There will be families in heaven

Family is a piece of heaven on earth

The youth worship group has been meeting at irregular intervals since autumn last year. It consists of seven young people from the parishes of Maria-Hilfe der Christians, Wiesmoor and St. Ludgerus, Aurich.

Yesterday, Sunday, the parish community's youth service group prepared intercessions and the sermon for the family mass. In three to four meetings, a sermon on Mother's Day arose on the basis of the biblical text Joh. 14, 1-12 "The conversation about the path to the father" together with the creative ideas of the young people. In the gospel, Jesus tries to explain how we humans can imagine the kingdom of heaven.

“He says we can picture the kingdom of heaven as a big house. He calls heaven the "house of the Father". And Jesus prepared an apartment there for each of us. An apartment in the kingdom of heaven, where we can be very close to God and where it is so beautiful that we cannot even imagine it here on earth. In peace, justice, joy, health and without worries. "

At first, there seemed to be few points of connection between the promises in the kingdom of heaven and Mother's Day. But on closer inspection, the young people thought that there could already be an advance on a kingdom of heaven here on earth. During the preparatory meeting, everyone drew parallels between the Bible verses and their own experiences in the family, they exchanged ideas and discovered similarities and differences. It quickly became clear to the circle that this permanent place, this apartment, existed not only in the kingdom of heaven, but also in the families.

“As in the kingdom of heaven, I have a permanent place in my family that is always prepared for me. A place in my family's house, but also a place in the hearts of those around me. And despite some doubts about the concept of "family", we feel an urge throughout our lives that keeps pulling us home. "

The young people agreed that their family has already given them a lot on their way through life and that it is a gift.

“But just as in the family there are times of questioning, of doubt or perhaps of blindness. Like every coexistence between people, the family is not protected from crises. When I find that things that are important to me don't affect my parents at all. Or when I notice that my parents' plans for life are colliding with my own ideas and wishes for my future. And then it quickly happens that we become blind to the good sides of each other and find it difficult to list what we value in our family. And yet the family remains a home for us, to which we feel drawn in some way. "

From left: Markus Husen, Anna-Lotta Motzki, Imke Wiekhaus, Cornelia Oldziejewski.

Anna-Lotta, Imke and Cornelia carried their thoughts, feelings and experiences on the subject of family into the community in an impressive manner and showed that heaven is not only visible and tangible in families, but also in all family friendships, communities and teams can.


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