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“Berlin Day & Night”: Milla-Rolle was written especially for Liza Waschke

Barefoot and without much prior knowledge: Liza Waschke at the “BTN” casting

In conversation with the PICTURENewspaper told the soap star how it all started. "I was really excited because I hadn't played in front of a camera that often before," said Waschke. She came to audition wet and barefoot. It had rained so hard before that she had to take off her shoes.

The casting task was a scene in the supermarket: Liza Waschke played a cashier who was accused of having used the proceeds. According to PICTURE-Interview, the inexperienced actress was so able to empathize with the situation that tears flowed. And the effort has paid off, after six weeks the acceptance came. But not for the role she auditioned for: “One of the casters said he thinks I'm so great that he wants to give me another role. And so it was written, Milla ‘."

From fan to star: this is how you get in front of the camera

New soap staff is actually constantly being sought and specific job advertisements can also be found again and again on the series' Instagram profiles, such as the makers of "Berlin - Day & Night" and "Cologne 50667" PICTURE-The newspaper betrayed. All current casting dates are available on the filmpool homepage. And who knows, maybe it's worth a look. After all, the production company is currently looking for leading actors for both formats.

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"Cologne 50667" runs Monday to Friday at 6:05 p.m. on RTLZWEI or online at TVNOW, "Berlin - Day & Night" is then available from 7:05 p.m. or on TVNOW.