Is it worth buying the Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U: Production is discontinued. Is it still worth buying?

Unfortunately, one has to say that the Wii U was not a success for the traditional Japanese company. Since its publication four years ago, only around 13.36 million devices have been shipped worldwide, which is a fatal result. For comparison: the previous Wii was able to sell over 100 million times, even the Gamecube ran much better with 21 million consoles sold. So it's no wonder that Nintendo is ushering in the next generation with Switch to keep shareholders and certainly fans happy. The mix of stationary console and handheld is due to appear worldwide in March 2017. And what will happen to the Wii U then?

Discontinued model Wii U

As yet unconfirmed reports, the production of the Wii U is to be discontinued these days, also to create capacity for Switch. That also means: the (full) warehouses are gradually being emptied, the Wii U is becoming obsolete. However, there is no reason to panic. Especially not if you have been toying with the purchase.

As with every change in the console generation, the chances are good that Nintendo may even put together attractive bundles for the Christmas season and enable price reductions via retailers. Accessories and games should also become cheaper - the closer the launch of Switch gets.

Uncertain future of the Wii U

It's certainly a subjective opinion, but the Wii U is still worth it. Especially for infrequent and casual gamers as well as families. Because regardless of what the coming months bring, you can only get the most popular brands here, ie “Super Mario”, “Donkey Kong”, “Kirby”, “Yoshi” and soon even - as a farewell, so to speak - a big “The Legend” of Zelda ”epic. Thanks to backward compatibility with the Wii and a well-stocked online store (with thousands of retro titles from earlier consoles), the range of games is huge. You can already hit countless bargains with games.

Those who might have acquired a Wii quite late at the time could now dare to take the step to the Wii U, take the old accessories and the games with them and enjoy the console that is still up to date for a while. Games should also appear in the coming months - albeit certainly not too many anymore. If you are primarily interested in entertainment and not the latest trends, then at the end of 2016 nothing speaks against the console, which will undoubtedly bring joy to both young and old. You should keep in mind: Technically, the Wii U never came close to Xbox One and PS4, and you will not be able to use purchased Wii U games on the Switch later.

It is certainly difficult to see into the future. However, if you don't always have to have “the latest” and if you really like the multi-faceted range of games, keep an eye on the Wii U.

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