What is Wikileaks business model

Wikileaks is in financial trouble. According to the Wikileaks operator, the portal makes around € 480,000 lousy every week. A serious problem for the organization, because without a change in this situation soon, one of the most famous websites on this planet could disappear from the scene.

For example, the recent events for Wikileaks with the publication of secret documents of American embassies and their internal correspondence as well as the arrest of the Wikileaks founder Julien Assange on the basis of a charge from Sweden for rape represent an enormous increase in awareness. However, these events also cause massive problems that cost Wikileaks the temporary loss of the website because Amazon, which had hosted the Wikileaks website with its services division, blocked the site or terminated the contract with Wikileaks without notice and, for example, PayPal and credit card companies dried up the payment flows for donations to Wikileaks by simply doing have blocked or canceled the accounts.

Taken alone, these processes show a dimension of polarization that is unique to this day and such an obvious influence of political interests on a website that, regardless of your own opinion on the activities of Wikileaks, you cannot avoid thinking about topics such as freedom of the press or state security. Is Wikileaks Robin Hood of democracy and freedom of the press, or maybe just a hoard of irresponsible traitors and spies who can cause considerable damage under the guise of "public interest"?

There are arguments for both positions and everyone has to make a final assessment for themselves. But one thing is true in any case. Just as Wikileaks is admired, perhaps even loved, by many people, Wikileaks is also hated. Hardly any other website is so black or white in terms of perception. But this strong polarization also creates a strong fan base who, based on their convictions and without being too “burned”, would also take money into their hands, provided that one could combine the pleasant with the useful.

And here lies the basis for a number of business models with which Wikileaks could solve its financial problems without risking its identity and thus the loss of its following. I conducted an interview on this with the FTD Financial Times Deutschland. You can read the article here:


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