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Is he America's nightmare, a new Elvis Presley or just a damn good rapper? Most of the judgments about Eminem are somehow correct. Thanks to the Hollywood self-portrayal of his personality.

If, for example, conservative politicians put the Detroit superstar on a par with Bin Laden, this only shows that Slim Shady's media self-portrayal was more than successful. With videos full of black humor and inciting manslaughter texts, he deliberately shocked the strict US public from the start. He slips into various roles to reflect America's false double standards.

Outside of the United States, the horror is much less effective. Meanwhile, other allegations are being made from the grassroots. Like Elvis once did rock'n'roll, Eminem wrested their hip-hop culture from Afro-Americans. He's pushing himself very aggressively into the center of attention, but never before him had such a talented white man picked up the microphone. Neither Vanilla Ice nor Fred Durst, the Beastie Boys or Everlast can hold a candle to him. Class just doesn't know any race. Certainly, however, Eminem's nasty and complex provocations hit their targets at least as hard and exactly as Elvis' hip swing hit the Otto moral consumer of the early sixties.

Eminem was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, a suburb of Kansas City, as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He grows up with his single mother, who moves aimlessly from one place to another every three months. For his absent father, the rap superstar has little more than a short "The wanker can lick my ass"Remaining, and the relationship with Mama Mathers is also said to deteriorate badly over the years thanks to lawsuits and hateful texts.

Because of the constant moves, school friends are of course in short supply for the little Marshall, so the steppe devoted himself to rap music at the age of ten. Ice T's "Reckless" is particularly popular with the lonely boy in his hip hop childhood days. In 1985 the family found a longer home in the trailer park of the socially disadvantaged and black-dominated Detroit Eastside.

"As a child, I was teased so much by my classmates that I would have loved to drag myself through the classes with a submachine gun"Eminem reveals his soul in a taz interview. After the iced tea, the Beastie Boys and N.W.A. are increasingly moving to the teen walker,"because they just dared to say everything". But just consuming rap is not enough for the boy. At 14, he begins to rhyme in a friend's cellar as Manix or M&M. Freestyle battles in the auditorium or in the schoolyard determine his days.

On the spur of the moment, he quits school and gets through life with poorly paid jobs as a warehouse worker. His real passion, however, is the local rhyme competitions. Despite being white, he quickly grabs the respect of the Detroit hip hop scene as Eminem. He benefits from the fact that his skills develop better in the rap province than in the highly competitive Mecca of New York.

The hip hop element of the competition plays a big role in Eminem's further rap career. Diss tracks and business beefs replace the regional freestyle battles after the big breakthrough. Now he has to assert himself not only in Detroit, but nationwide, so your own big mouth can embarrass you. Not every argument is just lyrical on record like the duels KRS-One vs. MC Shan, LL Cool J vs. Canius or Jay-Z vs. Nas. When millions circulate in the rap game and mafiosi get involved, the argument can escalate quickly, like that happened in the murders of 2Pac and Notorious BIG

Of course, Eminem also often rattles with colleagues. The stress with underground Emcee Cage, Evidence from the Dilated Peoples and Ford City neighbor Royce Da 5'9 runs off lightly, i.e. on a sporting level. Poison arrows in the direction of Fred Durst, Moby or Britney Spears go unanswered. The feud with Everlast, on the other hand, is harder. The ex-House Of Pain man beats up with Eminem's D-12 friends during his show in Detroit.

Ray Benzino, head of hip hop magazine The Source, would also like to swing his fists at Eminem, as he announced in interviews and songs. The beef could end even more dangerously with Murder Inc and Suge Knight, in which he through his business friends 50 Cent and Dr. Dre is pulled into it.

The former enemy has close ties to New York drug lords, the latter allegedly played in the attacks on 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. a dubious role. After countless freestyle fights in Detroit, Eminem joined the New Jack crew in 1994 to strengthen the group, but soon switched to Soul Intent, which released its first single in 1995.

On the B-side, a certain proof appears as a guest rapper. He is so taken with Eminem that he founds the D-12 clique with him. Four other members join, who do not want to see themselves as a strict band, but rather form a loose collective to support each other.

After the birth of daughter Hailie on December 25, 1995, the young father was forced to turn his passion for rap into economic stability. In 1996, Eminem was finally allowed to record a few demos in a buddy’s studio. The album result "Infinite" appears in small numbers as tape on the independent label Web Entertainment.

Ems Style still sounds like a half-baked mixture of the trendy New York Emcees Nas and AZ on the disc. "On 'Infinite' I was still trying to figure out what my own rap style should sound like", admits the talented young artist. Spurred on by the new recordings, he has advertising posters printed for record stores and tries to sell his record on the street.

Nobody is showing any greater interest yet. But the iron stamina of the hip hop freak finally opens the door to a radio station for him that takes one of his songs into the program. The show will be broadcast nationwide and cement Eminem's reputation as a talented mass controller.

Building on his increasing popularity, he hands concert promoter Wendy Day a copy of the "Infinite" album. She then secured him participation in the 97 MC Battles at the Rap Olympics. Eminem delivers a top performance and only has to admit defeat in the final. "For me it was kind of a matter of life or death", remembers the runner who was motivated to the top. After the successful event, his manager Paul Rosenberg gave the talent scouts from the Interscope label present his demo.

At the same time, Web Entertainment throws the demo as "Slim Shady" EP on the regional market. The work is teeming with blatant lyrics by Em's new alter ego Slim Shady. He literally raps the frustration of his soul and shows the first signs of his later bully status: "On the 'Slim Shady' EP, I hit back against anyone who'd ever said shit about me."

A few weeks later, producer legend Dr. Dre that legendary tape on Interscope President Jimmy Iovine's office floor. The hip hop veteran can hardly stand on his feet with enthusiasm. After hearing Eminem rhyme on the Los Angeles radio show of Sway and Tech, the G-Funk boss pulls out all the stops to lure the white insane Emcee into the studio.

Dr. Dre in Rolling Stone magazine April 1999: "If he stays the same person who first came to my studio then he'll be bigger than Michael Jackson for sure."Sure, Eminem immediately rushes to Dre in the beat workshop, because"it was an honor for me to hear praise from the mouth of my youth idol".

The chemistry between the two is right immediately, and the new couple quickly creates various songs for Eminem's real debut. The doctor even signs him as the first white man for his Aftermath label. The foundation stone for Em's world career has been laid.

Shortly before the album is released, the upcoming superstar is fueling the hype on the Lyricist Lounge tour. The German rap star Curse is there during the first Eminem quake: "I was visiting New York in 1998 and met Ill Bill of the hip hop crew Non Phixion. I asked Bill on the side what's new in rap. He replied conspiratorially: 'Take care of my friend. I have a demo tape here from a white rapper from Detroit who is now in LA with Dr. Dre is. Check out this demo. When the guy comes out, a lot of emcees will have to worry about whether they're still on the same level. '"

Three quarters of a year later the Eminem fever flooded the whole world, fueled by the video "My Name Is ...". While the German hip-hop colleagues marvel at his nasal, hyper-fast flow, the mouths of the worldwide music fans are open like barn doors at this blond, snotty punk who appears as Marilyn Manson and Bill Clinton. The bourgeois rebel's skilful self-portrayal with emotional abyss drives the "Slim Shady" album to four million units sold. In the fall of 1999, she married long-term friend Kim.

Despite increasing success and private bourgeoisie, the wind continues to blow sharply in his face in the USA. Conservative politicians pillory Eminem, especially after the Littleton massacre. His provocations are having an effect; in fact, the artist only sees himself as a role player who denounces the downside of society.

Only once does the rapper seem to have crossed the line between depicting and using violence: in the spring of 2000, he did more than just give verbal beatings. Douglas Dail from the Insane Clown Posse has to take it because he is said to have kissed Eminem's wife. In the course of the argument, Eminem even draws a handgun. The prosecutor threatens him with a prison sentence of several years, which the rapper can avert at the last moment by pleading guilty in part.

His wife Kim Scott Mathers survived a suicide attempt in July and files for divorce in August. Shortly afterwards, she drops her lawsuit because of the evil lyrics in "97 Bonnie and Clyde". Eminem promises Kim and daughter Hailie Jade Scott financial support, and the couple grows closer. His mother's ten million lawsuit also fizzled out. However, this relationship remains cold to hostile.

Eminem's third studio album "The Marshall Mathers LP" will be released in the millennium year. The rapper is quite angry after the disc was circulating on the internet days before the release date. In addition, even Eminem's alleged private address with telephone number is sold on Napster. He would like to make the person responsible "beat the shit out"explains the rapper.

Nevertheless, thanks to the well-known provocative videos and lyrics for "The Real Slim Shady", "Stan" and "The Way I Am", the album became a box-office hit and classic and sold almost eight million times in America alone. There is no end of Grammys and MTV awards.

On the occasion of the 2001 Grammy Awards, the gays took to the streets to demonstrate against the discrimination in his texts. Eminem appears with the avowed homosexual Elton John and performs the song "Stan" with him. To the incomprehension of the American gay and lesbian association, of course.

John himself protects the rapper by coming out as a big Eminem fan. Eminem then corrects in the taz: "The swear word 'fagot' (bassoon) simply means something like 'loser, wimp' to me. It has nothing to do with homosexuals."Elton John:"His 'Marshall Mathers' album is fresh, controversial, in short: a masterpiece."

After a successful world tour, "The Eminem Show" is in stores in May 2002. The fourth studio album Eminem is making headlines again in advance: Since it is illegally available online weeks before the official release date, Interscope is releasing the record earlier than planned.

Nevertheless, the white rapper conquered the charts on both sides of the Atlantic again at a speed. At a time when most artists are suffering from a drop in sales, anything Eminem touches is the exception to the rule. Even on the big screen, the rapper cut a very good figure.

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"8 Mile" is the name of his autobiographical film, in which Eminem himself takes on the leading role of Jimmy 'Rabbit' Smith, Kim Basinger plays his wicked mother, and Curtis Hanson ("L.A. Confidential", "Wonder Boys") directs. Eminem is Jimmy Rabbit. Jimmy Rabbit is Eminem.

Realistically and in proper style, Hanson Ems stages the rise of the Freestyle Battles in Detroit. Only the angry dark side of the superstar falls victim to the Hollywood principle. However, the intention of "8 Mile" is correct: It is not the skin color that is decisive, but the skills, as the sad and funny white trash character of the naive Cheddar Bob shows. "Never again"was Eminem's short comment on the last day of shooting when asked if he wanted to continue acting.

After the enfant terrible has established itself on the throne of rap, he expands his artistic and economic skills in order to be able to work completely independently. He already created his own beats for "The Eminem Show", which later became popular with artists like Nas and Jay-Z. Dr. Dre only acts as a mentor in the background.

The situation is similar at the label level. Eminem founds Shady Records as an independent subcontractor of Dres Aftermath company. In addition to his Detroit crew D-12, he also signs Obie Trice and 50 Cent and his G-Unit. As expected, the first 50 Cent album for Shady Records also lands at number one on the Billboard charts.

An album ("Encore") and two DVDs later, he completes his back catalog with the obligatory Greatest Hits. "Curtain Call" will be released on December 6, 2005 and, in addition to the hits, also contains the rap star's personal favorite tracks and a number of unreleased and new pieces. The now 33-year-old is once again feeding rumors that he wants to retire to old age and that he would rather earn his spurs as a producer than on the stage in the future.

By 2009, Em had sold over 75 million records worldwide and also survived one or two scandals (accusations of racism from hip hop magazine The Source, a beef with a yes rule or admitting his addiction to tablets). Still, he never loses sight of the sound and takes care of Tupac's musical legacy, for example on behalf of Tupac's mother.

As of summer 2005, rumors were once again circulating that Eminem wanted to give up his rap career: Due to exhaustion, the Detroit resident cancels all European dates on his "Anger Management" tour. Instead of going to the stages overseas, the rap star goes to treatment to get his pill addiction under control. However, relaxation is not far off in the therapy center: Eminem is bringing a lawsuit against ringtone providers from here: He insists that he is entitled to part of the cake made with his songs.

In the spirit of his adored daughter, Eminem reconciles with his ex-wife. The two dare to try again and marry again. This bond is not meant to be for life either: after only three months, Marshall and Kim Mathers' second marriage is in ruins. Already badly shaken in his private life, the death of his friend Proof, who got a bullet in the head in a shooting in Detroit in April 2006, hits Em twice as hard.

Nevertheless: Eminem does not let itself get down. In December 2006 the boss of Shady-Records reports back. "Eminem Presents The Re-Up" features the complete line-up of his label and bridges the time to his album comeback with "Relapse" in May 2009.

2013 is another Eminem year: First he is honored as Artist of the Year at the YouTube Awards, then his new album "Marshall Mathers LP 2" breaks all standards. The successor to his legendary record is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Rightly so, as will be shown later.

In the years that followed, Eminem appeared almost exclusively as a feature guest or with individual songs such as "Campaign Speech". A new album will only be released in November 2017: Many old fans find the "Revival" produced by Rick Rubin too poppy, certainly also because of guests like Beyonce or Ed Sheeran. In contrast, "Kamikaze" goes back to where it hurts in late summer 2018.

Sure, Eminem has aged too, but in a positive way. His rap skills are still beyond reproach. The anger of the first few years is slowly but surely replacing mature insight that only he can convey so authentically. One of the best MCs of all time continues to work on his legendary status.

Is Eminem the new Elvis now? His rapid development from nobody to superstar to producer illustrates the acceleration of all social processes. Unlike Elvis or his successor Michael Jackson, Eminem hardly seems to yearn for the love of the masses. As an artist, he doesn't have to hide behind anyone.

Even if the excesses of violence in everyday life in his texts quite clearly target grievances in his own country: other levels of his unbridled rebellion move the whole world. Nothing against felt and grease.But when the self-confessed homo Elton John Eminem publicly backs up, this probably irritates more people in their worldview than the collected works of Joseph Beuys.