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Translation of "you encouraged me" in German

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In my world I've become the Superman that you encouraged me to be.
The truth is I was considering changing majors, But you encouraged me to stick with it and become a doctor.
The truth is, I had considered switching majors, however You encouraged me to stay and become a doctor.
You trusted me you encouraged me and most of all, you made me laugh.
You trusted me encourages me, and most of all, you made me laugh.
Now he looks at the young, friendly woman and members: At the time, you encouraged me to just get up and walk.
Now he looks at the young, friendly woman and remembers: They got me back then encouragedto just get up and run.
But you encouraged me without telling me the whole story!
And what were you when you encouraged me to throw my life away?
You encouraged me to be hopeful!
You encouraged me to tour your clinic in order to witness ... the suffering caused by Colonel Childers' orders.
They challenged me on to visit your clinic to see the grief the command has caused, do you remember?

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You have encouraged me, To practice medicine.
You never encouraged me to stay in Boston.
Ashok: You so encouraged me to work.
You once encouraged me to express my opinions if I had something relevant to say.
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