Do you deal with fear?

Physical and mental techniques for more mindfulness

The miracle of meditation

Taking care of your body feels good. Take time for yourself and turn off all the thoughts in your head. Because you probably know that too: You actually want to fall asleep, but your head can't turn off because of all the brooding. Sometimes these may be just normal thoughts, but sometimes you are scared of a lot of thoughts. Negative thoughts that make you think about your past or ask yourself questions about the future. It can be quite exhausting and overwhelming.

Letting thoughts come and go - that is what meditation is all about.
Because if you can let go of your thoughts, you are not always only with yourself, but can also concentrate on your surroundings and the here and now. Many people who have had the experience of meditating daily feel more fulfilled. Because not only sport and physical activity are important for our health. Our head also wants to free itself from ballast. And you can actually train that through meditation.

The important thing is to find a place where you can make yourself comfortable. This can be your bed, a pillow on your rug, or the sofa in the living room. After that, it's all about taking a deep breath and trying keeping your mind on your breath. You are welcome to close your eyes for this.

There are guided meditations, where trainers meditate with a group of people. In the course of the meditation exercise, they explain what you as a meditating person have to pay attention to or what you should concentrate on. But you can also just meditate with soft music, consciously inhale and exhale and perceive how your body feels in the here and now. If you get stuck with thoughts, then try to detach yourself from them and bring your focus back to your breathing. You will see: At the end of your meditation you may have your head a little more free again.

Yoga - train your head and your body

Yoga is a teaching from India in which eitherphysical as well as mental exercises be practiced. That said, yoga can be totally relaxing, but it can also burn you off. Because there are many different directions in yoga that promote your body, your mind and your soul. So that you feel balanced.

In many Indian regions the teachings of yoga are learned from an early age. In some Indian schools, children even do yoga in regular classes. Children learn that balance to hold on and to focus. In addition, yoga is said to have a positive effect on the learning behavior of children in school. An additional important point is that yoga can stimulate your entire blood circulation. Especially when you sit at school or homeschooling all day, it is good to stretch and stretch yourself properly. Yoga relaxes your joints, muscles and tendons.

If you are not yet convinced that yoga can be really fun, you should get all of itimaginative names and yoga positionslook at. The dancer, the looking down dog, the hero position, the tree, the cat, the cobra and many others. During yoga, you can twist, stretch and shake everything out properly. The different yoga postures can be linked to stories so that you can remember the order of the exercises without any problems.

Another variation of yoga is that Laughter Yoga. An initially artificial laugh should turn into a hearty, genuine laugh that comes from deep inside. Stretching exercises are combined with breathing exercises and clapping. And you can believe one thing: once you've started, you can't stop laughing.

In children's yoga, however, it is important that the yoga postures are kept shorter, but repeated more often. Because the cardiovascular system in children is a lot smaller than in adults. If you ever want to do yoga, then pay attention to it.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is used for relaxation. The muscles should get warm and the body temperature should rise. This can promote blood circulation and shut down your body and mind.