What plans is Elon Musk working on

Tesla boss Elon Musk shouldn't always be squeamish with his employees. A manager reveals which absurd rule employees should absolutely follow.

Elon Musk, boss and figurehead of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, seems to have some strange habits. According to insiders, he should not only work obsessively (100 hours per week *), but always demand top performance from his employees. Of course, the latter is not unusual - but apparently he likes to overshoot the mark.

Elon Musk's outbursts of anger create absurd rules among employees

Like the US magazine Wired Already reported in 2018, Musk is said to be on bad days shoot around with layoffs. Tesla employees are said to call these outbursts "Elon's anger dismissals". A manager is said to have explicitly forbidden his employees to walk too close to the boss's desk if they are interested in their careers. According to the report, a chance encounter at the wrong time or an incorrectly answered question would have been enough to get a dismissal. Anyone who loves their job in the Gigafactory or wants to apply for a job in the German Tesla factory in GrĂ¼nheide should know this absurd rule better.

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"Overdramatic": Tesla contradicts representation by Elon Musk

Tesla later did the rendering of Wired contradicted that she was too "sensational" and "overdramatic", writes the career portal BusinessInsider. The company justified the resignations by saying that "Elon and the company management sometimes take the difficult step of letting go of people who are not performing well." Musk recently revealed which employees the Tesla boss really values. (as) * Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen central editorial network.

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