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Country Mail. No. 235 September Rosanne Cash and Markus Rill in the Serenadenhof Nuremberg. Daryl Worley from Tennessee in Grafenwohr


1 THE INFORMATIVE COUNTRY MUSIC MAGAZINE 2.20 Country Mail No. 235 September 2018 Singer, songwriter Award winner Tanya Tucker will be 60 in October Rosanne Cash and Markus Rill in the Serenadenhof Nuremberg Daryl Worley from Tennessee in Grafenwoehr Folk and Country Night in Warmensteinach Preview of Interesting Events CDs listened to and discussed Rosi's line dance course In Touch With Country Music WHEEL Country Music magazine

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3 On our own behalf Summer, sun and music July was not only a real summer month, it was also a musical midsummer. Many festivals and concerts were mostly well attended and filled with the best music - country music. Rosanne Cash was in Nuremberg, a highlight. What happened and what will happen in the summer can be read in this September issue. Unfortunately, we also report some sad news, but the positive predominates. Now, like every month, I wish you a lot of entertainment and enjoyment reading. Herbert Arnold What Was So Going On Country Festival in Eichelsdorf For the 26th time, on July 13 and 14, 2018 in Eichelsdorf near Hofheim i. Ufr. one of the most beautiful festivals in the entire region takes place. The whole thing is organized by the Häpp family, who are also on stage there every year under the name Four Roses Band. In April the fans in Middle Franconia also had the opportunity to experience this famous band when they performed at the Big Horn Ranch. In Eichelsdorf the four always alternate with two other bands. On Friday this time it was Hatehill County from the Haßberge district (hence the band name) and on Saturday it was the Skyline Riders from the Kulmbach area. The festival was again a great success. It should have been more than a thousand guests every evening who enjoyed great country music outdoors and in wonderful summer weather and celebrated until late at night. This time we could only be there on Friday and it was time to go there again: the last visit, dated from Changed, has hardly changed, only the ambience, including a large dance floor, has become even better. The food was good as always, the prices are still moderate and you don't even pay admission. Of course there is also a saloon. All of this is set up with a lot of effort only for this festival and then stored again. What the Four Roses Band presented to us was once again the finest: Top country music hits from the last 30 years, performed absolutely professionally and with an irrepressible enthusiasm, and there are always a number of rarities that you have to look up first who sang the original. It's amazing what fullness of sound is created here with guitar, steel, keyboard and drums. One focus is the songs by Garth Brooks, another those of the Eagles. Because father Mario Häpp, who works here with his sons and daughter, plays a wonderful steel guitar, the songs sound like the real country fan would like to hear them. The next generation is already in the starting blocks: Granddaughter Rosalie, 13 years old, gave a tasting of music by Patty Smith and received a lot of applause. The legendary Hatehill Counties came together again in 2016 after a whopping 23 years with an unchanged line-up. All you had to do was look for a new singer and the young Marion was a real stroke of luck. She recently became a mum and therefore had to take a break from the performance in Ebelsbach in April, but now she is back again and is a lot of fun. This band has also put together a very strong program that the true country fan will be delighted with. There are some classics, e.g. from Alabama or the Eagles, but also newer tracks and a lot of tracks that you don't hear every Saturday. That the songs get the right polish is not least due to Hubert Konrad, who masters the steel guitar, one of the most difficult instruments. Actually, it shouldn't be missing from any country band. The fans in Middle Franconia have known Hubert for many years, of course, as he was a member of the once popular band Blue Train, based in the Erlangen area, for a long time. It was also interesting to see from which parts of Franconia and even Thuringia the fans had come and which familiar faces we saw again after a long time, e.g. from the Wrangler Band or Kickin Country. The trip to Lower Franconia was more than worth it, a visit to this wonderful festival in 2019 is firmly planned. Jürgen Stier A73- the new CD is now on AmAzon and itunes page 3

4 What Was So Going On Kärwa in Unterasbach With the Yukon River Band That has been a tradition for many years: When Kärwa is in Unterasbach, west of Nuremberg, in July, a country band plays there on Sunday from 10 a.m. for a morning pint. Among other things, the country stars performed there for many years. This year on it was the turn of the Ansbach-based Yukon River Band. She is considered the legitimate successor to the Dusty Brothers, founded in 1989, of which only singer Rudi Säckl is left with the current line-up. The current line-up of the Yukon River Band, which has been well established for years, still gives fans a lot of joy: modern country, a few oldies, country rock, bluegrass, Americana, there is something for everyone. The boys play for country fans as well as for line dancers, in western clubs and at all kinds of parties. The sound in the beer tent wasn't perfect this time, but that doesn't mean that the band would play badly. One song slower, the other faster than the original, why not? You can definitely interpret country in your own way. With the guitarist Deddy Ponader, who has been playing in country bands for 15 years and who celebrates wonderful melodies on both the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar, you have made a stroke of luck. This also applies to Lonie Speckbauer, who was able to practically walk to this event in Unterasbach. Active for around 40 years, including with the Lucky Riders, Country Stars and Texas Wings, he is still considered one of the best on the steel guitar. He is currently playing a WBS, which are made by hand in Germany. For some songs he also uses the electric guitar and then he and Deddy complement each other perfectly. The visit to the Kärwa was worth it again, there was great country music to be heard for almost four hours. Jürgen Stier Page 4 Behind the horizon, it goes on. Appearance of the Long Riders before the lunar eclipse. In the north of Nuremberg there is not only the Albrecht Dürer Airport, it is the second largest in Bavaria but not far from Flughafen Strasse, the Franconian Gasthaus Tucherhof with a large one , well-kept beer garden. In the summer months, various live acts take place there, but unfortunately hardly any events with live country music. So I was all the more pleased that the Long Riders from Herzogenaurach were able to provide exciting entertainment relatively shortly before the lunar eclipse announced by meteorologists. However, I was surprised that no more country and line dance fans populated the self-service area. The ambience is impressive. A dance floor is available directly in front of the covered stage. Listeners can make themselves comfortable in many beer sets without blocking their view of the bands. Summer temperatures, a good group and a good sound from Paul Brown gave the visitors a pleasant stay. As is well known, the band is primarily committed to country rock. A good decision, I think, because the repertoire differs for the most part from what is usually offered primarily for the dancing guild, at least in our region. Even after the first two titles, it was easy to see that the artists had blossomed. Nesthäkchen (?) And lady at the front Nadine Schon has gained a lot of vocal potential. Her temperament not only infects her colleagues Harry (electric guitar, vocals), Klaus (acoustic guitar, vocals), Pfanni (bass, vocals) and Steffen (drums). The ballad Tequila Sunrise (Eagles), a popular ballad, went perfectly with the evening twilight, because the sun was still shining with colorful stage lighting. However, voluminous market umbrellas provided sufficient shade. For the first time I heard the title Dirt Road Dancing (Matt Stillwerll), which of course did not refer to the Tucherhof grounds. There was only dust through the flooring near the Line Dancer. The Long Riders felt rightly Free And Easy (Dierks Bentley), because the audience was very impressed and applauded vigorously. Of course, Klaus also got involved singing very often. I like groovy titles that he sings in a smoky voice. Harry often had the opportunity to make his electric guitar glow with great solos. He himself remains very calm or cool, as they say today. Take It Easy despite concentration said Harry's colleagues. It was pretty relaxed on stage. As a pure listener, I enjoy humorous rhetoric with a level that arises spontaneously. If I can be happy and laugh at an event, that's half the battle. A carefully selected and varied program was offered to the visitors. I really liked the interpretation of Free And Easy (Dierks Bentley); I had actually never heard the song before. The title ended the first long set. In the well-deserved short break, our magazine received praise, which is not a given. Of course, every now and then the eyes went up to the sky and the tension increased in the course of the successful event. Before anything changed in the firmament, however, the famous group presented another surprise with the song Drive Of Shame, which Brad Paisley rehearsed with Mick Jagger and released in 2017. Towards the end of the third and last set, as they had to stop punctually at o'clock, clouds had already formed and obscured the blue sky. Suddenly it was relatively dark and in a flash, band members and mixers had to empty the stage. While guests usually leave happy and satisfied, there is still a hard and unloved job to be done. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to rumble in the dark - neither the moon nor the stars were visible. The spectacle of the total lunar eclipse had set signs ahead of time. Before that, the Long Riders had a cool moonlight sonata in their luggage. It is Sweet Home Alabama and was the thank you for a stubbornly requested encore. Veronika Stucke, Photo: LR / NS

5 Folk and Country Night in Warmensteinach The way to Warmensteinach at the foot of the Fichtelgebirge has been worth it again. Organizer Kurt Keller has the courage to regularly bring live bands to the stage at the Zum Hans meeting point, which either come from far away (e.g. Night Hawk on July 21) or are still real insider tips here. Two bands played on, which couldn't be more different, but had one thing in common: they delighted the audience with great music. The County Boys (yes, they write without r) are a country music trio from the Reutlingen area under the direction of Andy Keinath (known from the Texadillos, among others), who are dedicated to old-style country music. With guitar, bass and drums they celebrate songs by Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck or Buck Owens. But they don't just play these strong titles like in the original, but much more rock, with plenty of whistle behind them. For an hour the three burned off a firework of country classics in a very special way that the audience was amazed. Even the guys who were supposed to perform afterwards came into the hall (they had probably overheard what was going on from backstage), stood in the corner with a big grin and partied at the Working Man Blues, Sea Of Hearbrakes and Kaw-Liga. Only towards the end did the County Boys slow down a bit with Swinging Doors by Merle Haggard. Quote from the website: Andy Keinath and his County Boys are not quite where Dale Watson & His Lonestars are. Swabia is not Texas, the country scene here is, as he says, thin. Nevertheless, he has the wonderful ability to observe, mirror and take up things. You should definitely bring this trio to Franconia more often! The fans will be happy. Visitors from Pullman City had already told us wonderful things about the folk music trio High South, and they weren't exaggerating. These three young, long-haired guys from the USA are continuing the Californian songwriting and folk music tradition of Crosby Stills & Nash, Poco and the Eagles with an incredible joy in playing. Only with acoustic guitars and harmonica they presented us with a cross-section of their own strong songs that evening, always alternating with the classics that folk music fans like to listen to. Take It Easy by the Eagles, Listen To The Music by the Doobie Brothers or Love The One You re With by Crosby Stills & Nash were just the best known. Jamey Garner, the virtuoso on the harmonica, comes from Illinois, Phoenix Mendoza and Kevin Kampos are Californians with Mexican ancestry. They met in Nashville, where they have already made a name for themselves. We haven't heard such a brilliant three-part singing like that of High South in a long time and what the guys conjure up on their instruments excited the audience more with every song. On special occasions, and there was such an opportunity in Warmensteinach, they have a fourth man with them. This gentleman, who is no longer very young, usually stays modestly in the background, but there he plays such fantastically beautiful melodies on the electric guitar that you sometimes get wet eyes. Josh Leo is no stranger: he is a sought-after producer, songwriter and studio musician in Nashville, has written several number 1 hits for various artists, including Down Home from Alabama from his pen. It always got really violent when he came forward and he and Jamey alternately tried to outdo each other with their solos with guitar and harmonica, for example in the Folsome Prison Blues. By then, at the latest, the audience raved. There's a Change In The Wind is the name of one of their own new songs and it not only stuck in our minds, no it also went straight to our hearts, because it gives us courage and arouses hopes that humanity may soon have a peaceful future. With a totally crazy version of Fishing In The Dark, the four set the crowning conclusion. We also have to praise the fact that all the actors in the evening were available for discussions with the guests in a good mood.We were most impressed by Josh Leo: after the end he actually walked around all the tables, shook hands with each guest and thanked them for coming and listening. And there it was felt, this deeply warm-hearted way that only very few people can radiate. We are already looking forward to the next European tour of this sympathetic band. Jürgen Stier on page 5

6 What Was So Going on Benefit concert in Burgthann With Texas Rooster For many years, the Burgthann helps initiative has organized a benefit concert in the courtyard of the castle every summer, which always raises a handsome sum for charitable purposes. Half of the initiative supports people in need in the region, the other half goes to aid projects in the poorest countries of Africa. The latter also deserves praise and support, as we believe, because above all one has to improve the living conditions of the local people if one wants to curb the flow of refugees. Several hundred guests gathered in the courtyard this year and supported the good cause with donations and the diligent consumption of food and drink. Everything that was taken there flowed into the donation pot. From the very beginning it has also been customary for country music to be played at these events. Since the band Silverwood no longer exists, Texas Rooster has been on stage there (editor's note, before Silverwood Amarillo was the band of the benefit concert) and presents a successful mix of country songs from the last five decades, performed with a lot Joy of playing, fun and humor. Band founder Dirk Kampa, a very good guitarist and singer, and his guys have been well established for years and draw from a repertoire that guarantees a lot of variety. This ranges from Highway 40 Blues (Ricky Skaggs) to Tulsa Time to more recent line dance hits like Waggon Wheel. Of course, if the dancers want a Queens Waltz, then Texas Rooster don't play the usual things that are known from other bands, but rather the Bartender Blues by George Jones. Bravo! No other band in this country has had this in their program. The fact that the dance floor in front of the stage is partly made of gravel and partly of plaster apparently didn't bother the dancers. From 7 p.m. to after 11 p.m., with the best summer weather, there was plenty of entertainment in a very stylish setting. We always like to come back to Burgthann. Jürgen Stier Daryl Worley in Grafenwöhr Hard to believe: the popular German-American folk festival on the grounds of the US Army in Grafenwöhr has been going on for 60 years. This event did a lot for the better understanding of Germans and Americans. Americans then run around in lederhosen and dirndls, eat Hax n and drink German beer, while German visitors, sometimes in Stetson and Western clothing, prefer to enjoy hamburgers and root beer. But we are particularly pleased that the Army occasionally brings well-known country artists to the stage to please their local soldiers. On it was that time again: with Daryl Worley we could admire one of the top stars from Nashville and didn't even have to pay any money for it. Before Worley became a country musician, he graduated in biology and then worked as a teacher, among other things. He has been a professional since 1999 and the following year he released his first single When You Need My Love and his debut album Hard Rain Don t Last. Two years later, his second album I Miss My Friend landed at number one on the album charts and the single of the same name at number 1 on the singles charts. During his 90-minute performance in Grafenwöhr, Daryl made all of his great successes heard. We all still know A Good Day To Run in the version of the Country Stars, the Tennessee River Run was also a hit that went straight to the legs. He had another number 1 with Awful Beautiful Life, but the slowly worn song Have You Forgotten still sounds fantastically beautiful. Worley has not reached top positions in the charts in recent years, but this does not seem to affect its popularity with fans. This is obviously not only due to his great voice and his emotional manner of presentation but also to his friendly, humble manner. He takes the stage and is immediately likeable. This also applies to the five-piece European band, advertisements in WHEEL - magazine are effective and inexpensive. Advertisements in WHEEL- - this is how you reach your target group special offers that had been put together for him for the local appearances. Almost everyone came from a different country, but they harmonized wonderfully and, above all, they master Daryl's songs flawlessly. As a representative we would like to name Sarah Jory from England, who plays a fantastic sounding steel guitar and clearly has fun doing it. One or the other may have already experienced it with the Music Road Pilots (Netherlands). Daryl Worley feels at home in Germany, always likes to come here, enjoys the food and the German beer. He also fondly remembers the various saloons in which he has already played here and would like to come back again. Jürgen Stier Page 6

7 What Was So Going On & Reader's Report A pleasure at the end of the month in the Serenadenhof Rosanne Cash and Markus Rill live and acoustically On July 31, 2018, right next to the Documentation Center on the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, an upper class concert took place. Concert atmosphere and music that also belongs to the country music division. Peter Harasin and his crew from the Concertbüro Franken made it possible for Johnny Cash's eldest daughter, Rosanne Cash, to go to Nuremberg for the first time. First of all, she turned the venue, the Serenadenhof, into a Grand Open Opry that evening. The preliminary program, unfortunately only 30 minutes, was designed by Markus Rill, who we know, with Maik Garthe. Markus Rill, who was born in Frankfurt and now lives in Munich, is a two-time German Country Prize winner, songwriter and singer. Maik Garthe complemented him musically on the guitar. Purely acoustically, the two played a cross-section of Rill's albums and programs. In addition, Markus Rill presented his songs in his usual relaxed and calm manner, sometimes with dry humor. In keeping with the venue with its terrible history, Rill and Garthe presented the song Sarah Stein. This is about a Jewish dancer who fled the Nazis. Markus Rill also said that he had two career and future plans. On the one hand, he wanted to become a marriage fraud and, on the other, a musician. The second already worked. The half hour went by in a flash and the audience had their first main act. After a relatively short renovation phase, at 30 C at 8:30 p.m., Rosanne Cash came on stage. Young at heart, pretty and absolutely friendly, she met the audience. She was accompanied by husband and songwriter John Leventhal. Rosanne Cash is listed in the Country Music area under Roots Music and Americana. You can often hear the touch of country music, which she must have inherited from father John. Her program included her own songs, songs by her current husband, her ex-husband Rodney Crowell and other well-known musicians. To name some nice titles: Tennessee Flat Top Box, Blue Moon With Heartache, I m Movin On, Sea Of Heartbreak. Her voice is enchanting and can be both soft and spirited. The change between octaves was a vocal game for her, a wonderful listening experience. This acoustic performance made the goose bumps rise. There was absolute silence in the audience when Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal started ballads. The audience literally sucked in this musical benefit. Fully focused on the artist's presentation, the audience was captivated. Cash was able to calmly animate the audience to join in, and it all happened by itself. At the right moment they clapped, and at the right moment they paused clapping. Rosanne Cash was convincing all along the line and knew how to tell her stories musically in such a way that everyone could pick up and understand. She fulfilled two wishes, despite the tight schedule. She played When It Comes for the organizer Peter Harasin in September and fulfilled the audience's wish for God Is In The Roses. This evening was a complete success in the sold-out Serenadenhof and pure advertising for the best country music. Rosanne Cash was in Nuremberg for the first time, she has already visited Munich. At the end she thanked her with the encore Five Hundret Miles and proved that there is also an America worth living in. She proved it musically and lyrically. She said a thank you to Markus Rill, whose performance she followed enthusiastically. She revealed that she was already in contact with him on social networks. She would also like to come again, she liked it here. With the reference to the new album She Remembers Everything, which should be released on, she left the stage and an enthusiastic audience. Herbert Arnold "I love a rainy night" - cool country at the fishing festival in Untereuerheim in Franconia Readers report After days of heat and drought, fans and line dancers feared that the event on the Mainsteg in Untereuerheim could literally fall into the water after it had been on this Saturday Had rained continuously this morning. But from o'clock the weather god showed himself gracious. The sun came out and the guests flocked to the beautiful fairground right on the Main. The event was able to start at 6:00 p.m. as planned. Cool-Country, the popular trio from Hessen, was enthusiastically received by the numerous guests. A coach full of fans of the band from Fulda had also arrived. With the first note the band played, the dance floor was filled. As usual, Cool Country gave a varied program and the dance floor shook under the numerous cowboy boots of the enthusiastic dancers. Cool-Country played classic and new country with the usual precision. A special highlight was their version of the Forever Country medley. The three-part singing of these three accomplished musicians Jara Hainer, Elmar Hainer and Günther Fuchs gave the audience goose bumps. The occasional light drizzle brought the line dancers a welcome cool down and in no way clouded the excellent mood. Even when the dance floor was full, many guests sat at the tables, enjoyed good food, cool drinks and first-class country music. When heavy rain set in at around 0.30 a.m., the musicians had to shorten their last set and get the instruments dry as quickly as possible. So the evening ended a little earlier than planned, but the enthusiastic conclusion of the guests was: I love a rainy night. PR Cool Country Page 7

8Tanya Tucker was the youngest of four children on October 10, 1958 in Seminole, Texas, but grew up in Wilcox, Arizona and is celebrating her 60th birthday if you can count her father Jesse, he was a construction worker, characterized by frequent moves. She became enthusiastic about music at a very early age and, as often as possible, went to country concerts with her father in the vicinity. She took saxophone lessons at the age of six, but two years later informed her parents that she wanted to become a singer. She then founded the Country Westeners with her sister La Costa. Every now and then she slipped onto the stage to sing a song with her stars. She made her debut at a show with Mel Tillis and he was visibly impressed. The family then moved to Las Vegas in 1969. After appearances on the television series Lee King, she received a guest role in the Robert Redford film Jeremiah Johnson. The young Tanya then recorded a demo tape that found its way to Nashville in a roundabout way and ended up with Billy Sherrill, the influential manager of CBS. Shortly afterwards, at the tender age of 13, she signed a record deal with COLUMBIA. Country music had a new child star. On May 13, 1972, her name was on the hit lists for the first time. Delte Dawn, one of her most famous songs, catapulted the young singer to sixth place. The record company tried in vain to hide its age, which of course it did not succeed. That she was still so young spread like wildfire and made her a sensation. The follow-up single, Love s The Answer even came in at number five, before it topped the charts for the first - but not the last time - on March 24, 1973 with What s Your Mama s Name. And as it is, if it works then it works, so also with Tanya Tucker. Their successor singles, Blood Red And Goin Down and Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone) were also at the top. Even a subsequent change of label could not slow down their success. At MCA, Lizzie And The Rainman immediately got number 1 again. When the seventies were drawing to a close, her record sales also declined, so she decided to change her image to rock, which didn't help her either. An affair with her colleague Glen Campell, cannibalized by the press, ensured sufficient publicity. Musically she was pretty much exhausted and her contract was canceled. She moved to Los Angeles and was instantly fascinated by the city's nightlife. She also said she was the wildest thing out there. Alternating love affairs with Merle Haggard and Andy Gibb, among others, as well as unbridled alcohol and drug consumption did the rest. At the urging of her family, she was admitted to the Betty Ford Center, a clinic for addicts. Amazingly, after successful therapy, she made a surprising comeback. Just Another Love was the beginning of a long-lasting success series of predominantly top ten placements. Her last of a total of ten top runners came with her on July 16, 1988, Strong Enough To Bend. Not only was she musically back on track, she also played in various TV series and films. Her name was last found in the charts on July 19, 2003, Old Weakness which landed at number 49. Her last album, My Turn, was released. The artist is still busy touring the United States and regularly appears in front of the American armed forces. On the side she is shooting her own reality show, Tucker Time. The production takes place in her house in Malibu where she also lives. The singer has three children from two fathers and broke off the wedding with the father of her last child when she discovered that she was pregnant and did not want to step in front of the altar in this condition. That's what I call consistent, Happy Birthday Tanya Tucker. Rudi

9 Song of the Month Broken Promise Land - Marty Stuart Artist: Marty Stuart Writer: Marty Stuart Marty Stuart was born on September 30th, 1958 in Philadelphia, Mississippi . Birthday. In the article on Marty Stuart, we got a lot of information about him and his career. I also like his remarkably significant album Badlands Ballads Of The Lakota, which is unusual because a theme runs like a red thread through all songs, so it's a concept album and a very political one. It was released on, chart successes were probably not expected, but the album was an affair of the heart for the artist. That's why he wrote all the songs himself, with one exception, Big Foot, which was co-produced by John Carter Cash. Here I would like to dedicate myself to the song Broken Promise Land, which was not released as a single, like none of the other tracks on the album, by the way. Like all songs, Broken Promise Land is about the suffering and misery that Indians have experienced since the White Man settled. But it all turned out to be, just another shattered dream And a broken promise land Well the prez on the res sold some powerful words Of how the native life should be He watered the spirits of the people The crop came up dust and wheat And in the distance of the harvest The only thing that changed Was the color of the leaves on the hawthorn trees The rest is still the same In July 1999, the president went door to door Staring down the barrel of the cold hard truth On his American poverty tour Pine Ridge, South Dakota Was to be empowered on command But it all turned out to be Just another shattered dream And a broken promise land Finally, after so many years of suffering, a President of the United States is coming to the Pine Ridge Reservation to visit the poorest stretch of land in the United States, or as Marty Stuart called it, the United States poorhouse. With Air Force One he floats in at the nearest airport, with lots of promises, nice words and cakes to be distributed among the poorest. Big black limousines, security guards and helicopters everywhere and the American head of state is giving speeches about a master plan for the reservation that all institutions such as would support the Indian Affairs Bureau, FBI, or Tax Service. The President admits that there has been a great deal of injustice in this relationship in the past, talks about how the situation should be - in powerful words that inspire hope. However, after a year, nothing had changed in principle. The harsh reality had caught up with all those who had believed in a better future and the reservation remained what it was - the land of broken, shattered dreams or broken promises. We wonder why Marty Stuart gets so enraged to write such a harsh, accusatory text. Although he also has a few drops of Choctaw Indian blood in him, his own experience here was undoubtedly groundbreaking.His then father-in-law and mentor Johnny Cash once took him to the Pine Ridge reservation in the Lakota Sioux. There he saw the conditions with his own eyes, the poverty, the desolation and hopelessness, the unemployment and all its consequences such as alcoholism and the like. But he learned to appreciate people, tried to help and supported where possible, e.g. with concerts on the reservation and it became a deep mutual friendship that was sealed with his adoption into the Lakota tribe. He also dealt intensively with the history of the tribe and wants to draw attention to the miserable living conditions. There is sure to be a casino on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Other tribes such as the Cherokee made casinos prosperous, but Pine Ridge is so remote that only a few guests get lost in the casino there and thus no riches can be earned. Broken Promise Land is a very impressive song, the driving beat contributes to the gloomy mood, you can tell it is supposed to make you think. The conditions there are still catastrophic and that is exactly what Marty Stuart denounces. The resumption of construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through the reservation has made matters worse. The president was Bill Clinton, by the way, but the name doesn't really matter, none of the last rulers has really done anything to improve conditions. With thoughtful greetings, Monika page 9

10 Dates for bands / musicians Subject to change. Arizona Joel Sun. 9th September Bamberg Heinrichs Kirchweih o'clock Boogie Tones Sat. 01 September Nördlingen US cars and bikes meeting o'clock Sat. 22nd September Gunzenhausen US car meeting o'clock Fri. 28 September Nuremberg Matrixx Club Rockabilly Mafia Support Clock CB 66 Mon. 10 September Gunzenhausen Kärwa in the marquee Clock Mon 24 September Amberg Dult in the festival tent Clock Cool Country Sat 01 September Lennestadt - Saalhausen Truckerfest in the Kur - und Bürgerhaus Clock Sat 08 September Gersfeld / Rhön Open Air on Schützenplatz o'clock Sun. 9th September Hanau civic festival on the banks of the Main o'clock Sat. 15th September Büdingen Country in the Willi - Zinnkann Hall o'clock Fri. 21st September Greußenheim Geisberg Hall o'clock Sat. 29th September Oberaurach - Trossenfurt Aurachtalzentrum Clock Country Blend Sun. 23 September Lauda - Königshofen Morning pint in the festival hall. Mon 24 September Feuchtwangen Wiesenkirchweih in the Weinzelt. Sat 29 September Schweinfurt Schützenhau s am Hainig clock Crock - It Sa. 08 September Bad Boll Benefiz Brunnenhock clock Daniel T. Coates Sun 02 September Hasselfelde Pullman City Harz (duo) pm Mon 03 September Hasselfelde Pullman City Harz (duo) pm Fri 28 September Bad Königshofen Hotel "Ebner" (Duo) ??. ?? Uhr Danny June Smith Sa. September 01 Langenselbold Shell Station & Bosch Service Uhr Sa. September 01 Gründau Party at the summer festival in the Altenzentrum Uhr Thursday September 06 Baden - Soden Salmünster In the Salztal Klinik Uhr Sa. September 08 Hanau Congress Park Wed. September 12th Dietzenbach restaurant "Hügeleck" am Fri. September 28th Bad Nauheim In the drinking cure plant am Folsom Prison Band Sat. September 8th Coburg Veste Coburg pm Sat. September 15th Burglengenfeld VAZ pm Sat. September 22nd Gefrees Kulturverein "Omnibus" o'clock Sat. September 29th Bad Endorf At the "Hubbi" o'clock Greyhound Doctors Sat. 08th September Mamming Wild Rose Ranch o'clock Hee Haw Pickin 'Band Sat. 01 September Munich Rattlesnake Saloon o'clock Helt Oncale Fri. 07th September Wiesbaden - Biebrich Evening of Diversity (Duo) ??. ?? Saturday, September 8th Hanau Hanau Citizens' Festival (band) Tuesday, September 11th Frankfurt / Main Art Bar (band), Thursday, September 13th Oberursel Alt - Oberurseler Brauhaus (duo), Friday, September 14th Hockenheim Restaurant Rondeau in the Stadthalle o'clock Sat. September 15th Bühl Schütte - Keller o'clock Sat. September 22nd Kiedrich Concert on the market square (trio) ??. ?? Tuesday September 25th Stuttgart The Dubliner in the Dormero Hotel (solo) Wednesday September 26th Stuttgart The Dubliner in the Dormero Hotel (solo) PM Honky Tonk 5 Thursday September 20th Munich Rattlesnake Saloon PM Huckleberry Five Thursday September 6th Munich Rattlesnake Saloon Clock Loose Moose Band Sat. 22 September Straufhain Countryfest Linden Clock Markus Rill Thursday 27 September Darmstadt Americana in the pedagogue (trio) clock Matching Ties Sat 08 September Wasserburg am Inn Musical Saturday (solo) clock Sat 08 August September Gundelfingen Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried o'clock Sun. 9th September Gundelfingen Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried o'clock Sat. 15 September Trogen Gasthaus Kienberg (duo) o'clock Sun. September 16 Nuremberg restaurant of the VfL Nürnberg (trio) o'clock page 10

11 Matching Ties Fri. September 21, Ulm Kelly's Irish Pub (solo) pm Sat. September 22nd Starnberg Klinikum Starnberg (solo) pm Nashville Mon. September 03, booking Schützenmarkt in the festival tent pm Sun. September 9th Würzburg - Heidingsfeld Mill festival of the Giemaulgilde Saturday, September 15th Stammheim Gasthaus "Zum Goldenen Hirschen" AM Sunday, September 23rd Wiesentheid Steigerwaldhalle PM Night Hawk Saturday, September 22nd Eging am See Pullman City PM Open Road Saturday, September 29th Hasselfelde Pullman City Harz PM Rambling Two Sunday September 2nd, Uffenheim morning pint in the beer tent, Saturday, September 29th, Leutershausen Autumn Festival in the old gym, clock REACH Sun. September 30th Rappach morning pint in the "Fasanengarten" o'clock Rebel Bunch Fri. September 21st Puchheim in the PUC cultural center o'clock Reunion Sat. September 8th Solingen Zöpkesmarkt o'clock Sat. September 15th Remscheid Kremenholler district festival o'clock Rick Allen Wed. September 19th Nuremberg Old town festival at the Katherinenkloster (band) o'clock Fri. September 21, Nuremberg Zollhaus Erlebnispark (duo) o'clock Rock'n Rodeo Fri. September 28, Munich Rattlesnake Saloon o'clock Sat. 29 September Munich Rattlesnake Saloon o'clock Roland Country & More Sat. September 01 Langenzenn wine festival in the beer garden "Oase" o'clock Sun. 2nd September Dechsendorf morning pint at the parish fair o'clock Mon. 3rd September Dechsendorf parish fair o'clock Sun. September 9th Nuremberg Frankendorf am Volksfest o'clock Fri. September 14th Nuremberg parish fair St. Leonhard o'clock Mon. September 17th Nuremberg Kirchweih St. Leonhard Uhr Sa. September 22nd Emskirchen Wine Festival of the CSU Uhr Sawyer Sa. September 01st Eging am See Pullman City Uhr Sa. e "Fässle" ??. ?? Clock Skyline Riders Sun. September 2nd Lichtenfels Truckertreff Stadthalle clock Texas Rooster Wed. September 5th Nuremberg Autumn festival in the Papert marquee Clock Tex Robinson Sat. September 1st A Gmunden Opening party of the Traunsee Tram Clock Fri. September 21st Bad Füssing cultural stage in the casino clock The Crown Jewels Sat. September 8th Gunzenhausen US - Car meeting Sat. September 15th Bamberg Lange Strasse festival pm The Outlaws Sat. September 15th Stulln In the "Bodensteiner Stulln" inn am The Texadillos Sat. September 8th Hasselfelde Pullman City Harz O'clock Westend Sa. 01 September Erfurt Country in the corn maze ??. ?? O'clock WHY NOT band Mon. 03 September Augsburg Country on the Plärrer o'clock Sat. 08 September Untermeitingen Four Corners o'clock Zydeco Annie & Swamp Cats Sun. 09 September Heidenheim summer in the park o'clock Fri. 14 September Hockenheim Stadthalle inner courtyard o'clock Sat. September 15th Bühl Schüttekeller o'clock Fri. September 21st CH Frauenfeld Accordionage o'clock Sun. 23rd September Oberstdorf Nebelhorn Station Höfatsblick o'clock Sat. 29th September CH Gerlafingen Kulturkeller o'clock page 11

12 Dates saloons, restaurants, venues subject to change Four Corners Untermeitingen Sat. September 01 Kim Carson Band (USA) Sat. September 8th Why Not Band pm Fri. September 14th Love & Theft & Band watch Golden Nugget Stammheim Wed. September County Boys PM Pullman City Eging am See Sa. September 1st Sawyer PM Friday September 7th Modern Earl PM Saturday September 8th Roll 'N' Rock PM Saturday September 15th Jannet Bodewes & Countryline PM Friday September 21st Salt River Band PM Saturday, September 22nd Nighthawk PM Thursday, September 27th The Ridin 'Dudes PM Thursday, September 27th Boppin' B PM Friday, September 28th Paddy & The Rocking Rebels PM Friday, September 28th Crazy Cubes PM Saturday September 29th Ray Black & The Flying Carpeds pm Sat. September 29th Ed Phillips & The Memphis Patrol pm Pullman City Harz Hasselfelde Sun. September 2nd Daniel T. Coates pm Mon. September 03 Daniel T. Coates pm Fri. September Music Road Pilots p.m. Sat. 8 September The Fabulous Texadillos p.m. Fri. 14 September The Lenn ebrothers Band Uhr Sat. September 15th Lonnie Dale's Road Band Uhr Fri. September 21st The Lennerockets Uhr Sat. September 22nd Slow Horses Uhr Fri. September 28th Danny Wuenschel & Band Uhr Rattlesnake Saloon Munich Sat. September 1st Hee Haw Pickin Band Clock Sun. September 2nd Rock'n Roll '& Petticoates Clock Mon. September 3rd Deke Dickerson & Eccofonic (USA) Clock Thu. September 6th Huckleberry Five Clock Fri. September 7th Rattlesnake Torpedos Clock Thu. September 13th Marty And His Rockin 'Comets o'clock Sat. 15 September The Clouds Munich o'clock Sun. 16 September Liberty String Revival o'clock Thu. 20 September Honky Tonk o'clock Thu. 27 September Munich String Band o'clock Fri. 28 September Rock'n Rodeo Saturday, September 29th Rock'n Rodeo AM Sunday, September 30th The Wild Ride AM Other dates are subject to change, Sunday, September 2nd, Frankfurt - Ginnheim The CFRM invite you to their monthly meeting. From midday there is a line dance workshop and from midday the Lennebrothers Band is on stage. Thursday, September 6th, Bamberg Four days of live music and other attractions can be enjoyed from today at the 10th onion treading festival on the Böhmerwiese. On Saturday, for example, from o'clock the main river pickers for mood. Friday, September 7th Gundelfingen Today the 3-day Bluegrass Festival of the CWF Kötz begins in the cultural greenhouse Birkenried. In addition to the music, there is also the Bluegrass Cafe and a CD & record market. Sun. September 9th Bad Berneck This afternoon the John Lowell Band from Montana presents bluegrass at its best. In the old kindergarten the concert starts at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, September 15, Erlangen At the RingDing flea market in front of the community meeting place "Die Scheune" in Büchenbach, Willie Jones and Jürgen Hoffmann will play from clock. Wed. September 19, Munich As part of their European tour, a band from the heart of country music, namely from Nashville, plays in the Muffatcafe. High South will be on stage there from o'clock. Saturday, September 22nd, Sebnitz On the occasion of the celebrations for 30 years of Ponyexpress, a country concert with the band The Easy Buskers will take place in Western Village. Start is at o'clock. Preview 10 years onion treading festival on the Böhmerwiese 6th to 9th September Four days of live music. On the last weekend before school starts, there is again a lot of onions at what is perhaps the greenest festival in Bamberg: The onion treading festival in the heart of the gardening town invites you to a small anniversary from September 6th to 9th. It starts again on Thursday! On Thursday at 6 p.m., the onion-treading flag blasts what it takes, giving the go-ahead for a weekend full of music and late summer romance on the Böhmerwiese. The musical start will be at 7 p.m. Monkee Shuffle with their mix of pop, soul and rock, spiced with a bit of hip-hop and jazz. Father's Finest will heat up on Friday evening from 6 p.m. on the onion treadmill stage with a sound cocktail of blues, funk and soul. On Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. the Main River pickers continue: The musicians are at home at Kemmern am Main and spoil us with folk pop from the 60s / 70s, bluegrass & country. The legendary rockers from CHP will contest Saturday evening. Tabrassco will spread a relaxed Sunday mood on September 9th from 11 a.m. with their successful mixture of traditional brass music, rock and pop hits and jazz. The FabFive, the Bayern Beatles will bring the Böhmerwiese to ring with their songs of the five famous mushroom heads at the end of the onion treading festival. The culinary corner of the Onion Tread Festival has something to offer for every taste, be it hearty or sweet, warm or cold, solid or liquid. Regional delicacies around the onion, such as the original onion burger, and homemade cakes invite you to enjoy. At the Wobla-Preisschafkopfen on Sunday, there is a Blue Zipfel breakfast from 10 a.m. as long as stocks last. Younger visitors can make themselves comfortable in the children's corner. As always, entry to the onion treading festival is free. Further information about the bands or the Wobla-Preisschafkopfen is available at the beginning of the festival: September 6, 5 p.m. - September 7, 5 p.m. - September 8, 2 p.m. - September 9, 10 a.m. page 12

13 Preview 10th Int. Bluegrass Music Festival ... the CWF Kötz in Birkenried For the 10th time, the Country & Western Friends Koetz 1982 e.v. from 7th to 9th September 2018 with their small but fine festival in Birkenried. What board member Peter Wroblewski first organized as a bluegrass meeting in 2009 has now become an integral part of the varied program in the Birkenried cultural greenhouse. The homely atmosphere of the cultural oasis in Gundelfinger Donauried also offers bluegrass fans almost exclusively traditional music without modern elements. This year, the Paul Daly Band is also a formation that brings Irish folk to Birkenried. Michael Bohe is also from Ireland and will contribute to the program of the weekend with his country songs. The open bluegrass stage in the beer garden is already fully booked and is used by various musicians between us there to put the many camping guests in a good mood on Saturday afternoon. So the organizers only hope for good weather, then the small anniversary festival is sure to be a hit again! Here are the participating artists and bands of the festival. On Friday, September 7th, the Munich String and the Paul Daly Band will play and present an American-Irish-Music-Night. The Munich String Band, committed to tradition and open to everything modern, is well on the way to becoming one of the leading bluegrass bands in Germany. Five voices, a wide range of musical styles, all of them masters at their instruments. Munich String Band shows are everything from entertaining to deeply moving. The Paul Daly Band is a Munich based folk band with members from Ireland, England, Germany and the USA who have been playing together for 10 years and have recorded 4 CDs since then. Paul Daly composes and texts most of the band's songs and all band members are very experienced musicians in different genres. The concert evening on Saturday starts after the contributions from the open stage at 6:00 p.m. in the cultural greenhouse. After his guest appearance in 2014, John Lowell from Montana is returning to Birkenried with his current band. John Lowell is a gifted singer-songwriter and with his elegant guitar playing and expressive songs, which he performs with a smooth baritone, he is also enjoying steadily growing popularity in Europe. The formation Grass Root Ties is an international formation based in southern Germany, which celebrates a wide selection of different American roots music such as bluegrass, acoustic country music, as well as blues and swing on various string instruments. Grass Root Ties present an authentic and exciting program full of varied musical virtuosity and humorous entertainment. DreckPäck The Voice and the Boys. DreckPäck is a trio that has it all. Here a musician and two musicians with a good portion of life experience, an equally large portion of joie de vivre and musical ability meet. Rüdiger Gies (banjo, guitar, voc) and Rainer Diekamp (bass, voc) are still known to Halden Music, who were guests two years ago. The boys are joined by The Voice Gaby Weber (mandolin, guitar, voc) and together they play and sing songs from the 60s and 70s with unmistakable passion, and also understand how to give new life to country blues and bluegrass songs that were long forgotten to lend. Michael Bohe comes to the festival as a special guest from near Carrick on Shannon in Ireland. Michael describes himself as a singer-songwriter and finds himself in the folk / Americana area. Classic country is not neglected. Michael Bohe was born in Germany, but has lived in Ireland for over 20 years. The fact that Michael Bohe lives in English-speaking countries now gives him the ability to write his songs very much in the style of his role models. On Sunday, September 9th, the program starts at 6:00 p.m. with the traditional church service at the Birkenried Chapel. The special guests - Sally Greenfield and Mandy Strobel provide the musical accompaniment with harmonious sacred songs. The musical morning pint with the DreckPäck trio starts at around o'clock and the traditional Sunday matinee is designed by the Matching Ties duo. The American Paul Stowe and the English Trevor Morriss are veterans of the German folk and bluegrass scene and will bring the festival to a close with humor and varied music from Irishfolk, bluegrass, country, blues & swing. On Sunday, admission to all concerts is free, and collections are made for the musicians. Since many of the tickets have already been sold in advance, interested parties should find out beforehand whether tickets are still available. Advance sales ended on August 20th. Info & reservation at or (Peter Wroblewski) The editorial deadline for Oct is Sept 11th page 13

14 Top 20 on the US Billboard Charts from August 11, 2018 Top Country Albums This Last Artist Title Best Weeks in Week Week Position on the Charts 1 New Kenny Chesney Songs For The Saints New Cody Jinks Lifers Luke Combs This One's For You Jason Aldean Rearview Town Dan + Shay Dan + Shay Kane Brown Kane Brown Chris Stapleton Traveler Brett Young Brett Young Thomas Rhett Life Changes Keith Urban Graffiti U Zac Brown Band Greatest Hits So Far Luke Bryan What Makes You Country Sam Hunt Montevallo Florida Georgia Line Dig Your Roots Old Dominion Happy Endings Jon Pardi California Sunrise Thomas Rhett Tangled Up Chris Stapleton From A Room Vol Blake Shelton Reloaded: 20 # 1 Hits Dierks Bentley The Mountain 1 8 Hot Country Songs This Last Artist Track Best Weeks In Week Week Position On Charts 1 1 Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line Meant To Be Kenny Chesney Get Along Dan + Shay Tequila Brett Young Mercy Florida Georgia Line Simple Kane Brown Heaven Jason Aldean Feat.Miranda Lambert Drowns The Whiskey Thomas Rhett Life Changes Luke Combs One Number Away Luke Bryan Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Keith Urban Feat. Julia Michaels Coming Home Chris Lane Feat. Tori Kelly Take Back Home Girl Old Dominion Hotel Key Jake Owen I Was Jack (You Were Diane) Morgan Evans Kiss Somebody Dylan Scott Hooked Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty Cole Swindell Break Up In The End Eric Church Desperate Man Kane Brown Loose It 13 9 Am 03 . September would have turned Jimmy Riddle, multi-instrumentalist (HeeHaw Show), 100 years. On September 14th, Danielle Peck, singer / songwriter, will be 40 years. On September 16, Terry McBride (McBride & The Ride), singer / bassist, will be 60 years old September 26th, Olivia Newton-John, singer / songwriter, will be 70 years old. On September 30th, Marty Stuart, singer / songwriter, will be 60 years old. September 3rd Jörg Deistler keyboard, accordion, vocals Texas Rooster, Yukon River Band September 3rd. Ludwig "Luggi" Habermann drums, vocals Loose Moose Band 7th Sept. Morris Kleinert vocals, string instruments, lap / pedal steel Danny's little Tennessee 17th Sept. Martin Vogel fiddle, keyboard, electric guitar Tom Rascal & Lakeland Cowboys, Lonnie Dale's Road Band, et al 19 Sept. Christian Tournay drums Texas Rooster, Yukon River Band, a.o. 22 Sept. Hacky Lohner harmonica Roland Country & more 28 Sept. Horst Höhlein vocals, Ak.-Guitar Rambling Two Congratulations on your birthday. We wish everyone Xundheit and lots of success! Page 14 Musicians' birthdays this month

15 New Country Music News, put together by Jürgen Stier Kenny Chesney for a moment We usually know Kenny Chesney with songs that convey a good mood, lightheartedness and a Caribbean feeling. Now he's back with his emotional album, Songs for the Saints, on which he makes a far more thoughtful impression. The album was recorded in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which devastated the US Virgin Islands, among others, in September 2017, where Chesney owns a house. This small archipelago, also known to us as the Virgin Islands, is located in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico. Chesney sings about people's hopes and resilience, as well as their experiences with the many storms they've seen. Songs for the Saints is Kenny's 17th LP in his long career and the first with his new record label Warner Brothers. He is involved as an author on 5 of the 12 songs. Ziggy Marley sings with him in a duet on Love for Love City. Jimmy Buffett can also be heard on a cover version of his work Trying Reason with Hurricane Season and Mindy Smith provides the background vocals for Better Boat. The LP has now entered the album charts among the top 10. Back to the roots. Michael Martin Murphey turns back to his homeland Texas with his upcoming CD entitled Austinology. He is celebrating the period in Austin's musical history that created the stage for the outlaw movement. This included Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and all those artists for whom the Nashville sound was too good at the time, too subject to the dictates of the music industry. Of course, if you listen to Nashville music today, you come to the conclusion that country music desperately needs a new outlaw movement. Anyway: The songs on Murphey's new CD include Geronimos Cadillac with special guest Steve Earle and the so-called Outlaw Medley. Rob Ickes, one of the most prominent Dobro players as well as several well-known studio musicians contributed to it. The album was produced in collaboration presented by Höfner Guitars & Basses with Christopher Harris (CeCe Winans, Amy Grant). The 17-track album features pieces by Willie Nelson, Amy Grant, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Kelly Willis, Bruce Robinson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Randy Rogers and The Last Bandeleros. At a young age Michael developed a taste for the legends and stories of the West. He read novels by Mark Train and William Faukner and studied literature in Los Angeles. This was reflected in his music, which mostly dealt with cowboys and stories from the Wild West. Austinology is Michael s twentieth album, but the nineteenth was 20 years ago. Honoring Reba McEntire Reba McEntire, who celebrated her 63rd birthday this year, is one of four artists who will receive the Kennedy Center Honors 2018 for lifelong artistic achievements on December 2nd this year. McEntire will be honored along with Cher, composer and pianist Philip Glass and jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter. There are also corresponding prizes for the areas of literature and theater. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has given such honors for many years. We are honoring exceptional artists who have made a lasting and indelible mark on American culture, said David M. Rubenstein, President of the Kennedy Center. About Reba, he said: Country singer Reba McEntire has inspired us for four decades with her powerful voice and music that conveys warm, heartwarming honesty. Nashville honors its songwriters It's not just the stars who are in the spotlight who receive their awards once a year. Nashville is also well aware of the importance of those who contribute the songs. Sometimes these are the performers themselves, but often these are songwriters whom the music consumer hardly knows because they prefer to operate inconspicuously in the background. In August it was announced: Singer Ronnie Dunn, singer K. T. Oslin, and songwriters Byron Hill, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Joe Melson will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on October 28 on the occasion of the 48th Anniversary of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala. This Hall of Fame will then have 208 members. Chairman Pat Alger told the press: On this occasion I am continually reminded of the great variety and high quality of songwriting talent that we celebrate every year. Music trends can change over the years, but for us it always comes down to great songs and legendary songwriters - the foundation of the city that continues to be celebrated as the Music City. CMA Awards Show rises on November 14th It is now clear: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will host the 11th Annual CMA Awards Show on November 14th. The show takes place in the Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville, where otherwise basketball and ice hockey are played. The arena is right next to the Country Music Hall Of Fame. As always, the show will be broadcast on ABC. Luke Bryan, Dan + Shay and Sugarland will unveil some of the nominations on "Good Morning America" ​​on August 28th in Nashville. Nominees in selected categories will also be shown live on ABCnews.com/live. The remaining categories and nominations for the CMA Broadcast Awards will be announced live on GoodMorningAmerica.com as well as on the Good Morning America Facebook page via Facebook Live and on the Good Morning America YouTube channel. Retirement Farewell to gastronomy Peter and Erika Schneider are retiring 6 years ago the lease for the management of the Maiach sports restaurant in Finkenbrunn was signed. One had the impression, however, that the Schneiders are much more likely to have settled there. Both the footballers from SV Maiach and the members of the Country Dance Club Chattanooga e.v., who found a new platform for various dance courses and practice evenings there, were happy about this positive change. The couple mastered everything with ease, but they certainly had to improvise from time to time, even though mishaps are all too human. The guest simply has to be king and always treated as kindly as possible. Peter and Eri have now also reached the statutory retirement age. The decision to organize a country morning pint for the last time was made at short notice. The date for the appearance of Rick Allen & Chris Schultheis on could no longer be considered for the August issue of WHEEL. Because of the heat and because of the vacation time, the influx was not too big. One could be satisfied with the repertoire of the two well-rehearsed artists. It was too loud for me now and then, but that was also due to the relatively low ceiling of the hall. In mid-September it will definitely be say goodbye when you say goodbye. The smart couple will not be completely out of the world. Music is also a part of the Schneider's life. They actively want to give festivities of all kinds a special touch and are happy to see familiar faces again. The team from WHEEL and Veronika Stucke wish you all the best for your new path in life, health, satisfaction and many positive things with many thanks for the good years of cooperation. Page 15