How long are software patents valid?

Software patents

  1. So-called patent trolls are a serious threat to many software companies. A reform of German patent law should help, but it has a difficult time in the EU.
    An analysis by Gerd Mischler

    03/15/202 113 CommentsVideo
  2. VideoLAN founder Jean-Baptiste Kempf speaks in an interview with about software patents and the idea of ​​using a traffic cone as a symbol.
    An interview by Martin Wolf

    02/24/2021 117 CommentsVideo
  3. The Open Invention Network is designed to ward off attacks against Linux. Huawei could also save money with it.

  4. Inspired by the question of including an Exfat driver in the Linux kernel, Microsoft is now also examining the possibilities for this. So far, the company's patent policy has prevented acceptance.

  5. The Microsoft employee Stephen Walli describes the change at Microsoft towards open source software and Linux as culturally driven. With a view to joining the patent pool of the Open Invention Network, however, it also becomes clear that the company still has a lot of work to do.
    A report by Sebastian Grüner

  1. HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, Wiesbaden
  2. QUNDIS GmbH, Mannheim
  3. DUAL Germany GmbH, Cologne
  4. German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ), Hamburg

  1. Whether the constant pi or the square of 0.1: floating point numbers cause inaccuracies. This has also resulted in deaths in military operations. A patent for bounded floating point aims to limit this error. The principle has been known for a long time.

  2. The community complains, Facebook remains stubborn at first and ultimately foregoes its own patent license for the Javascript framework React. But that doesn't make anything better, but rather worse for everyone.
    An analysis by Sebastian Grüner

  3. Political quarrels, patent disputes, aggressive lobbying, wrong decisions and dissatisfied employees: the history of the Limux project is like a tragedy. Now the presumably last act follows: the settlement.
    By Jörg Thoma

  4. Webdoku Netzaktivisten take care of copyright, data protection and net neutrality in Brussels. took the documentary Democracy - Im Rausch der Daten as an opportunity to take a closer look at the actors and their methods.
    From Hauke ​​Gierow

  5. Abstract ideas that are only translated into software are not patentable. The US Supreme Court clearly confirmed this this time. But that does not mean the end of software patents.

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Software patent
  1. Qabel is to become an encryption platform, open source and free of charge. Sending e-mails, sharing photos and chatting securely is only possible if many people participate.

    06/13/201416 CommentsVideo
  2. The definition of open hardware seems simple: it must be able to be recreated by anyone. In fact, however, the associated software decides whether the hardware is open or not.

    06.03.201449 CommentsVideo
  3. Widespread resistance has already formed against the planned trade agreement with the USA. Now the EU Commission itself sees that some passages are very questionable. The federal government welcomed the decision "very".

  1. The judges at the Federal Patent Court remain: Microsoft's Vfat patent is invalid due to a lack of technicality. Microsoft had previously won a counterclaim at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). Motorola had appealed against the BGH ruling.

  2. Acta has been stopped, but the proposed EU-US trade agreement could also undermine consumer rights through the back door. Experts fear that companies will be put above the law.

  3. The source code of the Samsung Exfat driver is now available under the GPLv2 on the company's website. The previously leaked source code was apparently rightly placed under the free license, because Samsung has taken large parts of the Linux FAT driver.

  1. A month ago a kernel module for Microsoft's Exfat file system was released on Github. Now the developer admits that it is a leaked code from Samsung and thus a copyright infringement.

  2. A hitherto unknown developer has published a kernel module for Microsoft's Exfat file system on Github. So far, only drivers via fuse can be used.

  3. Law professor Clark Asay believes that the free software development model is difficult to reconcile with patent law. This makes it very difficult to build up defensive patents.

  1. They shouldn't actually exist and yet more and more are being granted: software patents in Europe. As a result, developers gradually lose the copyrighted exploitation rights to their computer programs.

  2. The parliamentary groups of the CDU / CSU, FDP, SPD and the Greens have unanimously spoken out against software patents. The federal government should ensure that software "exclusively copyright" is protected. Open source software should also benefit from this.

  3. A free version of the Exfat driver for Linux and Mac OS X has been released in version 1.0. The driver works with fuse. Since the Exfat file system is burdened by software patents, the driver will probably not be shipped with Linux distributions.

  1. The development, distribution and use of an application on generally available hardware should not be a patent infringement. This is what the initiator of the GNU Public License, Richard Stallman, suggests - and wants a legal regulation for it.

  2. Austin Meyer, developer of the X-Plane flight simulator, has been sued by Uniloc. He has ported his game to several platforms with his company Laminar Research, including Android, which is now a risk for him.

  3. Icon icon Susan Kare testified in the process between Apple and Samsung that the similarity of the symbols on Apple and Samsung devices would confuse buyers. Samsung is pursuing a strategy of excessive demand, said marketing expert Winer.

  4. An internal memo from Samsung boss JK Shin shows how intimidated Samsung was by the user interface of the iPhone. Another Apple designer testified that Samsung had copied Apple for its products - and came under pressure during cross-examination.

  5. Minecraft's DRM system and a number of other games on Android devices have been the subject of patent lawsuits. Mojang boss Markus "Notch" Persson wants to defend himself with all means - and condemns patents on software in his blog.

    07/23/2012 32 CommentsVideo
  6. According to a statement by Linus Torvalds, Microsoft's Vfat patent has been examined again by the ITC and declared invalid. Torvalds was able to prove that he had already discussed long file names in file systems on a mailing list in 1992. This would make the patent invalid because of Prior Art.

  7. The Debian project explains in five points how it will deal with software patents. The project continues to believe the patents are a threat to free software and will not publish communications about patents.

  8. The founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, has been critical of the plans for an EU unitary patent in a guest post for The Guardian. This could mean that patent wars in the EU, like in the USA, could become the norm.

  9. The well-known business magazine The Economist has taken Google's announced takeover of Motorola's mobile phone division as an opportunity to point out the questionable nature of software patents and the need for reform of the system in the USA.

  10. The most important US appeals court in patent disputes has confirmed the nullity of patent claims on intellectual processes in a recent decision. What pen and paper are enough for is therefore not patentable.

  11. The iOS app developer Mike Lee calls on independent developers to join forces against the patent troll Lodsys. With the newly founded Appsterdam Legal Defense Fund, the indies could actively fight back and lobby against software patents.

  12. The Internet company has to arm itself with patents in order to cope with the billions in litigation over Android. For this, Google has now bought a patent from IBM. Google Chief Justice Kent Walker continues to look for ways out.

  13. A program for storing and evaluating cookies in order to make it easier for the user of a website to orientate himself on repeated visits with the help of lists of visited pages is not patentable. The Federal Court of Justice decided in a judgment that has now become known.

  14. The Debian project has published a guidebook on software patents. The FAQ developed together with the Software Freedom Law Center is intended to provide information and help assess risks.

  15. After Lodsys drew attention to itself with threats against some small iOS and Android developers, there are now increasing lawsuits against the company, which also sees the measurement of clicks on online advertising covered by its patents.

  16. The Open Invention Network takes on patents on server-side scripting technologies. These were developed before ASP, JSP and PHP.

  17. The Groklaw website will not be discontinued, although Pamela Jones is withdrawing as announced. He will be succeeded by law professor and former Red Hat lawyer, Mark Webbink.

  18. Apple has won an important victory in a software patent dispute. A federal court in Texas rejected the claims of the company Mirror Worlds Technologies of Yale professor David Gelernter as ill-founded.

  19. Google's Android operating system has a copyright problem. At least that's what Florian Müller thinks, who became known for his campaign against software patents, among other things. Müller relies on his own analysis and refers to a similar assessment by two US experts.

  20. John Sullivan takes over the management of the Free Software Foundation with immediate effect. The previous managing director Peter Brown is giving up his post after six years.

  21. Hopewell Culture & Design is suing Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and other companies for infringing a patent for a double-click action.

  22. The first uniform licenses for the protection of free software are thanks to her and the idea that users should be able to do what they want with their computer. The Free Software Foundation has existed for 25 years. But even among the advocates of free software, she has more than just friends.

    05.10.201071 CommentsVideo
  23. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has sided with Microsoft in the dispute over a patent on XML. Microsoft wants to make it easier for patents to be declared invalid.

  24. Anonymity, protection of privacy, net neutrality, new copyright law - these are the conditions to make the net worth living, says the Chaos Computer Club. The organization has put together eleven theses. An alternative to the Internet that Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has in mind.

  25. According to a New Zealand bill, patents on software will soon no longer be possible. Patents impair the competitiveness of smaller companies and prevent innovation, argues the Parliament's trade committee, which drafted the draft.

  26. The eagerly awaited decision by the US Supreme Court in the Bilski case has been disappointingly unclear. The US Supreme Court basically approved patents on software and business methods with a 5: 4 vote.

  27. The Federal Court of Justice regards practically every process that can be implemented as a computer program as technical and therefore patentable. This emerges from a current resolution on a patent application for "dynamic document generation".

  28. The Federal Court of Justice has dismissed a lawsuit from the Federal Patent Office and thus declared the patent filed by Microsoft for the use of long file names in the FAT file system to be valid. This brought the legal dispute in favor of Microsoft that had been going on since October 2006 to an end.

  1. Software patents? Declined!

    As it became apparent yesterday, the European Parliament rejected the Software Patent Directive today, Wednesday, with a majority of 648 out of 680 votes, thus ending the legislative process. Outwardly there was almost unanimous demand to prevent software patents based on the US model in Europe, but when it came to the question of how far this rejection should go, there were major differences that led to a downright lobby battle. In the end, it was agreed that it would be better not to adopt a directive instead of one that displeases the respective camp.

  2. Negative price awarded for software patents

    With the invitation to tender for the "nosoftwarepatents-award 2006", 1 & 1, GMX, mySQL, Red Hat and CAS Software want to draw attention to the dangers associated with the granting of patents for software ("computer-implemented inventions"). The call for tenders is intended to be the start of an information campaign.

  3. Lobby battle over software patents

    In the dispute over the introduction of software patents in Europe, Florian Müller was one of the protagonists as the founder of the campaign. He wrote down his story of the "lobbying battle for software patents", in May 2006 the whole thing should appear as a book on 380 pages, the corresponding website is already online today.

  1. 8-inch tablet with Windows 8.1 and Bay Trail SoC for $ 300

    With the Miix 2, Lenovo has introduced its own Windows tablet with an 8-inch display. It comes with a current generation Intel processor, Windows 8.1 and a stylus.
    (Lenovo Miix 2)

  2. The Nexus 7 should serve as a reference for Android 4.1 alias Jelly Bean and as a multimedia device. Thanks to its low price, the Asus tablet is quite interesting. However, one or the other function has to be dispensed with.
    (Nexus 7 Tablet)

  3. The GVU explains the GVU Trojan

    It does not come from the "Society for the Prosecution of Copyright Infringements" (GVU), but the association has now declared malware that has been distributed in its name. According to the GVU, this would likely mean that illegal streaming portals would shift their business model.
    (Gvu Trojan)

  4. Ten new HD channels as of April 30, 2012

    In the course of the analog switch-off, SES Astra uses the freed-up frequencies for ten free-to-air HD channels from ARD and ZDF. The channels for Das Erste HD and Arte HD are also changing. shows all new frequencies.
    (Ard Hd)

  5. Fiber optic cable through the water connection into the house

    In the new, inexpensive process, the fiber optic cable is fed into the building through the water pipe. What works in pilot tests is soon to be used widely as a water-fiber system.
    (Fiber optic cable)

  6. Standard shooter with an exciting story

    In the beginning there was darkness, and everything was good - until the evil light came: The first person shooter The Darkness 2 offers not only a gripping plot but also ultra-hard shock effects - but not all of them can be seen in the German version.
    (The Darkness)

  7. First e-book reader with a color Mirasol screen

    The South Korean bookseller Kyobo presents an e-book reader with a color display. It is the first device with the Mirasol technology developed by Qualcomm.
    (Ebook reader)

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