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Radio play adaptation, detective radio play

Charles Willeford

Miami Blues (1st part)

Template: Miami Blues (detective novel, English)

Translation: Rainer Schmidt

Editing (word): Norbert Schaeffer

Composition: Gerd Bessler

Technical realization: Helmuth Schick, Ursula Potyra

Assistant director: Christoph Müller

Director: Norbert Schaeffer

"Spring light grazes cell. Fingers feel hard heart. Hurts, hurts like hell." (F.J. Frenger, Jr.)

Frederick J. Frenger, Jr., a good-natured psychopath from California, breaks the middle finger of a Hare Krishna who greets him with the words "I want to be your friend" on his arrival at Miami Airport and strolls carelessly away. The Hare Krishna dies of shock and later turns out to be the brother of Susan, a little hooker (and student) who Freddy picks up in a hotel and who he plans to look after. Susan dreams of a Burger King license and is studying at Miami-Dade College. In a haiku seminar, Freddy explains to her in a free interpretation of Basho's most famous haikus "Old pond / frog jumps in / water sounds" that they both "will splash in this town".

Charles Ray III. Willeford, born in Little Rock / Arkansas in 1919, was a literary critic for the "Miami Herald". The highly decorated World War II soldier had already published plays, poetry, autobiographical works and a whole series of novels since the late 1940s, before becoming more famous with his Hoke Moseley series. With a lot of humor, laconicity and very precise descriptions of the absurd aspects of everyday life, Willeford continued to write the classic police novel well into the 1980s. He died in Miami, Florida in 1988.