Is there an operation for asthma?

Asthma treatment

Conservative methods of treatment

Bronchial asthma: drug treatment

Asthma treatment is always based on drug therapy. Three groups of drugs are used in inhalation therapy:
On the one hand, there are anti-inflammatory drugs like cortisone. This is ideal for containing the multiple effects of inflammation and is essential for asthma control. In addition, there are substances that widen the airways, which quickly dissolve the cramps in the airways and improve the shortness of breath within a few minutes. Today there are also tried and tested combination products that contain both components. For some years now, new asthma drugs that are used specifically for specific forms have been on the market. These so-called biologics can represent further therapy options.

Respiratory Therapy and "Asthma Management"

In addition to the drug-based asthma treatment, we at the Schön Klinik attach great importance to correct behavior in the case of asthma. We strengthen your own skills in special training courses. You will learn how you can use breathing techniques, postures to facilitate breathing and prudence in critical situations to limit the extent of attacks of shortness of breath.

The so-called peak flow measurement is also helpful. This method measures the degree of breathing impairment and can identify changes at an early stage. The evaluation of the peak flow curve gives clear indications of what can be done better next time. In this way you learn to initiate the necessary measures in good time and become an independent "infection manager".