Do you practice cyclic meditation

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Podcast broadcast: 019 - The power of cyclical life - Interview with Izabela Brzozowska part 1
? We have recurring cycles in many different areas of life. Be it the seasons, the lunar cycles or the female cycle. With Spiritual Empowerment Coach Izabela Brzozowska, I will dive deeper into the topic of the female cycle and how we can use it for ourselves. ____________________ ?? Izabela Brzozowska ?? Website: ____________________ ?? Mestruations Tracker ?? Cycle calendar: Cycles live 2020 App "Clue": or "FlowCyclo" ____________________ ?? books ?? Miranda Gray - Spiritual Messages for Woman Alexandra Pope - Wild Power ____________________ ?? Supersensitive Human FB-Gruppe ?? Would you like to become part of a wonderful community that supports each other, in which you can be heard and in which there are people of the heart with whom you can exchange ideas? Then join FB-Gruppe now: IMPORTANT: To be accepted, you have to answer the membership questions and agree to the group rules. This is the only way we can guarantee a protected framework. ____________________ ?? Coaching & Mentoring ?? Would you like someone to accompany you personally on your way? Then let's talk! Here you can register for a free clarification talk: & ...