Can Puerto Rico Earn Social Security

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Here you can apply for a new e-card to be issued. Please fill out the form, submit it (send) and we will send you the e-card by post.

DANGER: Since January 1, 2020 must be on every newly issued e-card for people over 14 years of age a photo be upset. With the Instant photo check you can easily do it yourself check whether a photo of you is currently available. If not, you'll have to bring a photo. All registries and the documents to bring can be found at

If NO photo is available and NO exception applies, an e-card cannot be issued!

In the event of loss, theft or damage, the currently valid e-card will be blocked IMMEDIATELY in order to avoid any misuse. If "European health insurance card expiry" is selected for the reason, you can continue to use your currently valid card until you receive the new e-card. Only then will the old card be blocked.

The newly issued e-card contains the personal data stored in the social security booth tour.
Deviating data in this form are not taken into account, as changes to personal data can only be made by the responsible social insurance agency on presentation of the relevant documents.

You can obtain more detailed information on this as well as information on any costs that may arise from your social security agency.

e-card Serviceline: 050 124 33 11