How do I incarnate in another world

Doctrine of reincarnation and the number of souls

At this point I am often asked how I explain it to myself with this theory that more people are born than die and where do all souls come from.
There are several explanations for this given by the Masters:

  1. Increasingly souls who have previously incarnated in animal bodies are incarnating for the first time in human form. The soul does not begin in the human kingdom. The one cosmic soul (Atman) is immortal. It is reflected in the plant kingdom and thus takes on many forms. The cosmic soul individualizes itself in the animal kingdom, manifests itself as innumerable individual souls (Jivas). Humans may have brought more and more animal species to extinction in the last few centuries. However, there are still considerably more animals than humans. There are probably more mice and rats than humans, not to mention ants, lice, and flies. Overall, there are many more animals than humans on this earth. And the Jivas from the animal bodies are currently increasingly incarnating in the human body for the first time. Again there are more plants than animals, so there is also “replenishment” for the souls who are currently transitioning from incarnations in animal bodies to incarnation in a human body for the first time. So there are still enough individual souls for a few more billion people on this planet. Of course, this also means that there are more people for whom the satisfaction of typical material basic needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, housing, material comfort, sex, etc. are particularly important.
  2. The speed of reincarnation accelerates more and more: Many clairvoyants and also yoga masters report that the soul spends less time in the astral world before it incarnates again. This has the consequence that people regenerate less in the astral world and can work faster on their problems of their previous incarnation. Overall, acceleration is one of the main characteristics of our time.
  3. People from previous advanced civilizations are now reincarnating. It is said that there has been a civilization on this planet that was as advanced as ours, or even more advanced. This includes, for example, the civilization of Atlantis, which is said to have destroyed itself through the abuse of any technical, mental and parapsychological abilities. Because of this abuse, these civilizations have perished in great disasters. Today mankind has the ability to wipe out itself again, through nuclear war, climate change, biological warfare agents, etc. Many are now reincarnating who ended the civilization of that time thousands of years ago by misusing their abilities. These souls should learn to deal with their abilities differently. The task now would be to deal more responsibly with the earth, to use the achievements of our time for the better, to create a truly peaceful, compassionate civilization without hunger and war. Let's hope that humanity has learned from previous disasters and behaves differently this time!
  4. There can be life on other planets outside of Earth as well. Today we know that there are a multitude of planets in the cosmos that resemble our earth. So there can be human-like life on other planets. Although these planets seem to be very far away from our earth, distances do not have the same meaning on the astral world as they do on the physical world. So it is conceivable that souls from planets of other solar systems and galaxies also incarnate on earth. Perhaps one or the other has somehow felt on the "wrong planet" ... Erich van Däniken specializes in reports on the lives of extraterrestrials. As he shows quite impressively, there are reports of alien visits in most cultures. And the ancient Indian scriptures in particular are full of references to life on other planets. The soul typically incarnates again and again on the same planet. However, it is also conceivable that it will evolve on other planets. Even if mankind would extinguish itself, even make known life impossible through a nuclear war, spiritual evolution can continue: The individual souls can develop on other planets. It is said that souls from planets are currently incarnating here on earth, on which higher life is not possible due to nuclear contamination. Here again the task is not to repeat the same mistake on earth, but rather to deal responsibly with the technical possibilities.

Most likely traces of life have been found on Mars. We now know that life is not only possible in an oxygen atmosphere. I once read an article “Life in the deep sea” which said that life there is also possible without oxygen because the body processes of these living things are different from those of living things on land. Now there are suspicions that one of Jupiter's moons has identical living conditions as here in the deep sea. There could be giant octopuses or other life there. Whether life on other planets looks like it does here, with two eyes, one nose, two ears, is an open question. From a spiritual point of view, life is possible in very different forms. It is irrelevant which physical senses are developed, whether the bodies function on a carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen basis or on completely different molecules. Ultimately, the body is only a vehicle to live out its desires, to develop its abilities, to fulfill its mission, to have experiences from which one can grow, for spiritual practice, development and realization. Whether you travel by bike or horse, walk, use a car, or fly is ultimately not that important. It's better to ride a bike or a car on a road. It is better to walk or ride a mule on mountain trails. And on the moon you drive a lunar vehicle. Similarly, the human body has proven itself on earth. On other planets the body may be made different. From the yoga point of view: Atman can be reflected in everything. And just as atman is reflected in an upadhi, a limiting attribute, he can identify with that attribute. An individual soul emerges. This strives again to return to its origin, to realize its unity again. Then there are the evolutionary steps from vegetable to animal to human life. These developmental steps are also conceivable in other bodies or life forms. It is about the successive development of:

  • Annamaya: Mineral kingdom without individuality
  • Pranamaya: Plant kingdom with birth, growth, reproduction, death, i.e. with developed Pranamaya Kosha, the energy body
  • Manomaya: Animal kingdom with sensory perception, emotions, movement, i.e. with developed Manomaya Kosha, the spiritual-emotional body
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha: Human-like life with self-awareness (Ahamkara), reason (Buddhi), with the ability to consciously think and make decisions
  • Anandamaya Kosha: Access to higher levels of being

This evolution of life is possible on different planets in very different forms of life. We should do everything possible to make life possible on this earth. Each individual has a special responsibility. Ecological awareness and commitment, political commitment in the sense of a culture of peace are now part of the spiritual life. In spite of all responsible action, one can also remain relaxed: If all commitment is not enough, we can incarnate in other ages and on other planets. So there are enough explanations that there are so many more people on earth today than there were a few hundred or thousand years ago.