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Hire a broker or sell yourself?

If you want to sell a property, you have to decide whether to handle the sale privately or through a broker. It sounds tempting to think that the parties involved can save the broker's commission by doing this themselves. And in principle it seems quite easy to sell a property.

But selling a property is not that straightforward. There are many reasons to hire a real estate professional. In some regions, around 90 percent of all sales are made through a broker - a fact that should not be overlooked in your considerations.

Your property is a sizeable asset, and a mistake can cost a lot of money in the worst case scenario. However, if you secure the professional support of an experienced broker, you will benefit from valuable advantages.

As a private seller, you have little or no experience in the real estate market, and it is not easy for laypeople to estimate a realistic sales price. Under certain circumstances, you are selling to the first prospective buyer completely below the real value of the property. A competent broker knows the market very well and can use his experience to set a reasonable purchase price. As a real estate professional, the specialist always achieves the fair market price for your property. The involvement of a broker is free of charge for sellers in some federal states - the broker only receives the commission in the event of a successful sale.

Ultimately, each seller has to decide for himself whether self-selling is a suitable alternative. However, essential aspects speak in favor of hiring a specialist.