Should I call my pet mouse a rodent?

Names for rodents Sweet names for the popular pets

    Brain stands for the brain in English. This name works best for clever and cheeky mice.
    Faro comes from Portuguese. The translation is "flair". The Italians and Spaniards call a lighthouse Faro. Faro is also an ancient game of chance. Faro can therefore stand for mice that were once particularly lucky or simply make their owners happy.
    Children know Flip from the cartoon series "Maya the Bee". Flip stands for somersault, which the green grass hopper did particularly well. Active mice, whose favorite place is the balance bike, deserve this name.
    Jerry is short for Gerald, Jerome, Jeremy and other male given names. The name comes from Hebrew and is already mentioned in the Bible. Clever and shrewd mice should be called Jerry, because after all, tomcat Tom usually had the disadvantage of the mouse Jerry in the popular US animated series.
    Lumpi is primarily known as a dog's name. The origin of the word is not exactly researched. It is assumed that Lumpi is to be understood as a derivative of Lump. Drive-controlled mice with an active sex drive find the appropriate name here.
    Nuri comes from Korean and means "the first". A suitable name has thus been found for the first mouse in the terrarium. In Arabic and Turkish, Nuri is used to denote light.
    Speedy comes from English and is used more often as a surname around the world. The name is just right for nimble and agile mice, because Speedy Gonzales is known to be the fastest mouse in Mexico.
    The name comes from Japanese and means "the lucky one". Yoshi is known to many children and adults as a Nintendo toy character. The little dinosaur and Super Mario are popular and inseparable. Mice don't like to be left alone either. Yoshi and Mario are the perfect mouse duo.