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This author was recently looking at a picture of Seven of Nine on the Internet Star Trek Voyager surfed past and for completely inexplicable reasons the thought occurred to him that one should go into the meaning of the number chain 36-24-36.

First you have to know that it is a measure in inches. So actually you have to write 36 ″ -24 ″ -36 ″. There twelve inches known to be a foot you could just use 3′-2′-3 ′ instead, but then the accuracy suffers and is important to some people.

Which brings us to the problem of how many centimeters that is. Whoever says 90-60-90 now has understood the topic and is allowed to go to the Starfleet Academy. If you ask Google's conversion machine, you only get something for the individual values, namely 91.4 - 60.9 - 91.4.

That teaches us two things. First, this thing was programmed by gays. Second, the demands in Europe are obviously lower, because, uh, rounded those are actually 91-61-91. Think bigyou want to call out to the old world. In both cases, however, the supposedly important waist-to-hip ratio of around 0.7 is retained.

The numbers 36-24-36 and various allusions can be found everywhere in the Anglo-Saxon region. So that the quarreling Matt Groening fans can finally calm down, the school cabinet combination by Bart Simpson should be mentioned here in addition to the dimensions of Turanga Leela. Next we have the phone number in the song "Dirty Deeds" by AC / DC:

Pick up the phone
I'm always home,
Call me anytime:

There's another joke built in here, because the zero will be at the end Oh pronounced.

And Seven of Nine? Well, there is probably a reason the character is too mocking 36 of D is called - apparently not wrongly.

I like it:

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