What does HHS mean when writing SMS

SMS abbreviations

SMS abbreviationimportance"\ / (O_O) \ /"Ignorant / clueless$)I'm rich$-)Pimp, pimp, rich, gangster%-(confused smilies%-)Sat too long in front of the monitor&and&:-{)Lady with a high hairstyle‘-‘´ (ò_ó)bad rocker( ‘ )( ‘ )nippy (cold)(‘.’)Hare(*)(*)Breasts(*_*)sparkling eyes / raving about something(+(:-)Nurse(+_°)to be drunk / high(-.-)find something stupid(-:left handed(-_-)annoyed(.)(.)Breasts(.Y.)Cleavage(._.);annoyed, ashamed(<_ <) or (> _>)look away / look to the side(>_<)Squint eyes / ouch / anger(@[email protected])confused(ô_ó)to doubt something(T_T)cry(X.X)passed out(\/)Cleavage(ö_ö)with eyelashes (female)(^_^)/”Waving(^_~)to wink(_ _)bow / apologize(_|_)Ass (big)(|)Ass (small)*<:-)dwarf* fg *cheeky grin* fs *Fat shit (enthusiasm)*Ggrin / grin*G*grin* i *ironic+-:-)Pope+0:-]the pope+<||-)Knight–not, negation: “can come”-.-not good, negative-:-)Punk, Iro/(-_-)\Girl0-)Alien10qThank you2d4to die for2daytoday2f4utoo fast for you2g4uto good for you2h4uto hot for you2l8too late3st!That was bold! What a cheek!4efor ever / forever4 Everforever on4ufor you / for you4yeofor your eyes only / intended only for your eyes4youTo you6969 position😎Cool sunglasses8 === D * -.ejaculation8ungDanger!911991921992931993941994:’-(I'm sad:’-((very sad crying smiley:’-)Crying with happiness:*)Drunk:-!corrosive:-#braces:-((Unhappy🙂Happy:-*kiss:-/Skeptical:-9Lechz!:-<Disappointed:-=)Mustache:->ashamed:[email protected]scream: -CIn a bad mood😀Loud laughter😮Open your mouth in shock😛Stick out tongue: -QSmoker: -vChatterbox😡kiss😡 + ZKiss + tongue:-[vampire😐Speechless:-~/sniffled:8)pig:>cheeky grin😀Loud laughter: I.disappointed😮Is that possible?:O)clown: pstick out tongue, cheeky: pq:French kiss😡kiss: ~ ismoke;(howl😉little winking smilie😉wink<3I love you<|-}Chinese<| 8O)Kasper<°(((><fish=)I am happy=*kiss=:-)Hair stands on end> - (OO) - <Pugs>:->Devilish>: 0 === Q <giraffe@ (° o °) @Your koala bear / koala bear@-,-´-,-´–rose@–>–A rose for you@->–>—I'll give you a rose@>-‘-,-Rose with thorns@>–}-rose@}–>–roseababutackacknowledge / agree, confirmadaldiADHDOh holy shitAFAICSAs far as I can see / The way I see it ...afaikas far as i know / as far as I knowafairas far as i remember / as far as I rememberaightalright, alrightaijOn I jesus? / Am I Jesus?aisas i saidaklaAll right?ALDIPreferably youALDIRAll the best to youAmORump with earsasapas soon as possibleaslage sex locationasoI seeATWorking dayatmat the momentayorat your own riskazaazadb *bitchb2tback to topicb4beforeB :-)Sunglasses over the eyesBaBKiss on the bellyBABSI'm looking for a brideBaPKiss on pussybbbye ByeBBBbye-bye babyBBSbe back soonbdSee you!bDdare you stupidbddtUntil then, byebgbackgroundbgndI'm not there right nowBGZI will be back soon!BIALZHAI'm at home alonebibaSee you soonbibabusee you soon bussibidunowaAre you still awake?bigbediI'll be with you in a momentbihobasee you soon I hopebimoSee you tomorrowBLBRKiss left, kiss rightblohbaby lion heart (nickname)bmaware important to mebmdansee you tomorrowboeangryboonBeginnerbrbest regardsbrbbe right back / be right backbrdFederal Republic of GermanyBSBulshitevilam so lonelybtwby the way / besidesBULIBURKiss left, kiss rightbvidI am in love with yougustangryc (_)Coffee cup / tea cup (break)C = :-)bosscbcome back / come backCOLACome later - come latercsCyber ​​sexcusee you / See youculsee you latercyasee ya / See you or cover your ass / take care of yourselfczbecaused (^_^) blisten to musicD / LDownloadDaDThinking of youDaMremember meDAUDumbest possible userdbdolla billddcop outddfhold yourself tightddgfpress yourself very tightGDRYou are allowed indfdsdfdsfdsfdsdfmyou're missing medggone stupidieDon't hatedkfoolDN!You annoy!DNDDo not disturbdsadsanokiadssdont think soDUBIDOYou're dumbDUBIDODOYou're dumbDUWIPA!You will be dad!DuwSU!You were SUPER!itEnd of reasonownactuallyeodend of discussionf?f ****?fackfull acknowledgeFantaGo refuelfbfreaky bitchffsequel followsffsfuck for sake / for god's sake or heaven's sakefgcheeky grinfghtzcackleFIBAirplanes in the stomachFILWYFalling in love with youfkfuckNudismDrive to buy chewing gum / condomsfofuck offFOF?Friend or foe ?foobar / fubarFucked up beyond all recognition / totally in the ass - unusable - destroyedfsfall asleepftlFaster than lightfufuck youFUDHUKFall around your neck and hugfunztis workingForfartfartfartFYIFor your informationfümieinI feel lonelyGgangsterG&KGreeting and kissG2GGot to go / I have to gogdBvery big kisshowgladly againgfleak micgfhrlove you very muchgftwspoopggagainstgglGvery, very best regardsgglgmkVery, very dear, good morning kissgglgnkVery, very dear good night kissghcreditgjgood jobGKgo take a dumpglgood luckglgLovely wishesglkVery dear cuddlesgmGood MorningGmbHGo get some beergmkGood morning kissgnGood nightgn8Good nightGNGNNot possible ”does not existgnkGoodnight kissgrmpfGrumbleGUKGreeting and kissH.D.G.D.L.F.I.U.E.U.I.M.D.N.V.I love you so much forever and ever and I never want to lose you!HADUHold onHAHUM hungryHAKHugs and kisseshandhave a nice dayHAREI am longinghdmobileHD!Hold on!hdallove you toohdfZIP your lipshdgI like youhdgdlI really love you!hdgdlfiueunvllove you very much forever and ever and much longerhdgdlusnmlove you very much and even morehdlI love youhdmShut your mouthhdmdllove you so muchHDMMDLI love you very much!HDOSKeep a stiff upper liphds… dllove you so ... dolhdüllove you badlyHDZFGI like to eat youhegdllove you lotsheglCongratulationshfhave funhgj2131dffsdfd5467845hgjrwhate you very muchhlljhalelujahnhot nighthnddoghshope soHTHHope this helpsHUBUA hundred kissesDOGNothing underneathOKokayIAMIDNAt the moment I still like youici see / i understandichhdiI hate youidaI also youidadI am thinking of youihabdisolibi love you so much ehjihdiI hate youiircif if recall correctly / when I remember correctlyIITYWTMWYKMIf I tell you what this means will you kiss me? / If I tell you what that means, will you kiss me?ikdI kiss youikswI can again ...ildI love youildgdI love you very muchildüadwi love you all over the worldileI love youillI willilui love uilyI Love You - I love youimein my experienceimhoin my humble opinion / in my humble opinionimmoat the momentimoin my opinion / in my opinionimyI miss youitza pityJ4FJust 4 fun / Just for funjfyijust for your information / Just for your informationjkjust kidding / just having funjlfdhsjklet me gokclear / cleark4ukisses for youn / aNo ideakaghtkaknkajenimemispäcan not now, contact me laterKAMASUTRACrisp, attractive man is looking for a dream womanCat?Can you dance?kDhug youKESCHRUMIANNo pig calls mekildkiss i love youkiszkisskizzzzkisskkok ok, all rightko20mispäcome 20 minutes laterkpno problemaccountaccountKUWI LIFT CANDLEAre we cuddling by candlelight today?kvyou can forgetl8rlater / See you laterLAMAWILaugh againLDLove youldm?Do you love me?ldnuDo not let it get youLeiaDarling it's overlemiclick melgbest regardslidumi?do you love me?lidumino?do you love me Still?lma or lmaakiss my ass!lmaolaughing my ass offlmilick melminreleave me aloneLMIR!Leave me alone!lolLaughing Out LoudLOVELove ends without trustlulike youluaukiDo you want to go to the cinema?luv uI love youlyLove you / love youlysmLove you so much / love you so muchKind regardsWith best regardsm / f?Male or female?m2Me too (me too)m8Mate (buddy)MADLike youMaDiNa!Get naked!MALIBUMillions of dear kissesMaMiMasend me a mailmbmail back / write backmbsmail back soontiredI do not caremdtI still like youmeman ehme2mee too / me tooMeMiWiReport to me againKind regardsWith best regardsKind regardsWith best regardspossibleWith lovely greetingsmhmega heavymistvllangI am completely boredmmhhGotta think about itmMnIn my opinionmomone moment pleasemorningDawnmotoMotorolamsgmessagemustmiss youmWTo my knowledgemömidikulike to cuddle with youn1nice one / nice, good ...n8nightn9nightnenedo not get on my nervesnetNotnfdonly for younnineed new informationNOK!Not without a condom!noobnewbienpno problem / no problemnvmnevermorenwlyNever wanna loose you / never wanna lose youo2pVictimo4uonly for you - only for youO:-)Halo / Innocentofcof courseOh…what shoud thatoicOh, i see / I understandOKOKokiOKomfgoh my fuckin godomgoh my god / oh my godonsOne night standopsurgeryoTWithout textpPointP.a.d.aTake care of yourselfpgpub faceplsYou're welcomePostcodeplease / pleasepmbplease mail back / please write backPOSPiece of shitpovpoint of viewpppersonal bad luckpplpeoplepspost ScriptumQ (*. *) QboxerQ3Come at three o'clockQ6Come at six o'clockQKNonsenser u okare you okayrereturnrewuirewmouseRFDIReady for the islandroflRolling on the floor laughing / I curl up laughing on the floorroflmaorolling of the floor laughing my ass offred flrolling on the floor, laughingrsvprépondez s’il vous plaît (please answer!)RUMIANcall mesadsasdsadsadsasbWrite backsbzwrite back büddeSchSchFrillsscnrsorry, could cot resistSdedgIt's great that you're thereSFHEnough for todaysg & tssleep well and sweet dreamsSGUTWSsleep well and sweet dreamsshshitSIBbutterflies in the stomachSIMSHoney, I'm breaking upSISDUSorry I still don’t understand / Sorry, I still don’t understandSIWAs far as I knowsmSadomasochismsmdsuck my dick!snafuSituation normal, all fucked up / stinking boring hereSOFASunday driversswmzwrite back as soon as possiblesszWrite back quickly!stfushut the fuck up / shut upStimStStuck in a traffic jamsTnhave a nice daystroadst.roadszWrite back!t +Think positiveTABOOA thousand kissestbcto be continued / to be continuedTDyou daretdste dua shumtgifthank god, it's fridaythxthanks / thank youthxalotMany ThanksTmlI'm sorry!trtext return (mail back)tsPhone sexttyltalk to you later / come back to you later or see you latertvwatch TVTYCLOturn your CAPS LOCK off / turn off your Caps Lock (don't scream)uyouu2You too / you tooUDIAGSAnd that's just as well!vofvdmiss youvDgamiss you very badlyvdHabsolutely the hammervDsmiss you very muchvegiminido not forget meVERDIPiss off / forgive yourselfVERMINIdo not forget meVGBest wishesvlgmany greetingspossiblymaybevvhave funw4mewait for mew8waitWADUWarm showerdarewild ass guessWhaMaDuHay?What are you doing today?WASAWait for a quick replywatWhat ?, what?wauDiwaiting for youwauMiwait for mewbwelcome backwdwant youwdkwant to hug yourepeatwill you marry mewdmmgwould you like to go with mewdmmsdo you want to sleep with meweweekendwee(= weekend) weekenddue tobecause ofwgdmsHow are you my darlingWidumiheiWill you marry me?wowimatdo we want to meet again?wsdikwhat's the shitwsupWhat's Up ?, What's Up?wtwithout thinkingwtfwhat the fuck / damn!wthwhat the heck (hell) / What the hellwzupwazzupxkissxDlaughxmasChristmasxOsurprisedxoxokissesxxxkissesxxxx :)centipedex [Sadx]grin wideywhyy?why? / Why?yoYesZDOM?To you or to me?zhwrite backat homeAt homeZuMiOZuDi?To me or to you?zzzsleepZzZzsleepZZZzzzsnoreZzzZZzZsnore\(^_^)/Hooray! / wave\ m / (-.-) \ m /Rock 'n' roll]:->Devil, evil, sneaky]:8)cow^^to wink^^°-°^^bat^_^you know it; =)_(,,_,,)*>Hello mouse_ø_ (..)note / write something`@___slug{:-?Sherlock Holmes|-(just don't look| -Oyawning}:-)Horned smiley~ O °>mouse~~~===I am going to smoke~~~~~~8}Snake—~Cigarette (npause)§-)Lawyer, judge°^spoiled°°Wide open eyes - astonishment´’` \ _ (ò_Ó) _ / ´’`Monster / zombie / ghostß(= sz) Write back!