Will BTS ever meet Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish thought about suicide in 2018

Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old, who never dreamed of ever performing at the Grammys, dominated the event and won five Grammys. At the end of March 2019 her debut album "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" Was released, which was incredibly successful. Afterwards she filled entire concert halls with people who can sing along to her songs by heart.


But behind Billie's success there are also dark times.


"Bury A Friend" (2019), a song that is more than 1 trillion times streamed was and is loved by the world, deals with a rather uncomfortable topic: suicide. Lyrics like "I Wanna End Me" ("I want to end myself.") Suggest: someone doesn't want to live here anymore. The song is said to be about a friend of Billie's. However, presenter Gayle King was concerned that this song was going to be over Eilish be yourself and address them.


Billie admitted that "Bury A Friend" is a song about herself.


Clinical depression and anxiety plagued the young singer. The sudden fame made it impossible for her to leave the house in peace to meet her friends. That bothered her pretty hard last year. The now 18-year-old herself described her feelings as unhappy and unhappy. Sometimes it was so bad that she thought she would not survive the age of seventeen. Specifically, she has a say Gayle King about an incident in Berlin:"I think about that one time when I was in Berlin. I was alone in my hotel room and I remember there was exactly one window there. Oh God, I remember crying thinking about how I would die. I wanted to do it ", she said.


But there is good news."Somehow I'm just getting out of there." she said with a smile on her face.


Therapy, family support (especially from her mother), patience and her music helped her a lot to get out of this difficult phase. The young singer now wants to help her fans through difficult times:"I just grab her by the shoulders and say, 'Please, take care of yourself and be good and nice to yourself. Don't take this next step and hurt yourself"said Eilish on TV. "It cannot be reversed."


If you yourself suffer from suicidal thoughts, you will find contact persons around the clock at the telephone counseling, also anonymously. Telephone counseling, national number: 0801110111 or 08001110222 or 08001110116123.