Is tapioca vegan

Is bubble tea vegan?

Bubble Tea: not always vegan Image: Larry Jacobsen (arr.) Image title: Bubble Tea, CC-BY

Many years ago there was a real hype around bubble tea in Germany. Brightly colored stalls opened everywhere, offering bubble tea. Even today, the drink is served cold or hot in many different versions.

And even if the trend towards the mostly very artificial drink subsides again, many people ask themselves the question: is bubble tea actually vegan?

Bubble tea was originally very popular in China and Southeast Asia. But bubble tea also met cheering crowds in the USA and Australia. Just like in Germany.

The sweet bubble tea is whipped like a shake and contains colorful, flavored balls of starch. These "bubbles" usually exist Not from animal gelatin, but z. B. from vegetable tapioca.

Bubble tea is usually not vegan

The typical bubble tea recipe is based on black or green tea and a flavored sugar syrup - but very often contains cow's milk and is then not vegan.

However, not all bubble tea contains milk. The recipes differ from provider to provider. And since many people do not drink cow's milk for good reasons, dairy-free versions have long been established.

In case of doubt, you should inquire individually whether milk-free bubble tea does not contain any other animal products (e.g. the color carmine (E 120)), because unfortunately there is no uniform statement as the recipes differ greatly. Therefore, when in doubt, ask specifically for "vegan bubble tea".

Isn't bubble tea banned?

There are rumors on the internet that bubble tea is banned in Germany. That is generally not correct. It is correct that ingredients were found in some bubble teas that are banned in Germany, e.g. B. because they are harmful to health. Such teas are therefore not allowed to be sold in Germany.

By the way: Bubble tea is not only pretty sweet and unhealthy. If you ask us, why not mix a delicious fruit shake with a chilled plant drink (e.g. cashew drink).

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Author: editorial staff