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27 things that really have to happen in the eighth season of "Game of Thrones"

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I pray to the old and new gods that my wish list will be heard.

1. A reunion of Gendry and Arya.

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Arya was devastated when Gendry tried to join the Brotherhood Without Banners. And when he did, he was sold to Melisandre. She hasn't seen him since and probably doesn't know he's still alive. When Gendry finally got back into the plot in season 7 and teamed up with Jon Snow, it was disappointing that the two didn't share their affection for Arya - hopefully the screenwriters in season 8 will remember the importance of Gendry and Arya are for each other. She always wanted him to come to Winterfell and become her family - now he can finally do it.

2. A reunion for Jon Snow and Arya.

As important (or probably more important) as Arya and Gendry's reunion is Arya and Jon Snow's. Although we only got to see them together in two episodes at the very beginning of Season 1, their relationship is extremely strong and runs throughout the series. Jon gave Arya Nadel and that's one of the reasons she values ​​the sword so much. Even Sansa admitted in season 7 that Jon would be even more excited to see Arya than her. Now that Arya is in Winterfell in the first episode of season 8 and Jon is on his way there, it's sure to be an emotional moment when they finally have each other again.

3. A reunion for Jon and Bran.

Jon and Bran were really close and the last time Jon saw Bran he was in a coma (you know, because Jaime pushed him out the tower window). Bran has seen Jon from a distance a few times since, but has never been able to speak to him. Now he will finally be able to talk to him - and WOW, does he have things to tell him! Jon will have to cope with the fact that Bran is no longer Bran ... and that he himself is not who he thought he was.

4. Enough time for Jon Schnee to process the truth about his identity.

In season 7, Bran and Sam finally confirmed a long-held fan theory that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were in love and that their baby - that would be Jon - is actually a legitimate Targaryen. Jon will likely learn the truth in the first or second episode of season 8. With the approach of the Night King, they don't have much time to worry about the effects, which - for Jon - are earth-shaking. And not only is his identity linked to Ned Stark, he has just fallen in love with Daenerys, his biological aunt. After so many seasons of preparation, it's important that the story allow enough space for the consequences of this reveal to really be felt. It can't just be battles, can it?

5. That Jon visit Lyanna Stark's statue in the Winterfell Catacombs.

It got to Be part of Jon's coming to terms with the truth, facing the fact that the mysterious aunt he was told about all his life was really his mother. The season eight trailer contains a sequence with him in the catacombs (see below), but it doesn't show whether he is visiting Ned's or Lyanna's statue (hopefully BOTH).

6. That Jon and Dany may face the truth and emerge stronger and ~ together ~ from it.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is incest, but this is it game of Thrones. It spoiled us all. Anyway! Dany will see Jon's status as Targaryen as either a threat or an even better reason to be with him - and I hope / believe the latter will happen (after all, the Targs are into incest). It's much less clear what Jon is going to make of this. But I think Dany is already pregnant. And that's probably what she'll pay more attention to than concerns about her being his aunt.

7. That Dany does NOT die in childbirth.

Yes, I think there is a very good chance that Dany will die. But if that happens, it MUST be done with shine and glory by turning off the Night King. If she's gone through all of what has happened so far only to die in childbirth, I will RANDAL.

8. That at least one dragon survives.

To be honest, I don't have much hope that any of them will survive. But it would definitely be nice. I don't think I could stand if they all went away. You are the last dragons, after all.

9. That spirit emerges.

Spirit is just as important to Jon Snow as dragons are to Dany. Their relationship is so vital to the story, and yet Ghost hasn't surfaced in the last couple of seasons of the series. I understand that it is expensive to involve the direwolves, but it is disappointing to see how your role is so limited. We were told, however, that he will EACH OVER this season. That's great - as long as he survives! (Please, please, please let him live.)

10. That Nymeria and her wolf pack take down a few revenants.

There has to be a reason she appeared in season 7 other than leaving Arya in the woods, right? Just imagine how much damage she and her wolves could do. Plus, it would be sweet revenge after the revenants hunt down their brother Summer. The main thing is that she doesn't die too. I just can't see animals die anymore on this show !!!

11. A reunion of Arya and the bloodhound.

Although Arya left the Bloodhound dying after his fight with Brienne, we know she kind of likes him now - and he likes her. It was nice to see his delight when Brienne told him at the end of season 7 that Arya was alive (and deadly). It would be even better to see them actually meet again. Hopefully the Bloodhound will make his way to Winterfell with Jon Snow and Dany.

12. A reunion of Sansa and the Bloodhound.

The bloodhound is very fond of Sansa. When they were together in King's Landing, he treated her for the most part with care. He saw her as a tender and vulnerable "little bird". So it would be nice if he could see how much it has developed and changed - and how strong it is now.

13. Clegane Bowl.

Fans wanted to see the Clegane brothers reunite and then fight a long battle to the death. Teasers released for season 8 show the two together. So it seems likely that it will actually happen.

14. That Sansa and Dany get along.

One of the worst things about season 7 was the absurd and petty competition between Sansa and Arya (which made NO sense at all). It would be a big disappointment if Sansa got insecure and defensive around Dany - especially, well, with the end of the world coming and such. Hopefully any reluctance will quickly give way and Sansa will feel herself strong enough not to feel any threat from Dany. Otherwise it will be boring and tiring.

15. That Tyrion wouldn't get jealous of Jon and fall in love with Dany.

Because Tyrion lounges so creepy in front of Dany's and Jon's love nest on the ship in the final episode of season 7, fans have put forward the theory that he must be secretly in love with Dany. I think this storyline would be really boring and they really didn't do it well, if they wanted to let it go that way at all. There are already so many actions that need clarification, not to mention that the END OF THE WORLD needs to be averted. So I can't imagine that they would actually let that happen that way.

16. A reunion of Tyrion and Sansa.

Do you remember that the two are ex husband and wife? Tyrion was one of the few in King's Landing who treated Sansa well. He was also the first to recognize their strength and survival instincts. It would be great to see how he reacts to Sansa being Lady of Winterfell.

17. That Bran is a little bit more, well, Bran.

The three-eyed raven robot Bran is so ... strange. To see him live is almost more heartbreaking than to see him die. It's somehow there, but somehow also not. It was really horrible to see how callous he was last season, even after he got home and was reunited with his family. I hope he regains a little more of his old personality.

18. That Bran confronted Jaime.

Jaime is on his way to Winterfell - the last time he was there he pushed Bran out of a tower window. His character has changed a lot since then, but it would be great to get a little more clarity on this storyline. That's why it's even more important that Bran is not a total robot.

19. A reunion for Jaime and Brienne.

We caught a brief reunion of Jaime and Brienne in the final episode of season 7 - and it basically took two words from Brienne to put Jaime on the right track and bring back all the character development he had before his return to Cersei had attained. It would be amazing to see Jaime and Brienne fighting on the same side. And hopefully they'll get closer personally again.

20. A conclusion to the Valonqar prophecy.

Thanks to the prophecy of Maggy the Frog, Cersei was afraid for a long time that the Valonqar ("little brother") would kill her. She thinks this is Tyrion. But there's a popular fan theory that it's actually about Jaime. He was born after her and that would somehow be a fitting ending to their changeable relationship. They'll likely kill each other in the end.

21. The completion of Theon's reparation.

It's been an extremely rocky road for Theon, but he's finally slowly regaining his identity. Before the show ends, we need to see how he is the real Theon again and makes amends for his sins. He NEEDS and DESERVES it!

22. That Yara is free and alive.

I was so mad when Euron captured Yara. Either Theon should save her or she should somehow escape herself. Hopefully she'll get out of there alive - or at least she'll be drowned fighting someone other than her own family members.

23. The death of Euron Greyjoy.

For me it was introduced way too late to even like this character in ANY way. He's not a real bad guy in my opinion and mostly just gets in the way of more interesting characters and actions. I really hope he dies in the coming season, either by Theon or Yara. The sooner that happens, the better.

24. That Missandei and Gray Worm survive and be happy together.

Their love story is one of the cutest and most refreshing parts of the series. It would completely DESTROY me if something happened to one of them (and it probably will, if we're honest). If anyone deserves a happy ending, it's these two.

25. A nostalgic scene with the Stark kids - including Jon.

It would be a nice moment full of memories with all the leftover Starks before things turn bad again. Is that really too much to ask? I have to see them talk about Ned, laugh, cry and hug together. I NEED THIS.

26. That SOMETHING remains of Winterfell.

Winterfell - like the Starks themselves - went through A LOT. It was burned down and looted and retaken and rebuilt. It's such an important place on the show, so symbolic. We know there will be a huge battle between the living and the dead there. We also know that there will be a lot of casualties in the process - not just lives, but probably Winterfell himself, too. Or at least parts of them. But it would be too terrible if everything were really destroyed. A piece of it has to survive!

27. The Defeat and Death of the Night King.


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