Why does music touch people

Parish Steinakirchen / Forst

Reading: Rev 12, 7 - 12 a Gospel: Joh 1, 47 - 51


Festively gathered worship congregation!

Sisters and brothers in Christ!


Music touches us humans in the depths of the soul. More than the spoken word, a song or a melody reaches our innermost being. Music-making plays a major role, especially in the religious field, because there is almost no church service where there are no instruments.


The first instrument we all have is the human voice. In the way we talk and express ourselves, our very personal speech melody comes to the fore. Singing is a very important process for our emotional wellbeing; therefore a song is intoned at almost every service.


Singing is even more beautiful when it is accompanied by an instrument. It is the highest of emotions when musicians sing our favorite songs. We all warm to our hearts.


Church music plays a very important role in our parish church. For this reason, our organ was completely refurbished this year. Thanks to the art of organ building by the Windtner company in St. Florian in Upper Austria, our organ is now almost like new again. The membrane had to be renewed for every pipe. These important components date back to 1929 and have now served for 88 years. This little thing regulates the air supply to the pipes and is made from goatskin in the old tradition.

(Pass on old membranes - our acolytes will give you some old membranes to look at)



Today on Kirtag Sunday our organ goes back into operation. She is solemnly blessed at high mass. We are allowed to combine this festival with the view of our church patron, the Archangel Michael.


If in every mass the Sanctus the “holy” song is sung for the worship of God, then it says in the prefation that leads to this special moment that we all join in the chanting of the angels and saints, who without end of this holy, holy, holy call. A popular saying has developed here. If someone bumps their head in a painful way, it is often said with pleasure: I heard all the angels sing.


Music touches people in the depths of their souls. May our new organ and the diversity of church music in this house of God strengthen us all in faith, hope and love. Amen