What did your therapist teach you

7 things you will learn in therapy

Many people believe that therapy works like this:
A psychologist sits in front of you with his hands on his lap and tries to decipher your body language. In between, he or she will ask you how you feel today and what your relationship with your father is like. And that was it!
This misconception often means that therapy is seen as too complex and almost a waste of time. “I can do it on my own” is the consensus. But if that were really the case, not so many people would seek psychological help, would they?
Of course, your therapist tries to research why you think the way you do, but as with the general practitioner, you must first find out what the cause of your concern is before looking for possible solutions and strategies for action - Your therapist is active, gives you advice and tries to support you according to your needs. Often the necessary solutions then come in the form of very applicable lessons, almost mantras, that can be integrated into your life.
In order to get an idea of ​​what we mean, we asked seven people to share their most important therapy lessons with us. Because even if a visit to a psychologist can be exhausting, uncomfortable and emotionally upsetting, the treatment can change your life from the ground up. And over time you will discover that you can emerge as a hero * in your own life story.