How many buildings have Trump's name removed?

Depreciative - Again a building wants to get rid of the Trump name

Donald Trump's name is featured on some buildings in Manhattan, usually in large gold letters.

In many places they want to get rid of this connection with the ex-president. For example, the Trump SoHo Hotel was renamed Dominick in 2017. Following Trump's election, a complex of buildings on Manhattan's Upper West Side took down the large “Trump Place” signs that hung over their entrances.

Now there is another property in which the residents want to remove the five letters. According to Bloomberg News, a group has formed in Trump Palace - a building on Manhattan's Upper East Side that houses condominiums - that Trump wants to see dismantled.

Adam Leitman Bailey, a New York real estate attorney who specializes in such cases. understand that. ”I have received calls from almost every building with his name on since the beginning of his presidency. He's not only tired of people who get in touch, Trump's name on a building is now also reducing the value of the apartments, ”lawyer Bloomberg said.

"People are afraid that if they reveal their location or tell them that their offices are in a Trump building, they will be seen as Trump supporters immediately," branding expert Eric Schiffer told Bloomberg. "No matter what you think of Trump, and in New York that is usually not very much, the name Trump is now bad for business and degrading."

Even if Trump Palace gets rid of the gold letters, there will still be some buildings named after Trump in Manhattan. The Art Deco office building Wall Trump Building ’on Wall Street, the Trump World Tower residential building near the United Nations, the Trump International Hotel + Tower on Columbus Circle and of course its beloved Trump Tower.