What is stronger obsession or love

Can love be sick? Study explains the limit to addiction

Anyone who has ever been really in love has no doubt about it: The world is whitewashed in pink, you seem to have completely lost control. Lovers feel like they are in a deep intoxication, euphoria, desire and the desire to have their partner around them all determine the emotional life. Like an addict, a person in love is highly focused on their object of desire.

In fact, this state of emergency can also be observed in the brain using imaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging. Lovers have increased activity in the brain's reward system. The same regions are affected that also play a special role in drug addicts.

So far, scientists are still arguing about whether people can become addicted to love. The very definition of the terms addiction and love causes difficulties for the researchers. A problem in the sense of an addiction is likely to have someone who defends themselves against feelings of love, but cannot prevent them and this leads to abuse or other harmful behavior, for example.

Two types of "love addiction"

A team from Oxford University in the UK has dealt intensively with the topic and, after evaluating 64 studies that have been published since 1956, came to a surprising conclusion: Apparently there are two different types of "love addiction", reports the online portal " Newscientist ".

In one type, the study authors call it love addiction in the narrower sense, those affected feel infinitely lonely without a partner and replace them as soon as possible after a relationship has ended. In a partnership, they also always have a strong need to be around the other and often develop obsessive thoughts and behaviors. In extreme cases, such relationships can also end in stalking or murder.

Neuroscientists believe that these control disorders and social abnormalities are caused by an abnormal reward system in the brain. As with a drug addict, a certain love experience generates a particularly strong reward signal - possible disadvantages in other areas of life are then usually of secondary importance for the person concerned.