Jon Snow has problems with his mother

Game of Thrones - are these Jon Snow's real parents?

Nobody knows who Jon Snow's mother is. A Game of Thrones fan theory, however, says that we are also on the wrong track with his father. Read here who could really be Jon's parents!

Jon Snow is the son of Eddard Stark. Every Game of Thrones fan is aware of this. But nothing is known about his mother, because Eddard kept her story a great secret until his death. A fan theory now says, however, that Jon Snow's father is someone else. But who is it then? (via buzzfeed)

The theory is that Jon Snow is the illegitimate child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar is the one who kidnapped Lyanna, Eddard Stark's sister, and locked her in a tower. This led Robert Bartheon to go to war with Rhaegar and want to kill him, as Lyanna was his fiancée. Of course, it also played a role that Rhaegar Targaryen was the reigning king at the time, so that Robert Baratheon would inherit the crown upon his death. That’s what happened in the end.

At the same time, Lyanna Stark gave birth to a child in the Tower of Joy, where she was being held. Eddard Stark later came to said tower and found his sister in one there "Bed of blood" in front. The theory now says that this blood came from the birth of your baby. As she lay dying from the loss of blood, she told her brother the story of her newborn. However, since Robert Baratheon has sworn to kill all Targaryen children, Eddard Stark decided to hide the truth from the world and to introduce the child as his bastard from a strange woman. Accordingly, the baby is none other than Jon Snow.

Several pieces of evidence suggest that this theory makes sense. For example, Eddard Stark is actually a sincere person who (hand on heart!) A real fan doesn't really trust to cheat on his wife. He also says in the first book that he has been living a lie for 14 years. Now guess how old Jon Snow is at the start of Game of Thrones? Correct.

There is now a further hint to this theory. The producers have announced some new locations, such as A.V. Club reported. These include the Castillo de Zafra tower in Spain. If you see the building in its surroundings, you quickly notice that it is quite lonely in the hallway. So it would be a very good location for the Tower of Joy. Accordingly, we could see Game of Thrones season six with some flashbacks on what was happening in that location. This could also mean a reunion with the actor Sean Bean, who played Eddard Stark in the first season of the series. Because at least the question "Who is Jon Snow's mother?" should be clarified at some point.

If you want to have the theory about Jon Snow's parents proven in more detail, watch this video. All the rest of you will have to wait a while for the question about Mother Snow to be clarified. The sixth season of Game of Thrones is expected to start in April 2016 on the US cable broadcaster HBO.

What do you think of this theory?