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> Capital: London
> approx. 66 million inhabitants
> 3.81% unemployment rate
> 81.16 years life expectancy
> 2.716 billion US $ gross domestic product
> Energy industry
> Agriculture & Fisheries
> Chemistry & Pharmacy
> Currency: British pound (GBP)
> Minimum wage: £ 7.55 / hour
> Median income: £ 35,432 / year

Everything you need to know about the UK job market

English is the world's number one language and nowhere is English spoken more beautifully than in England itself! A stay abroad on the island offers a great opportunity to improve your English, get to know a great culture and have an intensive work experience. Shopping in the fashion capital London, tasting beer in cozy pubs in Manchester, England has a lot to offer for everyone. The long-criticized “British cuisine” experienced a boom thanks to star chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, which made the “baked beans” suitable for breakfast. Nevertheless, Brexit creates one or the other new hurdle if you want to work in England.

We therefore clarify the following topics:

Why work in England?

What is the first thing you think of when you think of England or Great Britain? Bad food, tea, the queen? But England has a lot more to offer! England is home to 53 million people from all over the world, and of those alone 8.3 million in Greater London. England is divided into 39 counties (counties) which are divided into even more administrative seats. England is part of the United Kingdom alongside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is ruled by the Queen and the Prime Minister. The proud British currency is that Pound Sterling, which lost a lot of its value during the Brexit, but has now calmed down again. Everyone learns English for years at school and even if you have doubts about your knowledge: this makes it very easy to get into everyday language life! Also, the English, known for the British courtesy Understanding for anyone who doesn't speak perfect English.

London is not only Financial metropolisbut also another European fashion hotspot. The north around Manchester and Liverpool impress with their rustic flair, from the time of industrialization. The English are also convincing charm, which you can experience at an after-work meeting in the infamous pubs. With a cider cozy in the pub or with a beer in a sports bar that English people are sociable and love theirs Pub culture. As an outsider, you are immediately involved and make connections very quickly! Working in England also makes sense in addition to the happy life. As Business country and international hub for many companies one sees numerous businessmen and women on the streets of the cities. Many companies choose England as their own Headquarters from here one good developed air and ship traffic and thus there is a good connection to the “whole world”. Good universities and expensive private schools guarantee the English a good education, which rarely has advantages over the famous German education system on the labor market.

The economic situation in the kingdom

Despite Brexit, England is still one of the strongest economies in the world and even after Brexit, it can be assumed that the uncertainties will decrease again. Also the Unemployment is very low in England and now Academics are wanted. England makes most of its money in the UK, which is closely related to the world's largest financial center in London. But also the service sector and the manufacturing industry are two important branches of the economy. At present, however, the country's economic growth and innovative strength are still being held back by the unstable Brexit negotiations.

Top 7 largest employers in England

England's economy is dependent on the service and manufacturing sectors, which employ the largest labor force alongside London's financial sector.

  1. Refineries: British Petrol
  2. Financial sector: HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group
  3. Insurance: Prudential, AVIVA

Other sole proprietorships like

  1. Tesco: Supermarket
  2. Vodafone
  3. Unilever: Consumer goods such as Ben & Jerrys, Knorr or Magnum
  4. Pharmaceutical company: GlaxoSmithKline

By the way: Agriculture only accounts for 30% of the economy, which is quite small compared to other European economies.

German companies in England

Few English speak German, which is why they German companies based in England explicitly assign foreign jobs to Germans. If you are looking for a job abroad in England, you can try it with German companies that are involved in the global market. It is mainly known the German automotive industry like VW or Daimler. Also the chemical industry generates a large proportion of its sales in England and is often looking for employees who have trained in the German chemical industry. Jobs abroad for Germans in England are therefore best among the global players to find. In addition to the industries in demand, there are also individual companies like the Deutsche Bank, Bertelsmann, Claas or Miele often looking for German employees. Take a look around you to see which international companies have branches in England.

In which industries do Germans have good job opportunities in England?

Other areas of application in which personnel are sought are IT industry, in marketing, in tourism and hotel business, as well as in exporting trade, in Call centers and in medical area. With a good command of English and German with you, you have some chances of a great job in England.

Job opportunities

German workers are becoming increasingly popular workers in England, and not just because of their language skills. Also the German education system is better than the English one, so Germans are well qualified for a job in England after their training. Your English skills should definitely be sufficient for a permanent position or a long stay! If you don't want to go to England that long, temporary work can also be an attractive offer for you. In no other country does dhe temporary work ("temps") is as important as in England. So if you want to get an overview of working life in England with low qualifications, this is Temporary work is the best option for you.