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Beverly Crusher

Beverly C. Crusher

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October 13, 2324
Copernicus City, Luna, Sol system

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doctorBeverly C. Crusher is a medical doctor serving as chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) and USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E).

Childhood and adolescence Edit source]

Beverly C. Howard was born on Luna on October 13, 2324 in Copernicus City. Her parents are Paul and Isabel Howard. (TNG:Mission without memory)

In her childhood, young Howard had problems with other children at school and was very unpopular with the other children. But over time she manages to make friends with the other children. (TNG:Data's descendant)

At the age of eight, Howard falls in love with eleven-year-old Stefan. She dreams of a future together with him, but he never takes notice of her. (TNG:Odan, the special envoy)

During her youth, Howard tends to make one pointed remark that annoys her parents and teachers. However, she goes a little too far when she goes out with the boy Tom Norris and inadvertently insults him with one of her remarks. In retrospect, Howard regrets her insult, as she injured Norris with this one. (TNG:contacts)

After the death of her parents, Howard is raised by her grandmother Felisa Howard, who teaches her a lot about the healing properties of herbs. Her grandmother helped settle Arvada III in the 2330s. Although she is neither a doctor nor a botanist, she has learned to use plants and herbs for their medicinal effects. This eventually moved Howard to study medicine at Starfleet Academy. (TNG:The arms dealers, Ronin)

Early career Edit source]

Howard begins her Starfleet degree in 2342 and has some courses there under Professor Terence Epstein, a cybernetics expert whom she is very impressed with. (TNG:11001001, Mission without memory)

During this time she met Jack Crusher through a mutual friend named Walker Keel. However, it takes Crusher and Howard months to fall in love and begin a relationship. In 2348 they both finally marry. (TNG:The Conspiracy, The Barzan trade)

Their son Wesley Crusher was born in the same year. (TNG:Family meeting)

In 2350, Crusher graduated from medical school. (TNG:Mission without memory)

In 2352, Crusher worked on an internship with Doctor Dalen Quaice on Delos IV. Due to their good working relationship, both Friends and Crusher are considered Quaice as their mentor. (TNG:The experiment)

Some time later, Crusher camps with her husband and son on Lake Balfour. Crusher watches her son as he throws manta leaves into the campfire and burns them there. (TNG:contacts)

During her time with Starfleet, Crusher regularly visits her grandmother, Felisa Howard, and they both write regular letters to each other. (TNG:Ronin)

In 2354, Crusher's husband came aboard the USS under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard Stargazer killing what makes her a single mother. Picard brings news of Jack Crusher's death to Crusher and her son. Beverly Crusher then accompanies Picard to Starbase 32, where her dead husband is laid out. Crusher wants to see her dead husband again, but Picard advises against it so that she doesn't see her husband like that. Nevertheless, Crusher wants to see her husband one more time to make sure that he is really dead. (TNG:The powerful, Motherly love, Spiritual violence)

In 2362, Crusher passed his exam as a bridge officer and was promoted to commander. (TNG:Radioactive)

In 2364 Crusher spends some time on the Farpoint station on Deneb IV and she and other officers wait for the arrival of the Enterprise. She spends some time there with her son Wesley and meets the new first officer, Commander, William T. Riker. While Crusher explores the station, she and Riker notice that things appear mysteriously on the station. Shortly afterwards the Enterprise the planet and Crusher beams himself aboard with her son. (TNG:The powerful)

On board the Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) [edit | Edit source]

2364 [edit | Edit source]

On board the Enterprise Crusher immediately takes over her duties as chief physician while her son explores the ship. At her son's request, she takes him to the bridge. When Picard sees young Wesley, he is upset because he will not tolerate children on the bridge, but he is pleased to see Crusher again. Picard makes an exception for Crusher and Wesley is allowed on the bridge. But when he reacts too eagerly, he has to leave the bridge again. Picard later goes to Crusher and apologizes for his behavior. Given the shared history of their husband's death, Picard believes Crusher may have problems aboard the Enterprise to work under his command, but Crusher explains that it has been her personal desire on the Enterprise to be moved. This surprised Picard at first, but then he was called Crusher on board the Enterprise welcome. (TNG:Mission Farpoint)

Shortly afterwards, an outside team beams into the SS Tsiolkovsky. The crew behaved rather strangely there and now the away team only finds dead people. During this field mission, Geordi La Forge contracted the Psi-2000 virus and behaved similarly to the crew of the Tsiolkovsky. Crusher examines the away team and finds nothing with the exception of La Forge. When Crusher examines La Forge further, he disappears from the infirmary, infecting other crew members on board the Enterprise. Later, La Forge is brought back to the infirmary by Tasha Yar, and Crusher continues her examinations. Riker and Data now find out that aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) a similar infection has occurred and this data is immediately sent to Crusher. Crusher immediately begins researching a cure, but it is during this time that she, too, becomes infected with the disease. Now Crusher is in a frenzy and she starts to flirt with Picard. But Picard rejects her and Crusher continues to research the cure and finally she finds it. With the remedy, Crusher manages to treat the entire crew. (TNG:Thought poison)

During a diplomatic mission on Ligon II, Yar is kidnapped by the leader of the Ligonians, Lutan. Although there is now a diplomatic crisis, Crusher insists that the vaccine, which is the cure for an epidemic on Styris IV, is urgently needed by the Ligonians. While Picard is waiting for the negotiations with the Ligonians, Crusher asks Picard that her son can go to the bridge to study and Picard surprisingly agrees. A little later, Picard tries to negotiate the release of Yar, but Lutan refuses. He wants to keep Yar, otherwise negotiations about the cure will fail. But Yareena, Lutan's still-wife, reacts jealously to Yar and challenges her to a life-and-death battle so that she can restore her honor. Yar has to enter into this fight for diplomacy's sake. The two women fight each other and Yar defeats Yareena and she dies from this defeat. Yareena will respond immediately Enterprise beamed and revived by Crusher. On the planet, Yar decides against Lutan and Yareena also decides against her ex-husband. Lutan loses his power and Picard gets the drug from his successor. (TNG:The code of honor)

After some Ferengi stole a T-9 power converter, the Enterprise their spaceship. In the vicinity of an uninhabited planet all energy is suddenly withdrawn and both ships are stuck in the orbit of the planet. At first the crew suspects that the Ferengi are responsible for the energy loss, but then it turns out that the energy loss originates from the planetary surface of Delphi Ardu IV. An away team then beams to the surface to explore the planet. Meanwhile, the energy is on board the Enterprise increasingly scarce and the life support systems begin to fail. Since there is no rescue in sight, Crusher drugged her son so that he would not notice the death and then she and Picard took care of the rest of the crew. At the same time, the away team meets the guardian of the planet. He explains that he belongs to the Tkon empire and is responsible for the energy drain. The guard sees the conflict between the away team and the Ferengi and wants to check it out. He selects Riker for the exam and he passes the guard's test and Riker can prove that the people are peaceful. After the guardian learns that his empire no longer exists, he begins to rest again and he releases both ships. (TNG:The guard)

Some time later, the warp specialist Kosinski and his assistant come aboard the Enterprise and he wants to modify the drive there. Kosinski's assistant enters everything into the computer at the same time, but he makes a mistake and so speeds it up Enterprise so much so that it is thrown into the galaxy M33. In another experiment, the Enterprise Hurled even further away, to a place where thoughts become reality. The crew recognizes that it is not Kosinski but the traveler that is responsible for the acceleration of the Enterprise was responsible. However, the traveler becomes very weakened and Crusher takes care of him, but there is not much she can do for him. With the last of his strength and with the help of the crew, the traveler manages it Enterprise to their place of origin, but the traveler dissolves and disappears. (TNG:The traveler)

Shortly thereafter, the Enterprise the warring species the Anticans and the Selay to the planet Parliament. At this time, Worf is hit by an energy discharge in the sensor room and is then taken to the infirmary. While treating Worf, Crusher is suddenly struck by a discharge of energy from Worf's body. Then Crusher begins to behave strangely, she suddenly begins to ask her son about the controls of the ship. Then Crusher goes to the bridge and operates the computer for the control there. Suddenly the energy discharge leaves your body and enters the computer. The controls fail, but Crusher suddenly can't remember anything she's done recently. With these gaps in memory affecting Worf and Crusher, CounselorDeanna uses Troi hypnosis to find out what happened to them. During this hypnosis, Troi realizes that the two were possessed by an energy being. At the same time, Picard begins to act strangely, now that he is obsessed with this energy being. Riker wants to take Picard out of command on suspicion that he has been taken over and Crusher wants to investigate him, but Picard refuses. Picard explains that he has been taken over by an energy being and wants to beam back into an energy cloud. When Picard tries to do this, the senior officers want to stop him. But Picard releases an energy discharge and can escape and beams into the cloud. But Picard can be saved later and the Enterprise continues the course to Parliament. (TNG:The mysterious power)

A little later the Enterprise the peaceful planet Rubicun III and an away team explores the planet and makes contact with the friendly Edo. The away team is delighted with the hospitality of the Edo and Crusher recommends shore leave for the crew on the surface. Another away team then goes to the surface, including Wesley Crusher. On the surface, Wesley Crusher breaks a law in an accident and, since there is only one punishment on the planet, is sentenced to death. Crusher worries about her son as he is about to be executed. But Picard beams to the surface to negotiate with the Edo. Picard is eventually forced to break the Supreme Directive and enforce Wesley's Crushers freedom. Picard returns with the away team and Wesley Crusher on the Enterprise back. (TNG:The Law of Edo)

Shortly it flies Enterprise into the Xendi Sabu system and is supposed to meet a group of Ferengi there. Picard suffers from a severe headache during this time, but Crusher cannot find any cause for it. In the meantime, the Ferengi DaiMonBok gives Picard his ship, believed to be lost, the USS Stargazer. Picard gets on board with Crusher, but his headache keeps getting worse and Crusher is very concerned about it. But in reality, Bok wants revenge on Picard, because he was responsible for the death of his son at the Battle of Maxia. Bok lets Picard with the help of a mind manipulator, which also causes the severe headache, the Battle of Maxia on board the Stargazer experience again and Picard attacks with his old ship Enterprise at. But Picard can be stopped and he returns to the Enterprise back after the mind manipulator has been destroyed. (TNG:The battle of Maxia)

Some time later the Enterprise Intercepted by Q on the way to a rescue mission to the planet Quadra Sigma III. Q kidnaps all officers except Picard from the bridge. In a strange world, Q wants to test Commander Riker with his games and equips him with the powers of Q. Riker then brings all officers to the Enterprise back. Since this power is dangerous, Riker Picard promises not to use it and the Enterprise continues the course on Quadra Sigma III. There Crusher leads the rescue team and takes care of the many wounded. Crusher finds a young girl there dead and she asks Riker to revive her because he is not allowed to use the Q's powers. Riker reproaches himself and now wants to continue using his strength. Riker wants to demonstrate his power and wants to give his friends gifts with the help of his strength. Crusher asks her son to leave the bridge immediately, but it's too late, Riker transforms Wesley into a grown man. However, Wesley wants to grow up alone and Riker reverses his wish. Since all officers refuse Riker's gifts, Riker realizes his mistake and finally rejects the power of the Q. (TNG:Riker's temptation)

Shortly afterwards, Crusher was one of the guests at Troi and Wyatt Miller's engagement party. At this time a ship of the seriously ill Tarellians is approaching and Miller and Crusher want to send some medicine to them. Miller later beams onto the Tarellian ship to help them there, and Troi's wedding is canceled. (TNG:The woman of his dreams)

A little later the Enterprise the order to contact the Jarada. Since the preparations for the mission are very exhausting, Picard relaxes on the holodeck and plays a Dixon Hill holoroman there. Picard is so excited about it that he invites Crusher, Data and Whalen onto the holodeck. When the four are on the holodeck, the Jarada scan them Enterprise and the safety barriers on the holodeck fail, but the four of them have no idea. Meanwhile, Riker tries to reach Picard on the holodeck, but the doors cannot be opened. At the same time, the four officers are enjoying the program without realizing the danger they are in. Later the four are threatened by the gangster Felix Leech and the officers still think it's fun. But when Leech shoots Whalen, the officers realize that they are trapped on the holodeck. Crusher tries to treat Whalen, but there isn't much she can do for him while they're stuck on the holodeck. A little later, La Forge and Wesley Crusher manage to free the officers from the holodeck. Crusher then treats whales, while Picard successfully makes contact with the Jarada. (TNG:The big farewell)

Shortly afterwards the Enterprise the planet Omicron Theta, on this planet Data was found years ago. Since the colony was wiped out years ago, an outside team is beaming up to the surface to investigate. There the away team will find components of an android and these will be on board the Enterprise brought. Crusher and Argyle then take care of the composition of the android. When the android is activated, this truck is called. But it turns out that Lore is hostile to humans. Lore puts Data out of action and now pretends to be Data. In the form of Data, Lore calls the crystal being, which the Enterprise attacks. But now Wesley Crusher realizes that Data is not who he seems to be, but nobody believes him. Later, Crusher goes to Data's quarters with her son and finds the unconscious Data.Data and both Crushers finally manage to stop Lore and he is beamed into space. Then the crystal being also disappears. (TNG:The duplicate)

While the Enterprise is in orbit of Angel I, erupts aboard the Enterprise a viral disease. This virus affects the respiratory tract and is brought in by a group of students from Quazulu VIII. Crusher does everything possible to stop the infection, but the disease spreads through them Enterprise out. Picard also becomes infected with this virus, but he refuses to rest; Crusher only goes to bed on the orders of Crusher. Over time, Crusher will find a cure and treat the disease. (TNG:Planet Angel One)

A little later will be on the Enterprise maintenance work carried out on a room basis 74. The crew can relax on the starbase and Crusher is happy to see their former Professor Epstein there again. A little later it looks like a warp core breakage of the Enterprise threatens and Crusher helps evacuate the ship. In reality, the binaries faked the warp core break in order to get the Enterprise kidnap and bring them to their homeworld so that the Enterprise this saves. Picard and Riker, who are still on board the Enterprise Succeeds to save the planet and then returns Enterprise back to the starbase. (TNG:11001001)

Shortly thereafter, Federation citizens are taken hostage on Mordan IV, and AdmiralMark Jameson is scheduled to negotiate on the planet. Crusher examines Jameson for this mission and finds abnormal values ​​in him, which she cannot explain. At the same time, Jameson is starting to get younger and younger, and Jameson declares that he has taken a banned rejuvenating drug from Cerberus II. But Jameson has taken an overdose and Crusher finds on further investigation that he will die from it. Meanwhile, Karnas, who took the hostages, demands Jameson. He blames Jameson for the civil war on his world and now wants his revenge. Jameson now surrenders to Karnas, but he dies a little later from the effects of the rejuvenation drug. Since Karnas got his revenge through the death of Jameson, he releases the hostages. (TNG:The admiral's decision)

A few weeks later discovered the Enterprise the hidden planet Aldea. The Aldeans invite an away team to the surface and explain there that they have become sterile due to their technology and ask the away team to give them the children of the Enterprise to leave. But Riker and Crusher reject this immediately. The Aldeans then kidnap the children, including Wesley Crusher. Picard and Crusher beam to the surface to negotiate with the Aldeans. While Crusher briefly meets her son, she secretly hands Wesley a tricorder. Based on Wesley's collected data, Crusher discovers that the Aldeans have become sterile due to the cloaking technology. Picard can convince the Aldeans that the camouflage technology is responsible for the sterility and that the Aldeans have to do without this technology. Crusher gives the Aldeans some treatment methods and then they release the children. (TNG:The Aldeans' concern)