor of the The Witcher-Series of Netflix he has enough to do anyway while at Warner bros. a change of strategy is looming: the focus of the studio is now on the Supergirl-Film intended to be an Origin story with a teenage heroine. Cavill's Superman / Kal-El would no longer fit in there in terms of age.

At all, it doesn't look like there will be another one in the next few years Superman- Will make a solo film. Superman is like James Bond, and after a while you have to look for new actors, says a source. So stands with Cavill next to Ben AffleckWho is not believed to be his Batman role inThe Batman continues, the second big one DC-Superhero before the jump. According to a studio insider, it has come to the conclusion that some parts of the previous films have not worked. Apparently tried Warner bros.to press the "reset button" on the DC Extended Universe and slowly steer the whole thing in a different direction. Since you can't get anything done with that anyway, maybe it's better that way, or how do you see the matter?

Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet. @wbpictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe. Anticipate a WB statement later today.

- Dany Garcia (@DanyGarciaCo) September 12, 2018