Is 750kbps fast internet


These lists are intended to help estimate how large the throughput is in other time units for a given throughput per unit of time.

(If you are good at mental arithmetic, you shouldn't need these tables.)

Numerical values ​​greater than a thousand can appear in the table. These are a concession to the browser, which cannot or cannot handle the HTML vocabulary correctly. With the other browsers, you can have the more precise value displayed in the next smaller unit by touching a value with the mouse pointer. Of course, this only works for values ​​that are specified in units greater than bytes.

The left column is in bits (kilo-Bits, MegaBits etc. per second); the other columns contain information in Bytes.

...- bit / second 1 second 1 minute 15 minutes 1 hour 6 hours 1 day 7 days 30 days
9.6 kbps
14.4 kbps
28.8 kbps
33.2 kbps
56 kbps
64 kbps
128 kbps
768 kbps
2 Mbit / s
4 Mbit / s
10 Mbit / s
12 Mbit / s
14 Mbit / s
16 Mbit / s
34 Mbit / s
100 Mbit / s
155 Mbit / s
200 Mbit / s
300 Mbit / s
622 Mbit / s
800 Mbit / s
1024 Mbit / s
10240 Mbit / s


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