What is 1 ppm solution

One tonne of North Sea water contains gold. Which does gold have, how many ppm is this?

A measuring cylinder contains 20 mL of water. An irregularly shaped piece of metal with the = 30.2 g is added to the water, which increases the volume to 31.2 mL. How big is that (Metal) and which metal is it?

450 mL of a car refinish paint contain 421.7 g of titanium dioxide as pigment with the (TiO) = 4.26 g / cm. How high is that of the pigment?

The alcohol content in the blood can be determined with the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase.
How much ethanol (CHOH) is there in a liter of blood with a blood alcohol content of 1 per mille (1 liter of blood has the mass m = 1000g)?
How many g of ethanol are contained in the total blood volume of a person weighing 60.0 kg if the blood volume makes up 7% of his body weight?

4.7 g of a CaCO / CaSO mixture are heated to decompose the carbonate fraction. After cooling in the absence of air, the sample has a mass m = 3.2 g. How much% CaSO did the mixture contain?

Iron (II) sulfide "FeS" contains both Fe and Fe ions in the ion lattice; the stoichiometric ratio Fe: S is therefore not exactly 1: 1.
These (non-stoichiometric) compounds are called metal deficit compounds. Calculate for FeS (x = 0.18)

  1. the of iron and sulfur in%

  2. the mass fraction of Fe ions in%, which are required so that the connection in the ion lattice is electrically neutral to the outside.

Calculate the of oxygen in the air when the (O) = 21%, (N) = 78% and (Ar) = 1%.

Two sulfuric acid solutions with the mass fraction are given = 40%
and = 75%.
2.5 kg of solution 1 are mixed with 4.0 kg of solution 2.
What mass fraction has sulfuric acid in the mixture?