What is the purpose of the Codecademy

Learn to program or get a taste of it


This is a difficult topic for me because I always wanted to work in this direction in the past.
In the meantime I am a trained businessman and have been in this profession for 7 years. (Wholesale)
I somehow slipped into it, but now I want to focus more and more on programming. (First as a hobby)
Or I would like to start with a language that gives me the majority of well-founded knowledge.

It is clear to me that one or the other language has a completely different purpose, but I have read SOMETHING and have come to the conclusion that Java is the best language for a beginner who has not yet specified a special orientation.

Sure, I could go straight to C ++, but I would like it to have a lot of hands and feet.
I want to teach myself the whole thing sensibly. Not just in a week or 2 weeks, I know it will take time.

The way I read Java would give me basic knowledge and give me good prerequisites for other languages, is that correct? Without knowing anything, I would be interested in hearing and saying Java, Python, C and C ++.

First and foremost, it's a hobby and maybe try 1-2 apps yourself or try out games.
I'm not really interested in writing a homepage myself.

Which is why I end up writing this ...
What would you start with?
Is there a good book that gives you an overview?

I know it's not an easy topic and I don't have much idea, it is definitely difficult to recommend something because the opinions may also differ.

But here you should know that it is first about a hobby and then let's see how much fun I find it.