Nokia will come back to the cellular market

5G out again: This country is now officially working on 6G!

5G? This is old hat for the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

The world is eagerly awaiting the introduction of 5G as the new cellular standard - even better connections and even faster mobile internet. When will it be so far across the board? A good question! One thing is clear, however: China is a pioneer in this area. The state is investing on a large scale, while technology giants like Huawei are expanding the network. The demand for faster internet is very high anyway, because the smartphone is - especially when it comes to mobile games - the absolute favorite of the Chinese. But 5G is almost a thing of the past in the land of smiles.

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6G standard: Ministry starts work

Countries around the world are already researching 6G as another mobile communications standard of the future. China is now pointing the way - the Ministry of Science and Technology is now dealing with the topic of 6G in two offices. In addition to administration and government employees, there are 37 experts on board from universities, research institutes and companies. The latter category also includes companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Sony or Intel, which have also started research on 6G in their own houses. What will the new network offer in the foreseeable future? Nobody knows that exactly. However, data transfers in the terabit range may then already be possible.