What is the future shape for the hike

German 4, textbook

Looking at words and sentences 39 LP Know the most important parts of speech: verbs; compare the most important linguistic tenses; Discuss changes in shape. BiSt The children can distinguish the most important linguistic tenses; recognize the function of changes in form in words; know the function of the most important parts of speech. >> AH 14 Four different tenses Can you distinguish the tenses? I'll go to the silver forest. | I wandered through the block heath. I drove to the Otterwiese. | I climb the Braunsberg. I will look for mushrooms there. | I picked flowers there. I am bothered a lot. | I watched some rabbits. Every two sentences have the same tense. Write them one below the other and next to them the correct name. 2 Underline the words that identify the tense in red. Can you name them too? We can differentiate between different tenses in verbs: present tense, long past tense, short past tense, future tense. Lena's hike - changing tenses Lena takes the bus to Weißenbach. From there she hikes through the forest for two hours. The girl strictly adheres to the markings on the path. She rests for a while in a refuge. On the way back Lena collects colorful autumn leaves. Read this text and put the verbs in a different tense. In which tense do you want to write the text? Then talk about what your lyrics say. 3 Hopefully it won't rain. I'm going to the Großberg. I've hiked a lot. For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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