How is life as a shaman

What is shamanism?

Where does shamanism come from?

The knowledge of the shamans is an ancient cultural asset. In their world everything is connected with each other: humans, plants, animals, the spirits, Father Heaven and Mother Earth. The flowers, the birds, every tree, every animal has a message for us. We will understand them when we become one with nature again. As before. That is the core idea in the world view of the shamans, which makes these mystical healers so fascinating for us.

The origins of shamanism are presumably in the Siberian region, where shamans are still consulted as counselors and healers, like our family doctor. But they also help with acute crises, drum people into self-realization, penetrate into our emotional world and thereby release physical and mental blockages.

The word shaman probably comes from Sanskrit (Old Indian) and means something like "the one who knows". In other languages ​​it is also translated as “he who sees”.

What are shamanistic rituals?

One of the most famous shamanistic rituals is smoking. Fire and smoke have been elementary components of our lives since ancient times, and incense has been part of holistic medicine in many cultures for thousands of years. No wonder: the sense of smell is the most important of our five senses. Scientific studies show that the nose, as a sensory organ, still ranks ahead of the eyes and ears!

The aromas bound to the smoke are passed on directly to the limbic system in the brain via the nasal mucous membrane. There they have an effect on body and soul, influence our mood, calm and relax us, disinfect and heal.

Incense sticks or cones are the easiest. The ritual becomes more intense and personal if you burn wood, herbs or resins directly. To do this, you need a fireproof bowl into which you put some sand for insulation. The charcoal is stuck upright in this sand (available e.g. in health food stores). When it glows, lay it flat in the sand with tongs and put the incense on it.

Fragrance helps against ailments

If you want to prevent a cold now, you should try a mix of mint, mugwort, rosemary and St. John's wort. The scent of this mixture activates the self-healing powers.

The smoke from peppermint and chamomile is fresh, light and soothes colds. Chamomile is also said to have a liberating effect on the soul; Peppermint gives inner balance. Rosemary smoke brightens the mood on dull days.

If you feel stressed, you are right with the spicy scent of amber resin: It gives you serenity, while sage eliminates negative vibrations in the atmosphere.

healing Hands

Babies become calm when they are gently petted; if you are sad, it is good to feel a comforting hand on your shoulder. And we mostly use it unconsciously - the healing power that is in our hands. A simple way to release inner blockages and activate the body's self-healing powers - and has been used by shamans for centuries

Put your hands over your chest for five minutes, this will strengthen your immune system. If you feel exhausted, hold your lower back with both hands - inhale and exhale evenly.

Four special shamanic healing methods

We introduce you to four different shamanic healing methods.

Rhythm of the heart

Shamans use incense, plants, dance or drums. The drum follows the rhythm of our heart, connects with the heartbeat of the earth and penetrates deep into our soul.

Singing bowls

Close your eyes for five minutes while gently striking a singing bowl - and you will relax!

Fragrance stars

Smoking without coal: bundle dried herbs (e.g. thyme, which strengthens self-confidence) and light the tip. Blow out the flame, let the bundle of incense glow.

Dream catcher

For a good night's sleep and good dreams. If you hang this cult object of the shamans over the bed, good dreams slip through the net, the bad ones get stuck and are dissolved by the morning sun.

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