Forgiveness is a Buddhist quality


10 Jan forgiveness

Can you forgive

Who understands that man not perfect is, he can forgive.

If another behaves wrongly, then we are offended, we have to think about whether we can help the person at all forgive can and want. Words and actions can be very hurtful.

But what is even more difficult is your own error to forgive yourself for ours ego constantly plagues us with reproaches.

Can you forgive yourself?

To Buddha we are not to blame at all, as things will turn out exactly as they should, depending on our karma. The karma comes from this and the last life, is interlocked and connected with the fate of other people.

So if we work on that wrongdoing If you are not to blame for others (or your own), there is consequently nothing to forgive.

That in turn means that we are just do not "make your head" have to, but can wait relaxed for the things that might come. Since we don't have to forgive ourselves or others, we shouldn't waste our time on hating and resentment. He did that, she said that, everything is unimportant in the real being.

Buddhists cannot forgive knowing that there is nothing to forgive. Anyone who understands how things are connected knows that reality only exists “felt”, that only our perception puts together the filters that then determine the perception.

“Taking care of things” is an illusion according to which Heisenberg's uncertainty principle At no time can the position and the momentum of a particle be determined at the same time. The teaching of the teacher of all teachers also says that nothing is or was determinable.

So, forgive yourselfbecause there is nothing to forgive.

Forgive other people, because they only have you karma lived.


Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names

John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the United States of America - 1917 to 1963

If you've forgiven someone for everything, you're done with them

Sigmund Freud - Austrian founder of psychoanalysis - 1856 to 1939

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is a quality of the strong

Mahatma Gandhi - Indian lawyer - 1869 to 1948

When you love, you look to yourself, not the other, to blame

Richard Burton - British actor - 1925 to 1984

Be peaceful. Not taking revenge can also be revenge

Danny Kaye - American actor - 1911 to 1987

The punishment of the liar is not that nobody believes him anymore, but that he himself cannot believe anyone anymore

George Bernard Shaw - Irish playwright - 1856 to 1950