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DeWalt cordless screwdriver test overview in May 2021Comparison and experience

A reliable and good cordless screwdriver is an important piece of equipment for every do-it-yourselfer. The different models from a wide variety of manufacturers are available in stores, so that numerous consumers are simply overwhelmed by making a clear and, above all, sensible purchase decision.
So what makes a good cordless screwdriver and how do you find a suitable model for your application? In the following lines we have dedicated ourselves specifically to the renowned and well-known manufacturer DeWalt and would like to introduce some of the company's cordless screwdriver models at this point. In this guide, we go into various test results, make a comprehensive price comparison and name special advantages and disadvantages of various DeWalt cordless screwdriver models.

model DeWalt XR cordless hammer drill set DCK795S2T DeWalt cordless hammer drill DCD796P2 DeWalt DCD710D2-QW cordless drill DeWalt XR cordless drill DCD771C2 DeWalt DCD777S2T cordless drill






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max 2,000 rpm 2,000 rpm 1,500 rpm 3,000 rpm 1,750 rpm
target group professional professional professional professional professional
Steel drilling diameter max. 13 mm 13 mm 10 mm 13 mm 13 mm
Wood drilling diameter max. 38 mm 40 mm 20 mm 25 mm 38 mm
Concrete drilling diameter max. 13 mm n / a n / a 13 mm n / a
With battery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 1.7 kg 1.8 kg 1.1 kg 1.45 kg 1.5 kg
properties Keyless drill chuck LED light, torque preselection, soft grip Motor brake, soft grip LED light, quick change system LED light, soft grip, speed preselection






To offer*To offer* "To offer* "To offer* "To offer* "To offer* "

Our recommendation: DeWalt XR cordless hammer drill set DCK795S2T

The DeWalt cordless hammer drill set DCK795S2T-QW not only stands for a significantly longer battery life, but also for higher performance and a long service life. The set is equipped with a hammer drill for drilling in metal & wood as well as for hammer drilling & screwing and comes with a large accessory package, which includes everything for extensive construction projects. Many experience reports show that even beginners can easily and easily implement their construction projects with this device, because it lies well in the hand and can be operated intuitively. The operating instructions are clearly laid out and the compact impact wrench with 2-speed full metal gear ensures precise power transmission. The impact wrench is also equipped with an LED light that ensures perfect illumination of the work surface. Even in poor lighting conditions, the device can be used excellently. Thanks to the built-in safety electronics, the battery temperature and power consumption are continuously checked. The balanced, optimally thought-out design and the ergonomic rubber handle not only offer a high level of working comfort, but also a high level of work safety at the same time. The extensive tool set is currently available from Amazon for around 223 euros, which can certainly be described as fair and moderate in view of the large scope of delivery. The following button directs interested parties to the current offer.

The extensive tool set with high occupational safety and the best possible convenience.

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Price / performance: DeWalt DCD710D2-QW cordless drill

The DeWalt cordless screwdriver DCD710D2-QW is an entry-level device from the manufacturer. The device looks rather delicate and at first glance the small lithium-ion battery with 10.8 V appears almost tiny. But it's the little things that stand out about the yellow-black machine: rubber pads are attached to both sides of the housing to prevent damage to sensitive surfaces. The rubberized pistol grip ensures a comfortable, secure hold and the small dimensions of the cordless screwdriver also increase working comfort. The two-speed gearshift, the one-hand drill chuck and the torque limitation in 15 levels including drilling level are the most important ingredients for this DeWalt cordless screwdriver. But the second battery, the clear operating instructions and the quick charger included in the scope of delivery also have to be positively mentioned here. The device shows its true size in use, because the device impresses with its decent performance. The torque is extremely high, as is the battery life. Compared to other entry-level devices, the DeWalt cordless screwdriver can do more than double the number of screws with one battery charge, which makes it clear how much potential there is in this compact device. In short: With the cordless screwdriver, DeWalt sends a device to the start that makes it clear that the development is constantly progressing. For around 100 euros, the DCD710D2-QW can be bought extremely inexpensively, making it particularly suitable for craftsmen who place high demands on their tools despite a low budget. The following link leads to the current offer.

DeWalt DCD710D2-QW cordless drill / driver *
max 1,500 rpm
target group professional
Steel drilling diameter max. 10 mm
Wood drilling diameter max. 20 mm
With battery Yes
Weight 1.1 kg
properties Motor brake, soft grip

The entry-level model with decent performance and a particularly fair, affordable price.

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Our premium alternative: DeWalt cordless hammer drill DCD796P2

Even if the Li-Ion battery technology has long been established in cordless screwdrivers, one can basically still be amazed at their high performance. The DeWalt DCD790 is also convincing as a professional 18v screwdriver in this respect across the board, as numerous experience reports clearly show. The screwdriver is extremely short with a length of 200 mm, but this does not limit its performance. Thanks to the all-metal drill chuck, the device can accommodate drills from 1 to 13 mm and the torque is preselected in 15 stages. The 2-speed gearbox also ensures ideal power transmission, so that the work to be carried out is much easier. Two 18 V 2 Ah batteries drive the brushless motor. The charging time of the battery is around 40 minutes, whereby the clear charge level indicator, which the user notices from afar, is particularly striking. According to Stiftung Warentest, the screwdriver does not bend its knees in hard or softwood, which shows that this DeWalt mini cordless screwdriver is a decent powerhouse despite its small size. If the purchase of a new device is pending, this professional 18v device should definitely be included in the list of potential candidates, because the small dimensions and the first-class work performance are certainly recommendation enough. The mini cordless screwdriver is currently available in the Amazon online shop for around 290 euros, relatively cheaply. Prospective buyers can access the current offer page by clicking the button below.

Our premium alternative DeWalt Cordless Impact Drill DCD796P2 *
max 2,000 rpm
target group professional
Steel drilling diameter max. 13 mm
Wood drilling diameter max. 40 mm
With battery Yes
Weight 1.8 kg
properties LED light, torque preselection, soft grip

The compact and handy power pack with first-class performance.

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Purchase advice: How to find the right product in a DeWalt cordless screwdriver test or comparison

Make DeWalt cordless screwdrivers smart? That's how it's done!

DeWalt cordless screwdrivers: Are there smart models to buy online?

Many customers in the user forum are wondering whether there are also smart cordless screwdrivers from DeWalt that are even easier to use and use. Even if the topic of intelligent home control is currently on everyone's lips and smart products are already being used successfully in numerous private apartments, there is currently no DeWalt cordless screwdriver available that can be controlled via smartphone or integrated into the basic home control. Einhell, Makita or Trotec also do not have a corresponding model in their range. However, DeWalt is considered to be one of the leading suppliers in the field of power tools, so there will certainly be new innovations in the trade soon.

Experience shows that DeWalt cordless screwdrivers meet even the highest demands and score with high performance and reliability. Whether for the commercial sector or for use in the private sector - with a solid cordless screwdriver, all construction projects can be carried out easily and without problems. In order to avoid mistakes when buying, interested parties can use one of the above models. These are considered modern and qualitative, which means that the best craftsmanship results can always be achieved-

Buy DeWalt cordless screwdriver: The guide

Buy DeWalt cordless screwdrivers: The alternative to Makita, Trotec, Einhell and Co.

DeWalt is a well-known manufacturer of power tools that offers a wide range of products to its customers in the craft, construction and commercial sectors. The American manufacturer also focuses on craftsmen who have high demands and so DeWalt offers high-quality, reliable angle grinders, drills, cordless screwdrivers and much more.
Since the company was founded in 1924, the manufacturer DeWalt has focused its range on the professional sector and is still primarily aimed at construction specialists and professional craftsmen. It was founded in Maryland, USA. In 1992, DeWalt was taken over by Black & Decker, adding to the portfolio in the upper price segment. First and foremost, the devices, which are still sold under the DeWalt name, are primarily aimed at commercial companies, but the company is also increasingly opening up new opportunities in the private sector. As you can read in one or the other user forum, numerous customers swear by the durable cordless screwdrivers, which are easy to use and of the highest quality. The current branch in Germany is located in Idstein, Hesse.

DeWalt cordless screwdriver: high quality and flexible in use

A cordless screwdriver from DeWalt scores with optimal handiness and good balance, as many experiences have shown. As a rule, they are still pleasantly light, even in the upper performance classes, and are therefore easy to carry with you. In addition, DeWalt cordless screwdrivers are equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows them to be held securely and comfortably in the hand. The particularly high processing quality of the impact-resistant housing of DeWalt cordless screwdrivers are highly praised in one or the other test report. Even beginners can use a DeWalt cordless screwdriver well, which is not least due to the simple type of speed regulation.

Most customers who buy a DeWalt cordless screwdriver online are usually looking for a device that can reliably handle even large projects. After all, there is hardly anything more annoying for tradespeople than when the performance of the battery drops at the wrong time and it becomes necessary to take a break from work.

The powerful DeWalt XR batteries also enjoy an excellent reputation, because thanks to their long runtime, they make the cordless screwdriver a sensible alternative to a corded device in the first place. Whether the interior of the yacht, the renovation of the attic or the construction of an additional office space - with a DeWalt cordless screwdriver, construction professionals are always well equipped.

The company's customer service is also impressive. DeWalt promises a repair within 48 hours in the event of a guarantee, whereby in addition to the two-year statutory warranty, the customer is guaranteed another year of guarantee. This 3-year guarantee is available to customers without restriction after registration on the manufacturer's website.

The advantages and disadvantages of the DeWalt cordless screwdriver

DeWalt cordless screwdrivers have explicit quality features that numerous customers define as follows:

- Powerful
- Precise
- Functional
- Reliable
- Robust

But also one or the other test clearly shows that DeWalt cordless screwdrivers have all the important quality criteria that are necessary for professional and error-free work. According to Stiftung Warentest, the manufacturer also offers several different cordless screwdrivers, so that basically every area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication can be excellently covered with the devices.

As with any cordless device, there is of course no annoying cable in the way of a Dealt cordless screwdriver, because a cordless screwdriver can always work independently of a power supply. This means that areas such as the ceiling or other hard-to-reach areas can be worked on much better, provided the battery is fully charged. A cordless screwdriver from DeWalt makes particularly flexible screwdriving possible, whether in the basement, in the garden house or in the outdoor area.

The most decisive disadvantage of the DeWalt cordless screwdriver is certainly the purchase price of the devices, which is sometimes significantly higher compared to other models. However, many tests show that the often high prices pay off thanks to the long service life and excellent quality.

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