Are the fuel consumption calculators correct?

Consumption calculator - know what your car is using

In order to be able to use the consumption calculator, you only have to enter the last distance traveled and the liters consumed on the route in the fields provided. How to do this is explained step by step in the following. You only have to follow five simple steps and your actual consumption will be displayed:

  • Drive to a gas station and fill up your vehicle completely
  • Make a note of your current mileage before you set off (or set your so-called trip display / trip meter display to zero)
  • Drive off and cover a longer distance
  • Then you drive back to a gas station and fill up your car completely again
  • Now read off the liter and write down the number displayed. You can also read off your new mileage and calculate how many kilometers You have driven between the two refueling (or read your trip display / trip meter display) and write down this number

Now you can Consumption calculator use. Simply enter your notes in the consumption calculator on this page. The tool calculates for you how high your actual fuel consumption is per 100 kilometers.

You can use the calculated result from the consumption calculator for the Fuel calculator and / or the CO2 emissions calculator use. This helps you to determine the travel costs for certain routes. The fuel cost calculator takes into account the parking and toll fees as well as the number of passengers. The CO2 emissions calculator calculates the specific CO2 emissions of your vehicle for a covered distance.

This is how our consumption calculator calculates your fuel consumption

If you are interested in the calculation basis of the consumption calculator, we will provide you with our calculation formula here: The liters specified for the second refueling at the pump are multiplied by the number 100 and then divided by the number of kilometers traveled. The result is the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Here's an example:

17 liters of petrol (filled up with the second full tank) x 100: 290 (number of kilometers traveled between the first and second full tank) = 5.86 liters per 100 kilometers.

Have fun with our consumption calculator, always drive carefully and arrive at your destination healthy and relaxed!

Our computers have been checked to ensure that they are working correctly. However, we cannot guarantee the correctness of the calculation results.