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Guest blogging: this is how you lay the foundation for traffic and awareness + free badge

If you were a still unknown musician, would you do living room concerts? Hardly likely. Instead, you'd wander through clubs and halls. This is how you introduce yourself to an audience, that's how you draw attention to yourself. And be it as a support act.

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Bloggers do it in a very similar way. They pull through established blogs and guest blogs there.

As a guest blogger, you publish articles in foreign blogs. Posts written for the occasion. Never something that you've published before. Just like in your blogger home, you do your best. Guest blogging is an opportunity.

Guest blogging is great to start with. But it can also be operated profitably later, because it is also link and relationship building. You should have a solid command of writing. Requires duplication of work, but only intermittent. Traffic opportunities? If so, depends on the size of the host. Don't expect too much or let the crowd do it.

According to a survey by Orbit Media (2017 with 1377 participating bloggers), guest blogging is still popular. The majority of (international) bloggers do it occasionally.

Guest blogging as an opportunity

Guest blogging shouldn't be taken lightly or viewed as a chore. It is your opportunity to be taken and find new readers. As a musician on tour, you shouldn't be satisfied with just a few pieces that you played. The audience would chase you off the stage. You have to do your best. Appearance is appearance.

Adapt yourself to your host - for example, in terms of the type and size of images, text formatting (bold, italic), the type of link or the style of the title of the story. But stay true to your writing style and topics.

What, should I blog for free?

As a guest blogger you get no fee. For this you get the opportunity to show yourself in front of a real audience. One or more links are part of the deal and essential for you. All publications in your niche that have been active for a long time, are known and involved and also have enough traffic to be able to give some of them come into question.

An exchange with colleagues who are just like you at the beginning or who do not have much going on would not bring you enough. Guest blogging is no fun, after all, you're giving away some of your best work, so it should be worth your while too.

Be careful with links

Your guest post must not contain intrusive advertising on your own behalf. That would be embarrassing and would be punished by the readers with protest or disregard. Your host will probably knock them out for you anyway. Be just as careful with links to your blog. You can arrange something like this beforehand. But this shouldn't be the main purpose of the guest post.

There's the author's bio, the introduction, before or after the text, it's all about you, that's where the link is well placed. There may also be space there for a link to your Twitter account.

There is something else that you should definitely take to heart. Put a link or two in your article to your host's content. He'll appreciate it.

Support your host

By promoting your guest article. Get your social media channels in position, tell about your work, post the guest article as a teaser on your blog. It is not your job to drive traffic to a much larger blog. Nevertheless, you indirectly help your own article and please the host.

Find suitable blogs


How do you find out what traffic a blog has? You will not find out exact numbers, nor can you google them. But it works roughly. Use a browser extension from the SimilarWeb service. This way you can find out a lot more about colleagues and competition.

Where you shouldn't publish under any circumstances are blogs that only seem to consist of guest posts. If you come across something like this, keep your distance. Guest blogging for SEO reasons is uncool.

Retrieve guest posts later

After a few months, you will also publish it on your blog. But you don't bring them to the homepage. You can link them internally and treat them like any other post. Get permission from the host right at the start.

You can also process guest articles in eBooks or convert them into other forms of content. SEO-wise, in all likelihood you won't get any of it, nor should that be your intention. But it's your work, maybe you like to have it at home.

Support your host

By promoting your guest article after it is published. Get your social media channels in place, tell about your work. If it fits, post the guest article as a teaser on your blog.

It is not your job to supply a much larger and already established blog with traffic. Nevertheless, you indirectly help your own article and please the host. You push with me. Whether that brings a lot or little, it doesn't matter, you do your part and are part of the party.

You also give support by answering the comments of the readers or engaging with them. That should still apply for a while after the initial publication. That is only good for your reputation.

Invite guest bloggers yourself

If you are strong enough, you can switch perspectives and even allow guest blogging in your home country. The advantages are apparent. You get articles for free, guest bloggers make an effort and like to face the readers (unlike freelance authors, for example). However, you have to put up with a little advertising.

Pay attention to quality and don't compromise. A good guest article can expand your range of topics and improve your blog where you are no longer technically sufficient. This is how you add expertise to your blog without having to spend anything monetarily. This is also worthwhile for your readers, who enjoy a welcome change in this way.

Respect your guests and help with your experience to make their texts better. Do this carefully and never from above. So your guests benefit twice. Word will get around that too.

Support your blog representation in every way possible. Make sure the posts are read. Ask your readers for feedback on this special guest. Take the time to introduce your guest blogger and get them talking.

A nice example comes from Ilona, ​​who has put together all of her guest articles and collaborations on one page. Even blog parades are mentioned. That's how you like to present yourself.

There are companies and agencies that just want to take advantage of you

Companies will also want to make their texts palatable to you. In most cases, however, you should decline. Because these are usually not very high quality texts from the marketing forge around the corner, the intentions of which are obvious. It is not uncommon for advertising from the Plump & Pump department. You don't need a blog. If you still want to get involved, then take money for it. How much does Janneke explain to you in her blog. You can also use it as a test of how important your blog really is to companies.

Ensure transparency

Perhaps you let the world know on your About Me page whether and if so which articles you accept and which conditions you set - example Vamadu. Even if guest bloggers are generally out of the question for you, please make a note of it. You make things easier for potential prospects and save yourself the trouble of having to write unnecessary rejections.

Free badges

Do you want guests to write to you, then Let the world know. For example, you could smuggle a note into your sidebar. I have a few here Badges tinkered. If you like one, you are welcome to use it in your blog (right click + "Save as" or drag it to the desktop with the mouse). They are variations of two templates and all of them are transparent PNGs.

And another idea: List previous guest bloggers in your blogroll or on your About Me page - and link them there and possibly to the blogged posts. Your gratitude will haunt you forever :-)

Set up your guest bloggers' own account. Don't go under the name of "guest bloggers". That would be disrespectful and a downgrade to the second division. You should make this effort.

Vacation replacement among bloggers

A guest blogger could also be your vacation replacement. Your readers will probably not be able to stand without you for too long. But a while can be relaxing for both sides. Why not hire a representative? Maybe you will take over later in return. Or let the youngsters run in this way.

In the same way, you could fill a varied advent calendar or think of an action. If you don't shy away from work.

And another idea: Guest authors can also be used in a newsletter. Writing there as an author can be extremely worthwhile if the number of readers is large and a bit of advertising is allowed on your own behalf.

The experiences of other bloggers - Links on the subject of guest blogging

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