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Available: Digital (Origin, PSN, Xbox Store, Epic Games Store, Steam), Retail
Available: Digital (Origin, PSN, Xbox Store, Epic Games Store, Steam), Retail
Available: Digital (Origin, PSN, Xbox Store, Epic Games Store, Steam), Retail
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Game Tips: Guide to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Beginners guide

What should you watch out for in Star Wars Jedi: Trap Order? In this little guide we want to give beginners a few tips. They do not contain any spoilers and only affect the first few hours.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has four levels of difficultythat you can change at any time. They affect both the damage and timing of a parry. The game is more demanding than normal action-adventure, so only experienced melee fighters should choose the third level and only friends of Dark Souls 3 or Sekiro should try the highest level. But there is also a story mode for newbies.

Attention: When you rest, you will be fully healed, but all enemies will be revived.

You died and you have Lost experience points? No problem: return to the brightly marked enemy who carried you into the afterlife. If you meet him once, you will get everything back!

Don't keep running so fast! Let the little robot BD-1 do it Scan enemiesby pressing the control pad downwards after his advice: You can then look up their weak points in the archive.

Take care the lightsaber To keep the defensive high before or as early as possible a fight - this is how you at least block the first blows and automatically repel shots from the storm troops.

You should Shots by the stormtroopers always throw them back as early as possible from a distance by parrying them in time - so they are usually dealt with directly. Only afterwards take care of the melee fighters.

Pay attention in close combat to block, parry and attack at the right time! Just hitting it doesn’t bring anything - even with monsters it’s worth the parade or dodging.

Hits or parries increase your power bar, with which you can use your powerful Jedi skills such as slowing down at the beginning, then throwing back or pulling up.

In the beginning, mainly use the Overhead blow, because it can kill many enemies instantly - you should unlock it early.

If you are up on a rock or a wall run and you see enemies below you: watch out for the attack symbol, which flashes briefly. If you squeeze it early enough when you drop it, you kill the enemy from above usually immediately.

Are you hurt? Slow down your enemies first about the power to then calmly heal you with a stim container; you only have two at the beginning, but you can find more.

Use the map function with the holograms of the areas to find your way around or to discover secret areas. Certain areas marked in red cannot yet be opened, but as you expand your power, it is worth returning later to open paths.

If you Planet explored: Take a good look around, look for secret paths, because there are eight hidden stim containers and twelve hidden life and power essences; three of them increase your health or power permanently.

As soon as you have enough experience points, you will get one Power point. You can invest this in one of the three areas of power, lightsaber and survival while meditating. We especially recommend lightsaber for new combat maneuvers and survival for better health and better defenses for the first level up. You can also save power points to unlock skills for two points.

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