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New examination regulations for final exams

For the coming school year, a new examination regulation for the secondary school final exams will come into force. The amendment of the Werkreal and Realschule final exams will follow a year later. The examination formats are harmonized so that the examination results can be compared even more easily.

From the new school year 2019/20 on, the pupils at the secondary schools, technical secondary schools, secondary schools and community schools in Baden-Württemberg will take the secondary school final examination for the first time according to the new examination regulations. One year later, for the 2020/21 school year, the transition from the Werkrealschul and secondary school final exams to the revised examination regulations will follow. “In the 2016 education plan, standards were set for the content-related competencies of the students so that comparable content can be offered at the different types of school. So it is only logical that we now ensure that this is also reflected in the final exams, ”explains Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Dr. Susanne Eisenmann. “So far there have been some differences in the structure and format of the final exams. With the new final exams this is a thing of the past: The exam formats have been harmonized so that the results of the exams can be compared even better. ”In addition, there are uniform rules for the examination period.

Hauptschule final exam

The final secondary school examination includes written exams in German, mathematics and English. In English there is also a communication test in which pronunciation and understanding are tested. Students can take an optional oral exam in German and mathematics.

In addition, there are uniform rules for project work: "Instead of the previous interdisciplinary competence test, there will be project work in the future, in which both elements of the interdisciplinary competence project examination and the topic-oriented project examination can be found," explains the minister. In project work, a topic is worked on in small groups in a project-oriented manner and presented at the end. All pupils take part in the project work in grade nine. For the secondary school leaving certificate, the project work is part of the examination. For those pupils who are aiming for the secondary school leaving certificate at the end of grade ten in the school year 2019/20 and who have already passed the previous topic-oriented project examination in the school year 2018/19, this project examination will be taken over for the secondary school final examination in grade ten. For schoolchildren who are aiming for a secondary school or secondary school certificate, however, the project work is part of the annual performance in the subject of economics / career and study orientation (WBS) in grade nine.

Werkrealschul final exam

From 2021, the Werkrealschul final exam will include a written exam in the subjects of German, mathematics and English. "In order to increase the informative value of the examinations, in addition to the previously examined subjects of German, mathematics and the compulsory foreign language, there will also be written examinations in the elective subjects in the future," says Minister of Education Eisenmann. In the compulsory elective subjects, students can opt for the subjects of technology or everyday culture, nutrition and social affairs (AES). A practical test must also be taken in the chosen elective, and a communication test in English. In addition, the pupils can take an optional oral exam in German and mathematics.

Realschule final exam

From 2021, there will be a written exam in the subjects German, mathematics and the compulsory foreign language, as well as in one of the compulsory elective subjects. These are technology, AES and the second foreign language.

In technology and AES, a practical test is also carried out, in the compulsory foreign language and the second foreign language a communication test. As with the Haupt- and Werkrealschul final exams, students can optionally take an oral exam in mathematics and German.

In order to make the schools' work easier in terms of organization, the dates of the examinations are being adjusted or postponed. “For the new final examinations, the examination period should be placed as far as possible at the end of the school year in order to extend the learning time in the examination classes. This means that quality and performance in the final classes can be increased significantly, ”said the Minister of Education. From 2021, the written exams in the subjects German, mathematics, English and the compulsory elective for the secondary school leaving certificate, the technical secondary school leaving certificate and the secondary school leaving certificate are to take place on the same examination days. The way in which corrections are made is also new: for all written examinations, this is done by a teacher from the school and then by a teacher from a partner school. This also happens across school types if the other school offers the same school leaving certificate.

The new final exams are tailored to the standards of the new curriculum. The Ministry has continuously informed the school administration, the school management and the teachers about the changes to the examination regulations over the past few months. A handout is made available to the schools, which can be printed and accessed digitally. In addition, there are further training courses for teachers in which, among other things, sample tasks for the written exams are presented and discussed.

Ministry of Culture: Handout, set of slides and a list of frequently asked questions about the amendment of the final exams