What produces energy in a cell


Mitochondria can be found in the cells of Eukaryotes. The eukaryotes include plants, animals and humans. The mitochondria are also called Power plants of the cells because they play an essential role in the Energy generation through the Cellular respiration. Mitochondria are small Cell organelleswhich can be found in different numbers in the cells. Their size is about one micrometer. After Endosymbiotic Theory the mitochondria are derived from independently living protozoa. The fact that she is a own DNA own yourself multiply independently of the cell and that they are from one double membrane are surrounded. The inner membrane has a lot of folds, which means that it has a very large surface. Here are the enzymes that are responsible for the Respiratory chain the Cellular respiration are important. This metabolic process is involved in the conversion of Oxygen and glucose in Carbon dioxide and water Energy in the form of ATP released.

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Mitochondria - the power plants of the cell (3 videos)

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Mitochondria - the power plants of the cell (3 worksheets)