What is the process of making umbrellas

Information about the umbrella

On this page we have put together useful information about the manufacture, purchase, handling and care of umbrellas. You will also find an encyclopedia of the most important umbrella terms and, to round it off, a short history of the umbrella.

The history of the umbrella

The development of the umbrella from providing shade to the invention of the umbrella by the Englishman Jonas Hanway and the modern toddler.

Buying and care tips - how to stay dry longer

What you should pay particular attention to when buying an umbrella and the care with which it will do its job for years. How to stay dry longer - six tips from a specialist.

The handling of a pocket umbrella

This film shows you how to use a pocket umbrella. Of course, our managing director is an absolute expert in this, but with a little practice you too will soon be able to do it - your glider will thank you for it.

Umbrella lexicon - technical terms relating to the umbrella

From A for locking pin to Z for ferrule - all the terms used in umbrella experts. The lexicon is constantly being expanded.

The manufacture of a long umbrella

This film shows you the production of a long umbrella in the Milanese manufactory Francesco Maglia, where we also have exclusive umbrellas made according to our specifications.

The manufacture of a pocket umbrella

This film shows you the production of a mini umbrella. Everything about the choice of fabrics, the cutting, the sewing process and the assembling of the more than 200 individual parts.