What is master data management software

Material master data as a component of the digital company: What is important now

The prerequisite for clean, error-free master data is well thought-out master data management in the company. This has the following tasks:

  • Establishes processes to regularly and automatically check master data for errors and duplicates.
  • Regulates internal responsibilities for master data maintenance and defines what all employees involved have to do.
  • Implements data governance standards and best practices to ensure high data quality, security, and compliance.

One of the greatest challenges is that ERP applications like SAP do not offer standardized processes for master data maintenance and their complexity often overwhelms users. The solution is special software such as EASY master data management. This is 100 percent integrated in SAP and is based directly on the SAP workflow engine.

An additional digital solution for master data management ensures transparent processes, improves data quality and reduces the administrative effort. Above all, it saves costs because the process time is shortened and errors and indirect process costs are eliminated.

There are preconfigured best practice approaches that can be implemented in the standard within a few weeks. Our solution usually pays for itself completely within one year - often even faster.

Are you interested? Here you can find out more about master data management with EASY.