What happened to Marie Antoinette's children

Marie-Antoinette: What happened to your four children?

The fate of Marie-Antoinette is well known. The queen died under the guillotine. But what became of their four children?

Marie-Antoinette: The sad fate of your children

She was the last queen of France: on October 16, 1793, Marie-Antoinette died by guillotine during the French Revolution. Until her death, the wife of King Louis XVI. gave birth to four children.

Their eldest daughter was Marie-Thérèse Charlotte von Bourbon. She was born on December 19, 1778. After the storming of the Tuileries in August 1792, “Madame Royale”, as she was called, was imprisoned with her family in Temple Prison. A short time later everyone was put in solitary confinement. She was never to see her father again. Five months later, Louis XVI died. under the guillotine.

Was Marie-Antoinette's daughter desecrated?

There are many rumors about their time in captivity. Some historians claim the young girl was molested by prison guards. There is even talk of pregnancy. But there is no evidence of this.

Her time in the Temple is said to have been marked by great loneliness. Because no one was allowed to speak to her, her language skills withered. Marie-Thérèse was also depressed and plagued by boredom. During her imprisonment, Madame Royale only had two books that she read up and down.

The death of her parents was hidden from her

For a long time, the 14-year-old did not know what had happened to her mother Marie-Antoinette. It was not until 1795 that Marie-Thérèse learned the sad truth. In the same year the king's daughter was also sent a companion. Renée de Chanterenne laboriously taught the orphan to speak again. Because the three years in isolation had atrophied her language skills. She also taught the girl court etiquette.

Shortly before her 17th birthday, Marie-Thérèse was released from captivity and taken to the Viennese court. On June 10, 1799, she married her French cousin Louis Antoine d’Artois, Duke of Angoulême. The wedding made her the Duchess of Angoulême.

After staying in various places, she returned to France. She hadn't forgotten her parents. Marie-Thérèse had her graves searched for in Paris. The bodies were finally exhumed and buried in the Cathedral of Saint-Denis on February 21, 1815. She also fought for the restoration of the monarchy.

In the end, Marie-Thérèse even became queen

After Louis XVIII. and Charles X. her husband became the new king in 1836. At least according to the legitimists, who only recognized the monarchy as the only legitimate form of rule. Marie-Thérèse thus became the titular queen of France. Her husband, now Ludwig XIX., Died eight years later in 1844. Although she was very fond of children, she was not granted any of her own. Perhaps that was the reason why she had a girls' and elementary school built in Lower Austria. She donated half of her fortune to charity.

“So harsh, so cold she appeared to the outside world, so compassionate and helpful she was in secret…. She had experienced first hand what it meant to starve and freeze, and she never forgot it all her life, "wrote Thea Leitner in the book" Habsburgs Forgotten Children "

On October 19, 1851, at the age of 72, Marie-Thérèse died of complications from pneumonia. She was buried in the Bourbon crypt of the Franciscan monastery in today's Nova Gorica in Slovenia. She was the only child of Marie-Antoinette who ever reached adulthood. Continue reading:That became Marie-Antoinette's youngest children