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newsletter 11/13

DIGITAL EDITION No. 334 - November 2013

Michael J. Fox

Christopher Lloyd

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Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

Hello laserdisc and DVD-Fans,

dear movie friends!

A look out of the window of our office space

on that shrouded in fog

Korntal makes it clear to us: it's okay

deep autumn and winter again

is already knocking on the door. who does not

just has a cinema just around the corner,

I'm sure he's all the more happy now

to enjoy nice film hours in his cozy

Home theater. As always

but no one in our newsletter

come up short. So there is not only

Wolfram's latest film blog

Hannemann, in the current movies

to be praised and torn but rather

again a lot of information

to upcoming DVD- and Blu-ray-

Publications for home theater fans.

Who in this issue “Hello Hollywood

- this is Anna speaking! " miss

we can calm him down. Because

is the mouthpiece of our columnist

not sacrifice austerity

fallen, but had to be for health reasons

No reasons: Anna

not just lying with a nasty cold

flat but will be at the same time

also of the consequences of a root canal treatment

tormented! We wish

your speedy recovery and look forward to it

us all the more to the next



Our multimedia readers are allowed to

By the way, look forward to: there is an increase

our YouTube channel. On the one hand

we have the premiere of the film DIE

NONNE in Stuttgart and us

with director Guillaume Nicloux and

Entertaining lead actress Pauline Etienne.

On the other hand, there is there

the trailer for REMEMBERING

WIDESCREEN (in English)

to see a documentary about

the “Widescreen Weekend” in

Bradford. The film itself is located

currently in post-production

Phase and should be in the coming year

Cinema celebrate its premiere. We hold

You of course up to date. And

last but not least there are a couple of

Then post a video on our channel

for the German premiere of Bettina


(Theatrical release: November 21, 2013). There

we don't just have the stage presentation

recorded in picture and sound,

but also us with the director

to chat.

As you can see, there is a lot to be done. Have fun

with it.

your laserHotline team


Director Guillaume Nicloux (above)

and leading actress Pauline

Etienne (below)

SCHERBENPARK: Director Bettina Blümner


Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

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Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

Monday 07 October 2013

Black Monday

Given the ins

Race skillful films turned out to be

the first day of work as a pretty

tough chunk.

MRS ELLA (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

Distributor: Warner

Country / Year: Germany 2013

Director: Markus Goller

Actor: Ruth-Maria Kubitschek,

Matthias Schweighöfer, August Diehl

Theatrical release: October 17, 2013

Since he quit his doctorate

Sascha drives a taxi and enjoys it

unproblematic relationship with girlfriend

Lina. But when suddenly he did

opens up to be pregnant, gets

the young man panic and builds up promptly

an accident. Still in the hospital

Lina dumps him. Learn for it

he know Mrs. Ella, an old lady who

he is facing a dangerous operation

saves by simply getting them out of the

Hospital kidnapped. The old woman is stuck

full of wisdom and tells him

of her unrequited love for one

American GI. Together with his

Buddy Klaus he decides, woman

Bringing Ella together with her great love.

The path leads the trio directly

to Paris ... * Sarcasm mode

EIN * Finally a movie again, at

who you know from the start how he is

will expire and face surprises

that's for sure! * Sarcasm modules OFF *

What Markus Goller has delivered here

is probably exactly what television viewers are

on a Sunday evening in

a public television broadcaster

want to see. Matthias Schweighofer

has been playing for what feels like ten

Years same role and woman

Kubitschek wants it at the set age

to know again - much to the chagrin

all those viewers who like something

want more variety

and surprises too

are open-minded. This road

Unfortunately, Movie makes one for them

Dash through expectations

and runs well according to scheme F. It

The following applies: not every film can be a masterpiece

be. But it also applies: a film

Wolfram Hannemanns

Film blog

doesn't have to be boring

be staged. MRS ELLA is typical

German cinema like it is not more typical

can be. That director Markus

Goller all of this is essential

he could do better

FRIENDSHIP! in 2010 enough

proven. All the more regrettable now

this crash into mediocrity.

RUNNER RUNNER (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

OT: Runner Runner

Distributor: Fox

Country / Year: USA 2013


Actors: Ben Affleck, Justin

Timberlake, Gemma Arterton, Anthony


Theatrical release: October 17, 2013

As a college student, Richie played online poker

his entire fortune

loses and has to experience it

did not deal with clean things,

he makes his way

Costa Rica to be the boss of the online

Casinos to confront Ivan Block.

To his surprise he offers him

even along with a reparation

also an extremely lucrative one

Job on. Richie agrees and finds

soon in a network

from corruption and violence again ...

When a film is staged in such a conservative manner

becomes like Brad Furmans RUNNER

RUNNER, you shouldn't be surprised

if you are after a

lost his audience for half an hour

Has. Neither is Ben Affleck in the role

of Ivan Block even approximately

scary, one still has too

Afraid for Justin for just a second

Timerlake that stands out from power and

Lets money downright seduce you. Self

Gemma Arterton as “Love Interest” of the

neither of the protagonists arouses interest

with the viewer. Boredom dominates

the happening. A waste

of time and money.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Neither fish nor meat

Day 2 of the press week could take me

not convincing despite triple use

ME AND YOU (1: 1.85, DD 5.1)

OT: Io E Te

Distributor: Kool

Country / Year: Italy 2012

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Actors: Tea Falco, Jacopo Olmo

Antinori, Sonia Bergamasco

Theatrical release: 11/21/2013

His mother believes her 14 year old

Son Lorenzo on a skiing holiday with his

School class. But she has no idea that

the eccentric in the basement of the

Tenement house for a whole week

has set up! Lorenzo finally wants there

to be completely to yourself and everything

do what he wants. But

his supposedly won freedom

is suddenly disturbed as his half-sister

Olivia joins him. That the moment

is on cold withdrawal, she does

Quite difficult thing ... Bernardo

Bertolucci's latest film doesn't have much

Plot to offer. Instead, focused

he focuses entirely on the relationship

between the half-siblings. First

through the extreme situation in which

the two are, come to each other

closer and begin to understand each other.

ME AND YOU is quiet cinema




OT: Inside Llewyn Davis

Distribution: Studiocanal

Country / Year: USA 2013

Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Actors: Oscar Isaac, Carey

Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin


Theatrical release: December 5th, 2013

New York 1961. It was unsuccessful

Musician Llewyn Davis not only from

one shoddy gig to the next,

but also from a place to sleep

to the next. Than him too

nor the homeowner's cat

escaped, exacerbated his

Position even further ... always

the Coen brothers are into losers.

Hardly any of their very different ones

and mostly has bizarre films

not at least one loser in one

Main role. In the Coen’s squad

the full-time loser lines up

So now Llewyn Davis too, the


Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

everything simply failed. But you have

Somehow like him, since you - voluntarily

or involuntarily - with him very much

can identify well. And Oscra

Isaac plays him really terrific, with

often stoic look. Still can

the latest work by the two brothers

not really convincing: the one behind it

standing story is a bit too thin

and the folk music interludes

a little too much of a good thing. The visual

Designing the film is also not

just original. Because - it seems

- is the mania of American filmmakers,

to turn back almost all colors,

now also with the Coens

arrived. Why the two filmmakers

not straight to black and white

grab (such as in THE MAN WHO

WASN’T THERE) cannot be quite

comprehend. Plus point: John

Goodman is once again allowed in one

Supporting role shine - a supporting role

entirely in the spirit of the Coens. Conclusion: from

a Coen film is definitely allowed

expect more.



OT: The Family

Distributor: Universum Film (Walt Disney)

Country / Year: USA, France 2013

Director: Luc Besson

Actors: Robert De Niro, Michelle

Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron, Tommy Lee


Theatrical release: November 21, 2013

Wolfram Hannemanns

Film blog

Ex-Mafiosi Fred is part of the

Witness protection program along with his

Wife and the two children in

an inconspicuous house in one

Village housed in Normandy.

That means living as inconspicuously as possible

Motto. But like that

is: you don't put old habits into practice

off so quickly. As the first smaller ones

Problems arise, beat all four

with undiminished hardness and one

Smile on your face too ... Actually

he wanted to leave the director's chair a long time ago

have said goodbye and on

limit the production of movies.

But France's cult director

Luc Besson couldn't do it after all

and took over at MALAVITA

personally the direction. After sighting

of the film one wonders, however

Rightly, why Besson of all people

for this film again has to reactivate

to let. At least his handwriting

if the work doesn't wear it, it works

but very arbitrarily. It's neither

Fish or meat, can not

decide if it's a crime comedy

want to be or rather

a serious (and bloody!) gangster drama.

After all, Robert de likes himself

Niro obviously pretty much in his

Role of the mafia boss in hiding

- he plays it terrific. Michelle

Pfeiffer, clearly getting on in years,

mimes his no less

sly wife. The two kids

the couple, on the other hand, seem pretty

pale, even if they hit hard

allowed to. The executive producer

of the film is no less

as Martin Scorsese, who then turned

also integrated his own homage

has: at a screening of the

local movie clubs comes naturally

GOODFELLAS for the performance. Conclusion:

if the film itself isn't like that

quite knows what he actually likes to be

want, then the viewer wants it

certainly not know.

Wednesday October 09, 2013

time is relative

This Wednesday was again

all about comedies

DON JON (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

OT: Don Jon

Distributor: Ascot Elite (Paramount)

Country / Year: USA 2013

Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore

Theatrical release: 11/14/2013

Jon doesn't let anything burn. The good looking one

Bartender has a punch

the girls, giving him loads of sex

brings in. But for him it is anyway

nothing as satisfying as porn im

Net to look, the clover pusher

always at hand. He likes his family

his car, his buddies and goes

every Sunday to church where he got his

Can get rid of sins. But be

unbridled by internet porn

clocked life comes out quite nicely

messed up than he was one after the other

two extremely different women

gets to know ... Whether you want it or

not, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt

brings it in his role as a heartthrob

Jon Martello in a nutshell:

sometimes watching porn is easy

hotter than having real sex! And

he demonstrates his theory very clearly

with rapid image staccato and

the right musical framework.

Of course, “Don Jon” will be in the

The course of the film is a change

go through that will make him a better one

People will do. These

Change is triggered by two

Women: Scarlett Johansson as the extreme

superficial Barbara who likes

“Teast” and determined as well as Julianne

Moore as the elder Esther, a woman

with life and sadness experience. DON

JON is a well done comedy with

a message and lives very special

of their characters.


DD 5.1)

OT: About Time

Distributor: Universal

Country / Year: UK 2013

Directed by Richard Curtis

Actors: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel

McAdams, Bill Nighy

Theatrical release: October 17, 2013

Will be a son on his 21st birthday

Tim from father into the great family secret

inaugurated: all males

Offspring have the ability

To make time travel and thereby

To influence actions. OK so

Tim too. At first still unbelieving,

Tim soon has to find out

that his father by no means gave him one

Has tied up bears - it's all

true! Tim quickly gets used to it

his new ability and continues this

profitable in conquering his

great love Mary a. But he

still don't know everything about his

Time travel feature and must be soon

quite a painful experience

make ... To bring it down to a common denominator

bring: tomorrow is the first day of

Rest of your life - so use it!

This is roughly the quintessence of


Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

this romantic comedy. But why them

a time travel story needed to

to arrive at this key message,

doesn't really reveal itself. Especially

then not if the time travel element

as bungled as handled in this film

becomes. Also it's a damn

long way to the above mentioned knowledge

- Takes 124 minutes

Richard Curtis for this simple point of view

of the things. Certainly: there is one

few nice ideas in this movie that

to agree to forgive again, how about

the first night of love with Mary, the Tim

using his time travel skills to

greatest love night of all time

makes. Conclusion: you can watch this movie

look good with the right date,

but shouldn't worry too much


Thursday October 10, 2013

From headhunters and bankers

Today there was something very special:

two thematically matching


HOUSTON (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

Distribution: color film (24 images)

Country / Year: Germany, USA 2012

Director: Bastian Günther

Actors: Ulrich Tukur, Garret

Dillahunt, Jenny Schily

Theatrical release: November 21, 2013

On behalf of a large corporation

Headhunter Clemens Trunschka den

CEO of an American oil company,

Steve Ringer, poach. When he did the

Missed a chance at his

To watch a flying visit in Germany,

Trunschka travels to Houston, the

Headquarters of the oil company. But the establishment of contact

with wrestler

harder than expected and so will be

Trunschka's attempts to meet him

more and more desperate ... If Ulrich

Tukur aka Headhunter Clemens

Trunschka takes a look out of the window

of his hotel room in Houston

only soulless skyscrapers stare at him

and thus reflect the state of mind

of the protagonist excellent

contrary. Trunschka is the perfect loser.

Also his friend the alcohol

can no longer take it out of this state

to get out. Much glistening

Wolfram Hannemanns

Film blog

Backlighting leaves us as spectators

feel like Trunschka after

through the night The contact

to wife and children he has complete

lost, only illusions of his faithful

Dog reminds him of home,

that probably no longer exists. Ulrich

Tukur plays this knight of the sad ones

Shape very sovereign, you don't have one

Doubt that there is a

Man is in a dive. Self

the savior in need, the one too

relationally failed

American Robert Wagner, he can

no longer perceive as a friend.

Wagner is played typically American

naive and intrusive by Garret




Distributor: Arsenal

Country / Year: Germany, Austria


Director: Marc Bauder

Theatrical release: November 7th, 2013

Rainer Voss was one of the leaders

Investment banker in Germany. To

the financial crisis came. Now he lives withdrawn

as a privateer. Marc Bauder

managed to get him for his documentary

to win - a documentary,

which is deep to the viewer

Gives insights into that parallel world that

the bankers face the big crash

have created. Bauder places his

Protagonist Voss in an empty one

Frankfurt bank building and

leaves him in this closed off, isolated

Environment from the

Chat sewing box. Voss ‘Statements

are often shocking, confirm

they do that the whole

Financial market is out of joint

and there is still no end in sight.

Börres Weiffenbach's CinemaScope-

Pictures underline in excellent

Wise the soullessness around them

the financial jugglers whole countries

have driven into ruin - and

still do it. The one-man

Show by Rainer Voss is one of the

most exciting documentaries of the


Friday 11th October 2013

Where education is fought for

At the end of a full week

there were two interesting documentaries today


DD 5.1)

OT: Sur Le Chemin De L’école

Distributor: Senator

Country / Year: France 2013

Director: Pascal Plisson

Theatrical release: December 5th, 2013

Education must be fought for. In his

Documentary is directed

Pascal Plisson put this in concrete terms

Eyes. His film focuses on

four school children whose way into the

School is anything but easy. There

is there little Jackson in Kenya

the one together with his smaller one

Brother a very adventurous one

Way to school through the Kenyan steppe

and always involves great danger.

Or a bright girl

in the high mountains of Morocco with

two classmates every Monday

take four hours to walk

must to get to school. The

little Carlito and his little sister

let their horse through

half of Argentina contribute to education

get. And Samuel from India

finally, to an improvised one

Wheelchair bound, is by his

two brothers on unpredictable terrain

pushed to school. With grandiose

Pictures and underlaid by one

The film pays tribute to sensitive film music

respect his little protagonist.

The spectators should also pay their respects,

which the students in their part

watch crazy ways to school

allowed to. For the German version of the

Films, however, have points deducted:

the adults speak in principle

broken German, while the

Children speak pure standard German.

You want to be that way

make it clear that parents are over

no school education, theirs

Children, however, the best possible

Enable school education. Here would have

you really prefer the multilingual one

Original version with German

Subtitles desired!


Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013


(1: 1.85, DD 5.1)

Distribution: New Visions

Country / Year: Germany, Netherlands


Director: Uli Gaulke

Theatrical release: 11/28/2013

The “Peace Old Jazz Band” from Shanghai

is the oldest jazz band in the world -

officially confirmed. Your youngest member

is only around 70, her oldest

already 88 years. And still play

they still with the old American ones

Rhythms by Glenn Miller and

Artie Shaw up to the dance. But quite

suddenly reaches the manager of the

Troop a call from Holland: want there

one the band at the jazz festival in Rotterdam

see playing! Uli Gaulke accompanied

the old people with theirs

Preparations for the big show,

which is also her first appearance outside

China represents. The search

looking for a suitable singer is there

a particular problem. Not to

It should be young, but still good

look and at the same time the old one

Embodying the style of the band. And it will

rehearsed that your ears ache.

Because you are so weird tones

not used to being a Western European! in the

The course of his documentation

Gaulke every single musician

the band, lets him on camera about it

tell how he got into music

and what the Cultural Revolution did with them

served. This band - they are so weird

sounds too - you just have to like it.

The film is really fun!

Sunday 13th October 2013

Too much religion is unhealthy

Because the recently scheduled press screening

I had to fail

I watched a screener of the film today

GOALS DANCES (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

Distributor: Rapid Eye Movies

Country / Year: Germany 2013

Director: Katrin Gebbe

Actors: Julius Feldmeier, Sascha

Alexander Gersak, Annika Kuhl

Theatrical release: 11/28/2013

Jesus is his hero. The young gates is

Wolfram Hannemanns

Film blog

a “Jesus Freak” - “I can't do anything

happen because you exist ”is his

Motto. As his best buddy owl

emigrates to Berlin, loses goals

his home. Chance would have it

he presented to a family in the allotment garden

lands at the gates of Hamburg. head

Benno takes him in the community

on. Only gradually come, however

dark abysses to the fore

And Tore is certain: Jesus has him

sent to this family to help them

save ... Already the opening sequence

impressed by her film: there will be the boy

Gates appropriately baptized in the open air,

underlaid with suggestive music and

photographed in impressive

CinemaScope. Katrin Gebbe, who

for their film through a true story

was inspired, of course

on real cinema pictures. With TORE

TANZT delivers an uncompromising one

Drama with a scary

Spiral of violence that stems from the works of a

Michael Haneke remembers. One suspects

very early on that Tores belief

who not only dictates to him in

Live chastity, but in the event

in one case the other cheek too

hold out, come to a bad end

becomes. Benno challenges his inner attitude

outright, across from each other

To behave more and more aggressively,

until the violence in the end is almost unbearable

Level reached. GOES DANCES

is tough stuff. In the leading roles

convince Julius Feldmeier as that

naively believing Tore and Sascha Alexander

Gersak as a sadistic Benno.

Monday October 14, 2013

From the roots to the tops

Just like the past press week

ended, this is how the new week began today:

with a documentary.


DD 5.1)

OT: Il Etait Une Forêt

Distribution: Weltkino

Country / Year: France 2013

Directed by Luc Jacquet

Theatrical release: January 2nd, 2014

The pictures in Luc Jacquet's latest

Nature films are quite impressive.

The camera hovers very slowly

on the trunk of a huge tree

along the floor all the way up into his

Tree tops and thereby makes it gigantic

Dimensions can be experienced. Jacquet

leaves a botanist and enthusiastic

Tree lovers through the rainforest

hiking, making drawings.

From the off we hear his voice (in

in the German version it is that of

Bruno Ganz). He complains of the pointless

Clearing the rainforests and declaring

that the trees are at least 500 years

need to go back to the same

Stand to be. And trees are like that

important for our survival on the

Earth, we owe it to them

Air around us. The botanist

takes the viewer on a journey

through the wonderland of the trees

makes the microcosm around them

visible and demonstrates theirs

Defense strategies against external

Enemies. Even if the complex subject area

is most interesting so

the movie seems to have turned a couple of times

to spin in circles. Too often

the impressive images through digital

Animations that look like they are

drawn by children's hands

been disturbed in their effect. And

that is exactly what is a shame

a film that puts nature at the center


Tuesday October 15, 2013

All good things come in threes

Bad weather outside - three films




OT: Kokuriko-zaka Kara

Distributor: Universum Film (24 images)

Country / Year: Japan 2011

Directed by Goro Miyazaki

Theatrical release: November 21, 2013

Japan shortly before the 1964 Olympics. The

17 year old student Umi learns something

older Shun who is in the editorial office

a school newspaper.

Through him she also learns the old wooden house

know where the student is

have set up a youth center.

However, this should be demolished,

what the students on the barricades

brings. Umi fights together with Shun


Newsletter 11/13 (No. 334) November 2013

and his fellow students for receiving it

of the house and falls in love

Shun. But this love still has to be

overcome great obstacle ... Goro

Miyazaki's animated film is after one

Manga originated and has nothing

together with western animation films,

in which it is always wondrous

and fairytale characters.

Miyazaki might as well have a live action film

can stage, but he

chose animation as an art form.

It is also quite admirable

in their wealth of detail. The history

itself, however, has nothing exciting

to offer what will stick in the memory

would stay. The film is hardly closed

End, you have it again

to forget.

SISTERS (1: 1.85, DD 5.1)

Distribution: color film

Country / Year: Germany, Switzerland 2012

Director: Anne Wild

Actors: Maria Schrader, Marie

Leuenberger, Jesper Christensen

Theatrical release: December 12, 2013

Saskia Kerkhoff is beside herself: hers

younger sister Kati has joined

determined to go to the monastery.

And that without talking to her about it beforehand

speak! This is how the whole family meets

that Sunday in the monastery

to which Kati is to be dressed. A

Take advantage of the delay in the procedure

the family members for an impromptu

Picnic not far from the

Monastery complex. A time for reflection

begins to break old wounds again

up, others are cemented ... SCHWE-

STERN is a typical German representative

Arthaus cinemas. Meet here

artificialities and absurdities,

such as those dressed in bee costumes

People who practice synchronized flight.

Geez !